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  1. Thanks Ian, that is really reassuring. ..especially knowing the sort of mileage you tot up.
  2. The control unit on our idc has failed and we have been informed by bpw/ alko that it cannot be repaired. ..it's a replace only. The cost is £895 which is huge. ... The only time that ours has ever activated was on some very bumpy roads in Scotland and going round a roundabout at 10mph. My question is. ..do we really need to replace it? We would welcome all views and opinions.
  3. Unless you are planning to use this membership loads then it's a really expensive way of avoiding parking charges
  4. It has come to our attention this weekend that a couple of adverts have appeared on ebay offering Eterniti vans for sale. On both occasions they have shown photos of well known(to us) vans. They are also up for sale at a really cheap price. For any people looking for a van, if you see one of these advertised, then please contact me. With less than 200 Eterniti vans on the road, we can generally find out if a sale is genuine or not.
  5. The covers are something many of us have fitted after buying. The weight issue was only a small number of vans ealy on in production and later vans all had the better chassis. This has made us as owners very aware of weights in caravans and we've been quite interested to see the tiny payload available on many if the new vans. ..
  6. The cover put on over the slideout is to stop bits getting onto the top and causing issues when sliding back in. We find we only ever need to put ours on if we are sited under trees. It has nothing to do with any leaks. Have to say, after 2 years of owning ours, we have hardly any issues at all. ...fantastic caravan.
  7. Thank you. ..I've now copied the post to the stolen section.
  8. Jillp

    Eterniti Ib4 Stolen

    All. Please help. The Eterniti group have been informed today of the theft of a 2013 Eterniti IB4 from Valley Farm Caravan Site in Oxford. This is as you can imagine heartbreaking for the owner who is looking for any information that may lead to its return. The caravan has a VIN ending in 000108 which is stamped on all windows. It is a standard 2013 model with aircon unit and side mounted electric awning. If anyone has any information can you please post here and one of the owners group will contact the owner. Thanks
  9. There are a couple for sale. ... Personal circumstances forcing sales not any issues with the vans. As far as owners vans go, the issues have all now been identified and solutions found. Anyway, if interested I have all the details on them.
  10. I haven't put the price on here because it isn't my van that is for sale. The person selling it may not want all their details put in public. There is no embarassment about how much the vans sell for and as said by someone else, there are ads on here, in autotrader etc. This post was to make people aware of vans that are for sale from genuine owners and where to get information from as well as where support and advice can be obtained from too. Thank you Phil for the respect you've shown
  11. Phil, I've sent you a private message
  12. Every now and then an owner of an Eterniti decides to sell their van, from the Facebook site, it is usually for personal reasons. If there is anyone interested in getting their hands on a wonderful van then all you have to do is request to join the Facebook page 'Eterniti Owners' I will message you. Please check your 'others' message folder which you can only access from the Facebook website (usually on your pc or laptop) because that is probably where my message will end up. Any one selling is now letting me have all their details so that I can pass them on. They come with a service history and our Eterniti expert engineer is always happy to talk to a prospective owner. We do have a couple of IB4's up for sale, a 2013 and a 2014 and also a rare FB6. If you spot a van for sale elsewhere and would like some information or support, then please also get in touch. Our engineer is always happy to help out and will even accompany you if you wish to see the van.(obviously this does have a charge in the same way any other engineer would charge to check out a van) We may even have information about that particular van that may be of use to you.
  13. It's a beautiful van. ..they stayed with us after picking it up. We're still waiting to spot one on the road. ....
  14. Wonderful garhering at Tewkesbury. Lovely site and weather to match. Much fun had by all especially for the spectators of the gazebo erection. Few photos to share
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