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  1. Why isn't there any issue with Gibraltar as that is our other border with the EU? The EU probably wants to keep us tied to their apron strings and to dance to their tune most of the time and only a dictatorship likes that form of government as they can appoint themselves and have no responsibility as no one vote them into power! Luckily for us probably within the next 5 years there will not be an EU to worry about and we can holiday as normal within the country of our choosing without any worries.
  2. Hmm! Seems you have been brainwashed and wearing your rose tinted glasses again. LOL!
  3. Durbanite


    We think that there sites are okay but expensive for what you get and not worth the cost when a similar commercial site costs a lot less. One of the reasons why we tend to avoid CC sites. The other is that weekends always seem to be booked up months in advance. Another is people hogging pitches waiting for their mate to arrive a couple of hours later. We will be paying nearly £33 a night for the two of us next week on a CC site and we are not there for the New Year however it was our choice as we coudl have gone to a commercial site a bit further away for a lot less than £33 a night!
  4. The one thing that has come to light is the bullying tactics of the EU and how they like to dictate. There true colours have been exposed! We will probably be staying in the UK next year for our holidays until the dust has settled. This will be the third time I am going through a major transition in my chosen country.
  5. Durbanite

    Insurance and remapped car

    No idea as my insurance is not due for several months. As said in an earlier post it is a hypothetical question, but some of us could be affected unknowingly.
  6. Durbanite

    Insurance and remapped car

    Correct because you are not aware of that any modifications have been done by a previous owner so you are being truthful when replying to questions. w If you are not aware of the modification how can you be ignorant of it as you bought the vehicle in good faith as being a standard model? I agree it is our liability but again if you are not aware fo the modification how can you be liable. How many people would take a vehicle to the dealership and pay for them to check if any modifications have been made? Lastly to the bets of your knowledge you have declared the vehicle to be standard therefore in your mind it was properly declared. BTW surely this would also apply if you buy a caravan and it has been down plated surely this would have a knock on effect on insuring it as the new MTPLM is now different to what it was out of the factory however you are none the wiser as you have bought it second hand. However this is being discussed on another thread.
  7. Durbanite

    Dodgy Bailey Mains Connector - Fire avoided just!

    Correct but the plastic coating on the wiring could catch fire due to the amperage drawn exceeding the rating of the cabling.
  8. Durbanite

    Cabin fever.

    What is the difference between a fine and a penalty charge as surely they are one and the same. BTW the car park is administered by the council so it is definitely a penalty charge or fine. You may be thinking of a Parking Charge which is different to a Penalty Charge.
  9. Durbanite

    Twin lnb for sky+hd

    It is possible, but the "analogue" feed connection will lose a lot of signal due to the splitter. We also found that using the F connector you suffered significant signal loss around the caravan. On our previous caravan we removed the F connector/coaxial outlet and replaced it with a twin F connector and then used the shotgun coaxial cable from there to the Skybox in the front chest of drawers. Great picture as very little signal loss. Just noticed that the original post is over 3 months old so they have obviously resolved the issue?
  10. Durbanite

    Dodgy Bailey Mains Connector - Fire avoided just!

    Just to add on a previous caravan we also had a strange smell but could not trace it until one day when I plugged in a charger the 13amp socket fell apart. Over time, it had been arcing inside due to the flanges on the inside being slightly wider than the leg of the 13amp plug. The heat generated caused the socket to become brittle and to eventually fall apart. This could have resulted in a fire as it is not checked during a service although the electrics are supposed to be checked. What do they do when they check the electrics? Only switch on the lights and for this privilege to are paying them a lot of money? Actually if a person does not know how to switch on the lights to see which bulbs are working or not maybe they should find another hobby? Apologies for the bit of a rant about servicing, but I think that we are all being over charged for services on caravans and every year the cost seems to go up. Ours went from £225 to £249 so over 10% and for what extra?
  11. Our cocktail cabinet does not even have holders for normal tumblers and can only accommodate wine glasses and neither of us drive wine. I need to get around to removing the useless holders and replacing them with something more useful. Zimbabwe was formerly known as Rhodesia the bread basket of southern Africa.
  12. We are paying nearly £33 a night next week for the two of us at a CC site in the Cotswolds and I think it is well over priced.
  13. Durbanite

    Dodgy Bailey Mains Connector - Fire avoided just!

    Agree but in this case the connection is visually accessible. Also maybe if a meter was used, it may have registered excessive power being drawn in some area of the caravan. Considering that a service on a caravans costs more than a service on most cars, they should be checking the wiring more thoroughly. The only really physical thing they do during a service is changing the shot nuts and maybe greasing the steadies. All the rest is a visual check and opening and closing cupboards so money for jam!
  14. Durbanite

    Dodgy Bailey Mains Connector - Fire avoided just!

    When last was the caravan serviced as surely they should have picked that up?
  15. Durbanite

    Cracked up.

    Tough on the dealer if the manufacturer no longer wishes to uphold the warranty. Under SOGA it is now the responsibility of the dealer to do the repair at their cost as the caravan is only 4 years old. Unfortunately the onus is on you to prove a manufacturing issue however the good news is that the Internet is littered with examples of panels cracking and the action people have taken. Sale of Goods Act; 1 Wherever goods are bought they must "conform to contract". This means they must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality (i. e. not inherently faulty at the time of sale). 2 Goods are of satisfactory quality if they reach the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking into account the price and any description. Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety. 3 It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract. 4 If goods do not conform to contract at the time of sale, purchasers can request their money back "within a reasonable time". (This is not defined and will depend on circumstances) 5 For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in Scotland) purchasers can demand damages (which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement).