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  1. I wonder if TomTom would do the same fro Germany as they have done for France. How would the police prove that you are using a speed camera alert on your device as the device contains personal data therefore they would need a warranty to inspect the device? I guess rather than argue with a German police officer the best is to make sure that you are within the speed limit.
  2. I do understand the above and this is completely different in one aspect and in no ways arguing with your logic. One would think that if you were doing a non essential travel in your motor car, then you would not be insured if you had an incident as you are going against current legislation where non essential travel was forbidden by law? Just a thought!
  3. They would have to widen the road considerably and this could involve changing the round about just prior to the store. Immediately opposite you have a factory and then lower down houses. It is not going to be a cheap option to widen the road in that area and keep pavements in place. Check it out with Earth Google. There will probably be a large objection from locals to the site.
  4. That is if you are watching the control panel and not the bird across the way in her new bikini!
  5. I think the big issue will be getting planning permission because at the moment the road is not suitable for large numbers of traffic turning into the site. At present prior to lockdown, it could take ages to get onto and also leave the current site. Hope it is resolved without issues as Broad Lane a re nice to deal with.
  6. Makes you wonder why it is posted on FB but not the CMC website? Also why in the Practical Caravan magazine and not the CMC magazine. Both take about 2-3 months to format for print.
  7. However don't you want to help prevent them stealing it in the first place? Our Phantom Tracker alerts us if any one interferes with the caravan. The police are then alerted. We have a solar however on a previous caravan where it was stored in a poor signal location, never had an issue with the battery going flat however the caravan was used a lot more however a good point.
  8. I wonder if the letter is fake as it is not on the CMC website and no members have been sent a copy?
  9. I admit I would have cancelled as there has to be other outlets. It would be suicide for any company if only one small organisation was the sole distributor as only a very small percentage of the member wouldl take advantage of the offer. On many previous occasions we have found the same goods elsewhere at much lower prices than the CMC.
  10. I have only owned the vehicle since Oct 2018. The tyre is fitted with a tyre pressure sensor so we would be alerted if the pressure fell below the required pressure. The spare tyre is fitted standard on the same lower specification vehicle however I take your point. I cannot see any warning sticker on it although there may be one on the other side that I cannot see.
  11. When I checked the tyres on our vehicle in March the rear ones looked like they would need replacing later in the year. However this was based on our normal mileage and also that we were towing. It now seems that due to low mileage the tyres will last us until next year. I normally change the tyres when they are down to about 3mm and don't wait until they are down to 1.6mm. The rear tyres which are Royal were fitted brand new in Oct 2018 by the dealer, but were a budget brand. The front tyres are Continental and were fitted less than 1000 miles later. They still look like new with hardly any wear. Goes to show that fitting budget tyres can be false economy!
  12. Just checked to refresh memory and it is a steel wheel. Only difference is the width as everything else is the same size i.e aspect ratio, rim diameter, load and speed rating.
  13. Okay thanks as we do not have any warning sticker on the wheel unless it is on the side I cannot see. Wheel is too darn heavy for me to lift out to check. It is now about 8 years old and still in perfect condition as never been used.
  14. I wonder if the advice goes out the window with some cars? Our car has 20" tyres all round, but the spare tyre is 18"and a proper car tyre however in every other aspect it is identical to the main tyres. Is it a space saver and restricting us to 50mph or not?
  15. The nose weight of our caravan is 145kg and the maximum load on the rear of the tow car is 175kg so well within spec and legal.
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