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  1. If it is a Tracker Retrieve it is not worth renewing the subscription even if it was free!
  2. We have the Buccaneer which is about the same length. Initially we had a single Evo auto engage but big issues with turning the caravan on some sites so we upgraded to the AWD motor mover. It cost extra but was well worth every penny! Think very carefully before deciding!
  3. No heating even on 2kw and load monitor on 8amp. Switched off load monitor and everything working perfectly. I suggest that the load monitor is faulty or has been wired incorrectly!
  4. I am now convinced that it is the load monitor that is at fault. When we switched it off, everything functioned correctly. No reply from ALDE as have to wait 5 days so earliest we will have an answer is Wednesday next week although the post was sent on Monday.
  5. No need for small claims. We never used small claims and neither did others who have rejected their caravans. If a company ignores the CRA 2015 without a genuine valid reason it is a criminal and not civil offence as CRA is legislation passed by parliament.
  6. I hate to point this out to you but their technician will find in favour of the finance house. You would be better off paying an independent to do an inspection and compile a report. We used a MCEA technician appointed by the Caravan Club and they could not argue against that and folded straight away.
  7. We use a Safefill cylinder and fill up at garages.
  8. Then what was the purpose in starting this thread?
  9. Although no sea view you will not be disappointed with Ross Park. Be prepared to pay silly parking charges at car parks and high prices in horrible pubs for lousy food. We are in Devon at the moment and it has reminded us why we started going to France and Spain!
  10. We are also in Devon at a campsite near Starcross. Yesterday was quite miserable but drove down to Dartmouth for an ice cream by the Castle. Wife went an bought the ice cream and was the first one yesterday. Soon afterwards there was a queue for ice cream!
  11. Although an accident may be low down on the list of probabilities, the risk of fire is higher. If the caravan catches fire and damages third party property, this could work out to be very expensive for the owner of the caravan.
  12. The fridge is also powered by the 12v battery so make sure that the battery is not flat. Does the fridge work okay on gas? If not the 12v should be checked.
  13. Here in Devon the fuel price is £1.34 per litre however last week the Pumpking was £1.27 so filled up on Saturday so saved 7pm a litre. This week it has gone up to £1.29 so will only save 5p a litre however no need to fill up again in Devon.
  14. Your biggest issue is that you have left it far too long before making a claim. Have you any proof in writing that you contacted the dealership regarding the issue within the 6 months of date of delivery. The dealer is not obliged to do repairs on site so there is no argument there. Has the caravan had its annual service since you took delivery? You have a choice of about 60 days either side of the 5th March. The finance company are the owner of the caravan and under CRA 2015 it is their responsibility to get the caravan sorted out as your contract is with the finance company as you have bought the caravan from them. Have you notified the finance company in writing about the issues and when was this done? Two of us on this thread have been through the mill regarding rejection a caravan and can help, but we need more information on the caravan.
  15. Our caravan was built and delivered to us in Oct 2017 however it is a 2018 model! If you buy a 2019 in 2020 is it a 2019 or a 2020 caravan?
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