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  1. I am just waiting for a celebrity to mention that living near a 5G mast is good for you as the radiation kills off all viruses and nasty germs.
  2. We had ALDE fit a Continuous hot water system to the caravan and also changed the fluid to the 5 year usage. Now no shortage of hot water.
  3. Being pedantic as bored. A Range Rover is glorified Land Rover Defender there fore should be known as a LR RR. LOL!
  4. About two years ago we tried FB via the daughter for a caravan for her. What a load of rubbish they were trying to pass off as caravans. Most had so much damp that they probably exceeded their MTPLM. We would never buy anything of a FB market place. TBH I am not even sure how to access it as the daughter did it all for us and we just viewed the caravans.
  5. RR is normally associated with Rolls Royce and not a Landrover.
  6. It is the same in many African nations where you see them cooking the food to sell by the side of the road. Not very hygienic.
  7. I lived in George about 30 miles from Oudtschoorn where ostriches are farmed big time and probbaly where you get the meat. Ostrich steak is a waste of effort and time and it can be very tough as it is like grilling or frying game meat. The best part of the ostrich is its neck which you cook exactly like you would do an oxtail soup. Very delicious and no fat. We used to buy mince in 5kg packs as about the third the price of beef and beef was cheap in South Africa. Still is! You substituted ostrich mince instead of beef or lamb mince in the recipe. No fat and very delicious especially moussaka. As an aside we used to buy unclean ostrich tripe for the dogs in 5kg packs as very cheap and the dogs loved it.
  8. I never knew that Rolls Royce used diesel engines in their cars?
  9. Diesel is now down to £1.119p a litre and if you got the Fuelpecker discount card, it is another .04p off! Just a pity we cannot take advantage of the drop in the fuel price!
  10. The biggest problem of course is that firstly EVs are very expensive to buy and secondly is charging them at home. The government is living in a dream world on another planet regarding the take up of EVs! We certainly would not have one as cannot afford one and secondly nowhere to charge it.
  11. I suspect that the person loading the trolley could not be bothered and just rushed past the items as we had the same issue last week. BTW did you manage to get toilet rolls. From the 15th we have been lucky to nab some delivery slots for our weekly shop which saves us a 24 mile round trip.
  12. We use the petrol car for short journeys and the diesel one for long which at the moment is a round trip to the supermarket of about 24 miles.
  13. I wonder how Mr Plod got on this morning with Morrisons. Last week we got under 50% of what we had ordered. This week significant improvement as got probably 90% of what we ordered. However one of our orders was for coffee whitener, but weirdly it was substituted with Mellow regular coffee. We only drink decaffeinated coffee so now we have a jar of coffee that is of no use to us and cannot return. Is this a secret ploy by Morrisons to get rid of stock that does not sell well? We now do the balance of our shopping at LIDL in the afternoon and avoid the elderly hour between 8-9am as the shop is a lot quieter after that with hardly any one inside. Also going past Tesco last week between 9am and 10am the golden oldies hour, the queue was with long and into the car park. Yesterday after went past and no queue and car park looking desolate. Maybe good idea to avoid golden oldies hour?
  14. Yesterday after filling up the vehicle which was on an essential journey, went to pay. One person front an 2m maintained. Then Mr Plonker arrives, walks up to door, sees people inside and waits right by the door for them to exit. Goes in and maintains 2m distance due to makings on floor.
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