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  1. We looked at Cello in 2015 so obviously they have moved. on. One of the better tests for pictrue quality is to see what the picture is like when standing to the left or right of the screen almost looking at the picture side on. If still watchable and retaining the same definition regarding brightness etc then there should be no issues
  2. We were booked in at a CMC site but then decided that the cost of the 7 days was not warranted so found another site at a third of the price that the CMC wanted and booked there instead. Bonus is that it is a fully serviced pitch with water and waste connections!
  3. We are on a commercial site and there are far more caravans than motorhomes. Actually looking out our windows I cannot see any motor caravans on the site which is a very large site with over 100 pitches. Got an email asking us to vote and I guess who I did not vote for as the person IMHO has created a lot of disrepute for the club? I appreciate a poster on here will jump tot eh defence of the Caravan Club and the poster is entitled to defend and voice their opinion.
  4. All one needs to do is read the first few pages of the Elddis manual for all the answers regarding MIRO. See page 2-3 which states Mass of the caravan in running order (MIRO) This is the weight of your caravan as it leaves our factory plus the following: A mass of 10kgs per gas cylinder, the cylinder number is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator. I am not familiar with the Affinity. Although it can take two cylinders, are there one or two connections for gas bottles. Can you hook up two cylinders?
  5. Admit not sure on the cleaner engine but in our old Jeep there was less smoke on start up. On the current Jeep it does seem to run quieter.
  6. Many motor caravanners do not bother to use any sites so why should they join the CMC or the C&CC for that matter? The re-branding was a TOTAL waste of money!
  7. Did you carry it around in the back of your vehicle while touring?
  8. Which model of the F type have you ordered? The kerb weight increases with the bhp and type of trim. As said it can tow the Buccaneer, but for it to be safe the vehicle would need to be close to the gross maximum weight. There are two Buccaneer Owner forums on Facebook and someone may be towing with one of these vehicles?
  9. Perhaps the club is losing caravanners because the sites have got too expensive. For a motor caravan person the club is a spot that they can use to dump all their waste and to refill.
  10. We had the Lock n level for several years on all sorts of surfaces and never had an issue with it leaking except the one time when we had a faulty valve.
  11. The F type vehicle is capable of towing up to 2400kg however the kerbweight is very low at 1775kg. The Buccaneer MTPLM is 2000kg. Remember some insurance companies will not insure if the caravan MTPLM is higher than the car's kerbweight. IMHO not a safe combination.
  12. Yep it was and people could not even give them away second hand as they were useless on anything except flat tarmac surface.
  13. I do like the shirt but as we probably only use a Caravan Club site for an over night stop about once or twice a year it would be a bit wasted.
  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the daily posts on the show. Reading the last post was a bit amusing as Gordon highlighted the stupidity of some caravan designers i.e. cupboard doors opening above seating. How daft can you get? Then there is a small aperture for fitting or removing a gas cylinder from the front of the caravan. It looks like it could be very awkward due to restricted room to move the bottle and then connect it? Another one was the motor move on the jockey wheel which will probably be useless on even a slight incline where the surface is gravel. No mention of the extra nose weight. Maybe Gordon or a mod can post those pictures on this thread as I do not know how to transfer them across?
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