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  1. However under CRA 2015 there is no legal obligation to have a caravan serviced annually so the there is a fighting chance of getting the dealer to rectify the issue. However as you state it will be an uphill battle and my best advice for Chris R28 is to contact Which Legal Services on 01174566020 as they can offer up to date expert consumer advice. Their initial advice over the telephone is free. My own thoughts are if a caravan suffers from damp then there must have been a manufacturing issue therefore the damp may be an inherent fault and would have been there from day one.
  2. In their infinite wisdom if the CMC are losing revenue for their sites in order to regain the lost revenue they will increase the prices again and then brag about how they are keeping it to below 5% etc. We avoid CMC sites unless there is really a need to use one i.e. site near a ferry port.
  3. It is nowhere near Moreton and is actually in the opposite direction. There are two pubs and small shop within walking distance. A short drive away and the choice of several pubs in the villages.
  4. There is a simple start up guide supplied with the documentation. We have a backup battery fitted so our night temp is set for 17C between 10pm and 6am. It then reverts to day more which by default is set to 20c. No need to set a day mode.
  5. Although an affiliated site there is no discount if a CMC member. We book in Feb for our stay in June/July. Not cheap but a nice site and we had a fully serviced pitch with water and waste hookup.
  6. We were booked into Moreton in Marsh for 7 days over Christmas at around £300 for the 7 days. We have now found a CL with water and waste hookup which is going to cost us £115 for the same period. CMC have priced themselves out of the market as many commercial sites offer same or better facilities.
  7. Prior to fit our dish on the caravan we had a stand alone Maxview dish. All we needed was a compass. Switch on Sky box and select Services and then signal, aim sat dish in general direction of compass reading for Astra, move dish slowly from East to south and bingo, Sky TV. Simples.
  8. My wife has no issue fitting both ALKO locks so don't understand why macho men cannot do the same?
  9. That is correct as no statutory plate inside the locker and I have just been outside to check. There is only a sticker that can be removed with the VIN and weights on it by the door and I don't think that is regarded as a statutory plate in UK legislation as it does not seem to comply with current UK legislation. More than likely there is a statutory plate on the axle of chassis, but I am not crawling underneath to check.
  10. The way we look at it, is if the caravan we fancy was sold in the meantime, that is life and meant to be. We will carry on looking for what we would like as why hurry?
  11. TBH I don't think that EVs are the way forward and are a "phase" at the moment with every one jumping on the bandwagon to show how green they are. I am sure that a better means of propulsion will be found that does not involve fossil fuels which EVs use. I am wondering what people would have done last Friday if they needed to charge their EV?
  12. Normally is is a minority that spoil it for the majority however going by past experience we find that it is the majority that spoil it for the minority.
  13. Plus of course the trade in value 3 years later!
  14. This issue is right across the Elddis range of caravans and includes the Buccaneer range. As pointed out the issue is with the supplier and not the manufacturer. Seems the issue is only with the stargazer type skylight. Fitting them was a step backwards. BTW I got written confirmation from Elddis that the roof is strong enough to support extra weights like an air con and a satellite dome. I think Lunar caravans have a similar issue with their star gazer plus on the Lunar you cannot fit an air con as the roof is too weak.
  15. Under the toilet cassette there is normal a space on many of the newer caravans. Ideal place to hide stuff while on site, but not when travelling in case you have a mishap.
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