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  1. I thought I was the only one and booked an appointment with Specsavers?
  2. Ask your dealer and then find them Online. I think we paid our dealer £26 for both covers for our Dometic fridge which is probably a different model to yours as ours is the RM8551 although the vents look similar.
  3. All UK governments see it as an unnecessary cost as it has to be administered.
  4. Not really a blanket statement as even before the CMC had their Caravan Cover they were more expensive than many mainstream insurance companies. Same post code as caravan kept on a CASSOA Gold storage site.
  5. As a matter of point, the club no longer offer insurance on caravans. Still will not convince us to buy CMC cover as overall it is still more expensive than most insurance companies before the 12% tax is added.
  6. For Sky Q you will require a new dish and LNB on the static. What advantages will you have with Sky Q anyway that are really advantageous to you?
  7. We got a cheap temperature gauge from The Range and then used the off set on the control panel to match temperature on control panel and gauge.
  8. Agreed that a re-map will probably be better.
  9. Have to had a look at the Jeep as they are very capable to towing that sort of weight and may be within your budget. A Grand Cherokee CRD WK with a service history may be ideal. Our 2005 gave us about 22mpg when towing and about 32mpg when solo on a motorway. Around town this will drop to 28mpg. Also there are a number of active Jeep forums where you can get plenty of help.
  10. We are convinced that quality depends on when in the year you take delivery. Our first 2016 Cruiser delivered in July was a heap of poo and eventually rejected after 11 months ownership. Our second one a 2018 delivered in Oct 2017 has been brilliant with few minor issues.
  11. I think the most we have paid for 10 days away was about £125. No need to participate or even say Hello to any one. Every day you are free to do as you please. Sometimes in the evening that will have a get together. Never sat in a pub with RCA members reminiscing about days gone by.
  12. Who cares when you have a 1000hp under the bonnet? LOL! Awesome Jeep!
  13. We belong to the RCA and enjoy their rallies which are several days or longer so suit us down to the ground. Most rallies are on proper caravan sites with all facilities available, but you get a preferential rate. Annual subs are £15 a year so well worth it. Many rallies follow on from the previous rally so you could rally on different sites for 3 or more months. Recommend that your parents join and try it our for a year. We are now in our third year since joining.
  14. Maybe we were lucky as the only time we have had to use them since purchasing was on hardstanding? No issue knocking them in.
  15. I think this will pull any caravan. It is a 1000hp Jeep Gladiator pick up. See
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