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  1. There was about several inches of overhang on our Delta, but a valid point as I am not sure about the frame on the bed in the model or year of Lexon mentioned
  2. We have always used Autoglym and wipers still judder. I have tried cleaning windscreen with meths and newspaper and then Autoglym but still makes no difference. Not sure if it a myth of not but was told many years ago that if your wipers fail, cut a potato in half and rub it on the windscreen. The other method was to urinate on the windscreen. I am wondering if using the potato method would help to stop the juddering. The other method is not recommended in a civilised country like the UK. LOL!
  3. It does seem that some vets have no idea about pet travel and make it up as they go along! All they want to do is to get people to part with their hard earned cash unnecessary.
  4. We had a similar issue with our 2011 Lunar Delta TI. You can get a custom made mattress based on a later model where it does fold or buy a second hand mattress from a caravan breaker. A custom made mattress will set you back about £500 for a quality mattress.
  5. In 2018 we bought a Shogun with low mileage and a supposedly service history only to find out later that the service history was very dubious. I did not chase the dealer that sold us the vehicle as I did not think they were at fault. When we traded in the Shogun a few months later for the current Jeep I checked first with the dealership on it service history which was confirmed plus I was given all previous service invoices and repairs done on the Jeep. In addition, we got a "warranty" with the vehicle which we had to use twice and they paid out. Lastly we were able to buy a 3 year service plan for the Jeep and no issues as it had a full Jeep service history at a Jeep dealership.
  6. My thoughts also that it was probably a demonstration model.
  7. CMC no longer supply insurance for caravans. They only supply their own Caravan Cover with the only difference being that you do not pay the Ins tax on the premium.
  8. Strange as at present there is no requirement for the blood test if you are returning from the continent if the rabies injection was up to date when you left and is still valid when you return. I cannot find any mention of this requirement on any government website or in any legislation which over rides anything a vet may tell you. However if you could paste a link to an official gov uk website where this is stated, we would be pleased. Thanks.
  9. As a matter of interest, if you wanted to tow a boat behind a caravan in the UK is it possible to get the showman's licence? We used to see this sort of combination occasionally in SA, but at the time never gave it a thought as to whether it was legal or not.
  10. Strip the caravan of all accessories as traders regard accessories as freebies which they sell separately anyway for additional profit to themselves. Advertise it on Caravanfinder without accessories, but mention that they can be bought if required. I would think that March is the best time to sell.
  11. You are welcomed and glad I have done something right in my life to make someone else happy!
  12. We recently upgraded from a 12 year old Sony TV to a Samsung so not the Tv as others TVs including the one in the caravan all suffer from low sound when watching Sky. No issue with the likes of Ch5 or when ads come on.
  13. I am one of those with a "jaded biased outlook of the CMC" which is why we hardly ever use their sites and nothing to do with the wardens.
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