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  1. The 2013 Eterniti vans had a tracker as an option but the 2014 models had them fitted as standard due to some insurance companies requiring it because of the value of the van.
  2. These vans are very rare with only around 150 on the road and as they are no longer made the numbers will not increase. They are very distinctive with their curved front panel and slideout side. This will not be an easy van to pass on or to advertise without someone on the owners forum noticing but an unsuspecting buyer may be caught out.
  3. All. Please help. The Eterniti group have been informed today of the theft of a 2013 Eterniti IB4 from Valley Farm Caravan Site in Oxford. This is as you can imagine heartbreaking for the owner who is looking for any information that may lead to its return. The caravan has a VIN ending in 000108 which is stamped on all windows. It is a standard 2013 model with aircon unit and side mounted electric awning. If anyone has any information can you please post here and one of the owners group will contact the owner. Thanks
  4. Hi Louis. Why do you want to shorten the A frame? I have a 2014 Eterniti with the shorter A frame but those with the 2013 models have no problems with them and they say towing causes no issues, in fact some say it increases stability. I know of one owner who has also put a bike rack on the A frame which is not possible with the 2014 shorter model.
  5. Hi Darren. That would be correct. This has come up on this forum a number of times before. The site is for owners and to discuss their vans including maintenance, product suppliers, upgrades, events, holiday destinations etc. This forum can be used by non members to ask questions about the vans which a number of us try to answer. Anyone interested in buying an Eterniti can however contact the administrators on the Facebook site to request any details of vans for sale with contact details. This is obviously not a definitive list as not all owners are registered on the facebook forum, but a majority are so is useful to both those looking to sell, and those looking to buy.
  6. Hi John 33. I have a 2014 Eterniti IB4 and am still delighted with it. Bought from new as the first of the 2014 models on the road. There have been a couple of minor things to sort out but it has been a better van with far less problems than i have had with previous mainstream manufacturers. Our resident service engineer Steve is also there to tackle any jobs big and small providing peace of mind. The owners forum on Facebook is not only helpful but also shows what us as owners have done to personalise our vans. It is also a fantastic forum for sharing stories and ideas as well as keeping in touch and arranging owners get togethers which are always popular. Price will depend on the spec that has been installed as there were a number of different options available from new but i can honestly say that we have once again been to the caravan show this week and there is nothing to compare it to. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  7. Louis, if you go onto the Eterniti facebook site. If there are any owners looking to sell their vans, one of the administrators keeps the details / photos etc of any vans that may be for sale. Good luck with your search and you will not be disappointed.
  8. Had a great time at the Tewkesbury Eterniti meeting. Just got back yesterday after spending a week there with brilliant weather. 8 vans plus Steve the resident mechanic, guru and also now proud owner of an Eterniti IB4 turned up for the meeting. Unfortunately 2 had to cancel but a good time was had by all. The highlight was watching Bob try to erect his pop up gazebo which he assured us would only take 2 minutes. Video proof shows that following a battle with it and a fair amount of dismantling and reassembly it actually took over 10!!!! We had the now traditional BBQ on Saturday night and seem to be getting better at it as not only was it on time, but also we didn't have loads of food left over for a change. Raised over a hundred pounds for Katies charity from the raffle with a 'wet, wet, wet' theme. Croft Farm water park was a lovely setting and we had hard-standing pitches overlooking the lake where the water-sports were taking place. Would certain recommend it and look to go back there in the future. Nice part of the country.
  9. No idea although i believe he lost a lot of money in the venture. Personally i think it would be good if he came to one of our meetings to see the vans that he developed together in one place. Not sure if he would want to and not discussed this with the other owners but i think he would be very welcome.
  10. They do look smart and as an owner, you get a lot of interest when pitched up on sites. Tend to do a few guided tours and most people are amazed at the extra room you get from the slide out side. Lovely vans.
  11. Just looked at the numbers and it looks like 10 vans going to Tewkesbury so far. .....
  12. The next Eterniti gathering is at Tewkesbury on the 24th to 26th April at Croft Farm Water park. Should be good to see everyone again and i think some others like us are going earlier and spending the week there. Thanks once again to Jill for arranging it. Quite a few going at the moment and i am sure there will be as always the last minute bookings. Will be interesting to see what 'cosmetic' changes have been made to the interiors since the last meeting as more of the vans now seem to getting the personal touch, although as we have found anyway they were all slightly different from the outset with the changes to the interior from the 2013 to 2014 models as well as the other options available from the factory. I suppose if you look on the bright side it is one the advantages to not having any warranty, it lets you do what you want to your van.
  13. Great to see everyone again at the first get together for 2015 at Rutland Water. I think it was 15 vans including 3 pirates (Eterniti owners who have gone over to the dark side) and all had a fantastic weekend meeting up with everyone. Great meal complete with pirate theme at the local golf club who i think thought we were a bit mad. Hope to be able to make the next meeting in April near Gloucester. Hopefully pictures to follow
  14. On the facebook site we have owners mannuals and a lot of additional help and advice from other owners (over 90 at last count)which would be helpful to you. Also details of our now resident caravan engineer who specialises in Eterniti caravans for any problems both now and in the future, as well as servicing. If you have not already done so, contact the administrators on facebook for access to the Eterniti owners site. There is more information on how to do this from JillP on the Eterniti front page here on Caravan Talk.
  15. Sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your van. The leaking roof lights on the 2013 versions were due to the wrong sealant being unsed by Eterniti and is a relatively easy fix. Not sure of the reason for the slideout leaking but would assume there is an issue with the seals, again hopefully not a big problem. As for delamination, a number of owners have employed different methods to fix this which seem to be successful. Are you a member of the facebook group, as there is a lot of help and advice available there? I would also suggest getting in touch with Steve who is the technitian most of us use to identify and remedy any problems that occur. Again his details are available from the facebook site. If you are considering selling, again there are those interested in buying who contact the groups administrators on FB. Hope this helps.
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