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  1. ndarren3

    Pre payment cards

    Hi, looking at going to France what's the best way to pay for things, as the bank we are with charge for purchase and withdrawals at cash points, I don't want to take to much cash, thanks
  2. This is an old issue and it still hasn't been resolved by the seems, I was told the same in 2015 ,a broom handle works perfect for us perfect,
  3. ndarren3

    Ozio Mattress Cover

    I had the same issues rust on cover and rusty bed runners, both have just been replaced but coachman and the bed runners put on by dealer , no cost to me just a bit of a wait 7 weeks .
  4. ndarren3

    Alde System Fluid Capacity

    Ours took 12 ltrs
  5. ndarren3

    Battery Charger

    Cheers thanks for the replies
  6. ndarren3

    Battery Charger

    Hi, looking to get a battery charger for a leisure battery ( exide 115 ah ) to charge the battery over winter at home or leave it on the caravan with the electric hooked up, which are the best options ?? Thanks
  7. ndarren3


    Evening, just been away and noticed that every time we put a tap ( doesn't matter which one) on,so the pump engages and the Tv gets interference or goes off, why ? and is there anything to stop it or make it a little better, cheers
  8. ndarren3


    Hi, sorry didn't realise the A 46 was so long, from around Birmingham ( or there abouts) to Lincoln ( or there abouts ) . I hope I got this right this time,
  9. ndarren3


    Morning All, We are heading up the a46 shortly with the caravan and was wondering if there is anywhere to stop for a brew and a bite to eat and maybe some fuel, thanks
  10. ndarren3

    New Towbar Paint.

    Just took off the paint off the ball of the tow bar, sand paper used 5 mins later, perfect and shiny, look out the friction pads as well give them a rub and a clean sprayed both with brake cleaner Job done
  11. ndarren3

    Breakdown Cover For Car/caravan?

    Mayday for us, looked at others but they fell short in comparison .
  12. ndarren3

    Kampa Limpets - Warning

    Evening, Yet again another product brought into the caravan industry that hasn't been tested properly, if at all. Kampa should be made to repair or at least compensate the people that have got problems with paintwork and who have bought them and recall the product at once imho.
  13. ndarren3

    New Caravan

    Hi Enjoy your van . The only issues we have had is the blinds over the roof lights, they had pin holes in them so had them replaced, and the battery box cracked internally on the corner which was replaced when we had a service this year, I must say we have had no major issues and we are damp free so far 2 years in .
  14. ndarren3

    Self Leveling Suspensions On Sorentos

    Hi . We had a 2013 Santa Fe ( manual) no problems with the clutch at all, it had done about 21000 miles to which 6000 miles was towing . We have just up graded to a 2017 7 seat (manual ) for air suspension, so far fantastic glad we changed .