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  1. If removing the status aerial remember that the cabling runs down inside the status aerial and then into the caravan. This means that if you want to use the same entry point for the satellite cable, then satellite dish will ned to be mounted slightly off to the side to allow the cable to enter at the same entry point.
  2. It is an age thing remembering to switch it off when going out for the day.
  3. On a 2011 Lunar Delta we had a major issue around the front windows and also around the toilet cassette door. At the time the caravan was over 3 years old. Lunar rejected the claim from the dealer stating that the windows were not permanently sealed. Also where it was damp around the toilet door a reaction with the screws rusting and aluminium caused "pit holes". This was also rejected. Eventually the dealer did the work anyway at no charge to us. At the time I raised a post about the "pit hole" or marks on the aluminium skin. Subsequently it has been pointed out on other occasions by other forum members that windows, doors, skylights are not part of the permanently sealed joint warranty and I have accepted what they have told me. What is a permanently sealed joint as surely a window framer is not jointed? I have no idea how caravans are built and rely on others for valued input. However I will email Elddis to get their definition of a permanently sealed joint.
  4. Aren't the covers custom made for different caravans. The Specialised towing cover for our 2016 Buccaneer would not fit the 2018 Buccaneer. They are very easy to sell on for a good price and ours was gone within 24 hours.
  5. Since when has the consumer been able to take up warranty issues with the manufacturer? Can you take the manufacturer to court because they refuse a warranty claim? The manufacturer is not the supplier to the consumer therefore legislation like CRA 20915 would not apply to the manufacturer. Besides a warranty is in addition to your rights and does not over ride legislation.
  6. An interesting question. What do manufacturers regard as a permanently sealed joint? Is this where two pieces of wood are bonded together? If a floor which I think it is a permanent join delaminates, would it be covered damp or no damp?
  7. Your choice, but I know what I would be doing.
  8. Seems that the Bessacarr warranty is shorter than the one for the Swift caravans as on the Swift site it says 3 years? Wall and Roof GRP sheeting material: after 24 months from date of purchase only. Here is the get out clause used by most manufacturers and seems to be standard in all brands and not just caravans as we found out recently i.e. TomTom. Replacement of parts which have reached the end of their effective working life because of age and/or usage. The effective working life could be days, weeks, months or just a year or two as the manufacturer makes the decision on the working life. Unfortunately we have no choice in many cases and have to accept it.
  9. New word for the dictionary as they are known as a Tweel.
  10. Exactly what I am on about as I had the same when I purchased a vehicle recently. The warranty was bought by the dealer so it is a "bought" warranty and a different kettle of fish to a warranty that comes standard with a new unit however neither over ride your statutory rights.
  11. Savings have been quite good for us on last two fill ups we saved an average of 10p a litre.
  12. Thanks but neither of those sites are credible. Ireland has different legislation to the UK. Mylawyer website not worth bothering about. Citizens advice link mainly refers to warranties that are bought however it does also state that a warranty cannot over ride legislation. The latter is what I was referring to in my posts.
  13. There is a problem with vibration when the car exceeds a certain speed (50mph?) which is why the idea was dumped many years ago.
  14. Again it is only a marketing ploy and applies only to permanently sealed joints and not leaks around windows, door, skylights etc. The Body Shell Warranty and Extended Body Shell Warranty cover any defect with the panels and seams of the caravan. This includes body leaks, delamination of panels or floor, water ingress through any permanently sealed seam joints. The Lifetime Water Ingress Warranty cover water ingress through permanently sealed seam joints on Swift Elegance and Elegance Grande based products from 2019 model year. However by the same token Swift do often a 3 year warranty on body panels unlike other brands which only offered a 1 year warranty.
  15. Thank you however I don't reading them means that a contract is in place and that the T&Cs apply? I would have thought that it required both parties to agree for a contract to be formed>
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