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  1. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    There is no impeller in the hear tank so the only noise you would hear would be the fluid bubbling and that has never bothered us. Yep hate rattles and squeaks and will strip my car to try and find them.
  2. Go to Archies and on the TT add in the POIs for campsites Problem solved. We also downloaded POIs from PocketGPS for many different POIs on the continent. go to site and look for free downloads. You need to register however the site is safe and you get many useful tips. No issue finding LIDL, Carrefour ets or even local attractions on the continent.
  3. Thanks to John as on his advice we did the same. Our caravan has been in storage since Christmas but yesterday when we checked it, it looked as if we had just washed it. On a previous Lunar Delta TI we used Meguirs 3 step and the caravan came up looking great. Lasted about 2 years and kept the caravan looking great.
  4. Durbanite

    Caravan price increases

    There is a global glut of new cars at the moment so the buyer is in a strong position. In the UK it may have something to do with taxes etc and emission controls. The road tax on our 1996 Corolla 1.3l petrol auto started at £120 a year in 2012 and is now £150. We are wondering when it is going to end, but why get a rid of a perfectly reliable car to spend thousands of your savings or get into debt for a new car?
  5. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    Andy as per your previous advice a good couple of months ago. The noise only occurs when heating is switched on so during the summer no more ticking or dripping noises. Heating is always run on 2kw. One or two people who have take their caravans to ALDE for the fluid change have reported no more noise. Open to possibilities built it does seem to indicate an issue with the heating. Caravan has the transverse island bed and the noise can clearly be hear on both sides of the bed. I tried recording the noise by leaving a Dictaphone in the wardrobe next to the bed where the header tank is located, but it is too sensitive and picks up too many other noises like the dogs snoring!
  6. Durbanite

    Caravan price increases

    You believed a salesman? LOL!
  7. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    Andy very kindly gave us the same advice last year which is when we checked everything but with no luck at resolving the issue.
  8. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    I would agree with you however the ticking noise is almost as regular as clockwork. Stops for about 5 minutes and then ticks and stops, then ticks and stops again and this continues all night. You can only hear it when lying with your head on a the pillow as it seems to come through the bed. Standing by the unit the noise cannot be heard! Our heating is turned down to 17C at night for it to heat up to 20C at about 6.30am. We have checked the pipework and cannot see where it could be touching to make the noise.
  9. Durbanite

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Unfortunately for medical reasons we still have to pay an excess to be covered. Britannia breakdown will not cover a caravan in excess of 8m even if it is only 14cm which is why we use Red Pennant. Phones are PAYG cheapies so not any issue. I guess it works for some but not for others.
  10. Durbanite

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    The older pre-2015 Buccaneers had a nose weight limit of 100kg so not an issue there.
  11. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    Many of us have the same issue and cannot pinpoint the issue. It is quiet and then you get the ticking noise and then quiet for about 5 -10 minutes and again. Definitely associated with the heating as during the summer no issue. Our fluid is due for a change later this year and will be taking the caravan to ALDE and hopefully they will resolve the issue as it is very annoying in the middle of the night!
  12. Durbanite

    2018 buccaneer q's

    Ours is very slightly up at the rear nearside corner however the waste water seems to drain out quicker from the shower. On our 2016 we tried to re-calibrate and it is a right pain because if you lower one of the legs a fraction too much, you have to lift them all and start again which is why we have bothered with the 2018 Buccaneer.
  13. Durbanite

    Advice on caravan and tow car please

    Our current 2012 Jeep has a max load of about 70kg so I would think Golf may have a lower maximum roof load? Our previous 2005 Jeep it was only 60kgs.
  14. Durbanite

    Emergency Brake breakaway cable

    That is correct however according to the grape vine i.e. other caravan forums it was challenged in court and thrown out. Not sure about other types of trailers etc. We hook up the carabiner clip to the dedicated connection point on the tow bar as I don't think the car itself has a dedicated point
  15. Durbanite

    Possible new visa cost ??

    Why doesn't Spain want to hand back those Spanish territories in north Africa like Ceuta and Melilla plus some others. The former are in Morocco and Morocco has been disputing the territories for many years. Maybe that is the question the EU should be asking also!