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  1. Thanks for this. Apologies - I saw the DIY thread after posting this . Yes the first one is indeed tapered while the second (newer one) is not. And yes, it would need a wider, replacement side panel, but this would be a straightforward joinery job. the width (side to side) dimension is the same and the bathroom is identical in all other ways.
  2. Anyone having problems using the midget tapering sink (first pic) in the (upto) 2015 Sterling Continental? Although they look quite smart, the small size means it's fairly useless other than for contortionists to brush their teeth. This is one of the very few fitments that niggles and lets this really fantastic van down. ... I've tried to source one of the newer versions (second pic) fitted to 2016 Conti's onwards (also to several other Swift caravans with end bathrooms including the Challenger I think) which have far greater utility. On asking Swift if they could supply me with one of these as a replacement unit for self-fitting, I've been told that they can only supply the one fitted to my van year. Does anyone know who manufactures and supplies these units to Swift so I could potentially try them directly? Thanks Tim
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