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  1. Don't count your chickens before they hatch! I think any increase will be on new diesels rather than those already on the road. I won't be happy if they increase ours. Its already £20 per year!!!
  2. It really does sound like a fuse.
  3. We had that problem with one car we had and garage just told us to go for a good run. It worked. I wouldn't bother with hanging around.
  4. Isn't it under the near side seat near the alarm?
  5. Problem with all insurance is that you never find out if you are covered properly until they have to pay out! If there's a get out they will find it.
  6. I have an electric folding bike for sale. It is virtually unused as I am unable to ride it due to health problems. If anyone is interested message me and will send details.
  7. You obviously don't have a gravel drive and a mover then.
  8. jslocks

    Bye-bye Diesel

    That was 3 weeks ago. The policy seems to change by the day if not the hour!
  9. jslocks

    Bye-bye Diesel

    it's all hype like the election!!!!!! Press are looking for something to print as usual.
  10. Campsite near Harwich rather than the docks. http://www. brookcroft. info/index. html/
  11. It all depends how you set them up and use them. If our satnav looks like it is sending us somewhere we don't want to go we just ignore it and it re-routes until we like the new route.
  12. Try here http://www. three. co. uk/Store/Mobile_Broadband#mifi. Really depends on how much data you intend to use. You could just buy one on Fleabay and get your own sim and do pay as you go. It's not complicated!
  13. I use my Iphone on a personal hotspot. 6gb data for £12. 50 pm on Tesco (O2) No longer use the 3 mi-fi.
  14. We are all going to hell in a hand cart!!!! That will probably be imported!
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