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  1. Admin Well said. Unfortunatley all the conversations / comment call it what you will not change what has happened and i hope that if any wrong doing has taken place then it will be dealt with in theproper manner by the authorities. I agree in free speech but until all the facts are out in the open i will wait and see. I have an Eterniti and look like i may have to spend several thousands on getting it right sick as a dog but no matter what say or accuse it will not change the predicament of a lot of people. Graham
  2. Dave My first thing now is to check all the axles for details but the tyres are only rated to 530kg each which does not stack up to 2200kg. The new rated plate is an official one wheras some members have posted their weight plates but these are have eterniti on them that makes me suspicious. Hopefully my van has the correct details and is not over weight. Graham
  3. I have a 2013 IB4 and concerned with the weight issue. Basically the weight was 2000kg as standard andsome chassis were uprated to 2200kg. On mine i have an plate showing 2000kg where it should be sited then on the IDC which was added as an extra along with the sat dish this shows 2200kg as an uprated chassis. I am hoping the later is correct and another thing i noticed was that the cowling over the A frame has a date of September 2013 when the van i have was first on the road February 2013 so this again looks like it has been added when the chassis was upgraded. I am going to take it to a weighbridge for confirmation though. Graham
  4. Rob Agree all this has to be agreed with the members attending Bo Peep bahamut if he agrees it would be a benificial meet for us all. we will wait and see the response from all attendees. Graham Rob delete (bahamut) it should be BUT fingers again. Graham
  5. Rob Yes a good idea if Steve can make it. My van still needs a workout so with all the previous problems with vans if i need help then Steve will be available to help out. Graham
  6. Ian if the upgrade was to 2200kg how can you up rate it again have you had other work done on the chassis? I am concerned now that they sold the vans knowing the weight was not correct. I weighed the internal add ons for a trip and came to conclusion that i will load the car up as much as poss. Graham
  7. Matt / Becky I have clicked on the FB link and it comes up as a closed group how do i gain acess? Graham
  8. Houghton Where is the chassis plate located. Mine is down as a 2000kg limit giving me 140kg pay load and mine has AC and SAT dish fitted from factor and i have had an AWD powertouch fitted this is 60kg. I already knew it was tight with the payload and intend to load the disco up. Graham
  9. SDA I am thinking on the lines of something weighing circa 2000kg being allowed on the road without some sort of test / inspections being carried out and signed off. Graham
  10. Thanks Phil I am sure this will help the members who are chasing deposits / vans. Graham
  11. Towtug so does this apply to all makes of caravan?When they have a PDI i thought you would get a cetificate of conformaty Graham
  12. Holly it would be good if any ex employees who worked on the production could let the forum know if someone purchased a nearly completed van then these guys could help complete the build? I do not know how you would get a certificate of road worthyness thats if one is required. Its a long shot but worth persuing. Graham
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