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  1. I was referring to a general disquiet mentioned by a few unlucky owners who have had problems with leaks, adhesives, windows etc. Possibly less complaints on this forum than those for most other manufacturers. We are going away for the first time in our new Coachman at the weekend and hope it fulfills its promise! Putting in all the usual stuff and just relaxing in the van at the storage facility yesterday gave us the feeling that we had done the right thing. It looks less like an old people's home inside and appears to be better finished than our previous vans. I must say that the dealer handover was best we have ever had. Very impressed by the whole experience.
  2. Picking up a late season new 2016 Pastiche 520 tomorrow and can't wait. The van we are trading in had a cracked shower that we noticed at 18 months but it was at the top corner where a screw had been driven in (big thing made by manufacturers about no screws!) and was probably there from new and we didn't see it. The manufacturer said that all plastics are under warranty for only 12 months - unbelievable, and the dealer didn't want to know. Although we liked the twin bed layout, the compromise was in the small size of the lounge and kitchen, and the finish was generally poor. The inside started to seem rather darker than we expected. It was either give up on caravanning or try again. We have been in the new van a few times at the dealership and like the 520 layout a lot and the lovely light ambience is great. Having checked the Coachman warranty feel more confident that we shall not be disappointed but I am aware of the disquiet felt by some Coachman owners. Time will tell I guess, but we are so looking forward to our first weekend away.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Woodentop I have a twig aerial in my present van so checked this before agreeing to buy the 520. I was pleased to see that this has the new Status 570. I think the twig is unlikely to appear in many more new vans.
  4. Luckily found a 2016 Pastiche 520 at a nearby dealers and looking forward to px and collection at the end of the month. Pleased to be able to move to this usually happy forum and away from another manufacturer's forum that is overfull with complaints and problems. Love the layout for 2, plus occasional grandchildren, but it's a bit too far away to visit to familiarise myself with details and the brochure is a bit overviewey. Can't find any information about tv connection points i. e. 1 or 2? Can anyone enlighten me please?
  5. Hi I'm new to this forum. Could be luck but we have stayed in 6 different parts of the UK since having our Affinity and we have never had a problem with signal strength or reception. The Avtex TV has given us a superb picture. Perhaps the arial suits the TV? And no, I don't work for the company!!
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