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  1. Hi, does anyone know if this site in Scotland is still up and running? Pitch Up no longer take their bookings and phone number for the site is discontinued. Wondered if they had closed down or changed hands.
  2. Hi, does anyone know of an awning manufacturer that uses double zips on the doors - so you can open the top bit leavng the bottom closed? We used to have one with our old caravan but the current one has ordinary zips. would like to get a new one for next year so leaving the bottom done up will stop dog getting out. Thank you
  3. Looking for storage around the above areas that don't cost a fortune. Anyone any ideas? Thank you
  4. Having got your attention, I have been caravaning/camping for more than 50 years (still enjoying our caravan holidays), but getting to the point, over all these years I have noticed that there are a lot of complaints and some good feedback on various caravan manufacturers, what I would like to know is has any one ever built, from the chassis upwards, a caravan of their own design (not static caravan or those caravans towed by lorries etc, I mean caravans towed with a car for holidays). Pictures on any said build would be nice to see (no I am not going to try and build one myself). Just interested to see if any one has done this privately. Can you please leave this thread in the main Caravan Chat as it is for general conversation and not for a 'Sub' section. PS. all our holidays booked for this year and we wish every one on here all the best 'Happy Caravaning' for the coming year.
  5. Hi DeeTee, yes it was received, downloaded and printed. It is exactly what I wanted and the quickness of sending it was much appreciated. Just going to convert 12s and 12N wiring to 13 pin plug. I don't like using too many joints and connections. Thanks again
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the above maybe in PDF form? Did see a thread from 2011 from Asinrutee saying he had one but can't send him a PM as its not accepting any more emails. Would be grateful for a copy if anyone has one.
  7. Hi My sentiments exactly. What the bloody hell are they doing for 7 hours if no one was injured and only the caravan was damaged. In a nut shell, as usual, making a mountain out of a molehill. Absolute stupidity. Enough said. Hope those involved are all ok and well insured etc. Unfortunate if they were going on holiday. Regarding the police, no excuses for 7 hour delay, I've heard them all before.
  8. Just heard on the lunchtime news today about severe fuel shortages in France, long queues at petrol stations etc. Just thought I would mention in for those traveling to France etc.
  9. George Clarks Amazing Caravans and Campervans 8pm Channel 4
  10. Hi Granpa Steve OK we did exaggerate it slightly, but after watching the program it did bring back memories from yesteryear with our first encounter with the Caravan Club. We have been camping/caravanning for in excess of 50 years and have enjoyed most of our holidays, it is just we found CC sites too regimental for us. As stated each to his own and enjoy.
  11. Sorry Orange. Maybe stretched it a bit, but that is what it felt like when we visited one of their sites many years ago and going by what we saw on the TV program it just bought it all back! :unsure:
  12. Watched the program, funny at times, appalling at others! (Nice to see the two VW camper vans). Program bought back memories of why I did not renew my CC membership after one year. Long winded story but bear with me: Booked a site, arrived, got wrist slapped for arriving 5 minutes early, also another one for not saluting the flag on stepping out of the car. Caravan and car weren't centrally parked in the arrivals bay - 2 inches out! Walking to the office I inadvertently walked on their paint ed grass - another wrist slapping! On leaving the office (Command Post), I stepped back to allow a car and caravan to pass and I stepped on one of their nice white painted kerb stones - another wrist slapping! Onward to the pitch. On reversing on to the pitch one of the wheels ran across the corner of grass adjacent to the hard standing, all be it half the width of the tyre and about a foot long. Parked on pitch, no problems apart from the above, but low and behold I was told caravan was 4 inches off centre and the front of the tow hitch was an inch further forward from caravans either side. you guessed it - another wrist slapping! Erected the awning, only to be told curtains were not the right colour and didn't match the awning. Thank God it was level all the way round with no creases!!! After our evening meal the wife and I started discussing plans for the next day. there was a tap on the door (10. 02pm). We were promptly told there was a 10pm lights out curfew and at the same time warden reminded us we should be on the parade ground at 7am next morning, smart casual, no jeans, shorts, flip-flops, trainers or T-shirts. Must be brown or black polished shoes. Ladies in matching skirt and tops, skirts to be 2 inches below the knee. Next morning I attempted the holiest of holys. Sun was out, going to be a hot day so decided to put a wind break up to give dog some shade. Before the first pole was in the ground the wife and I were dragged screaming to the office (Command Post) and told even thinking about putting a windbreak up was a flogging offence, erecting one completely would mean the wife and I would be shot at dawn. On leaving the Command Post I accidently tripped over one of their **** white kerb stones and fell on their white painted rockery. With that I was told I was going to be reported for malicious damage. i feel I must stop writing now as the memories are making me feel depressed. I won't tell you the hand signal we gave to the flag on leaving!!!! Anyway each to their own. contrary to the above, the wife and I thoroughly enjoy our caravan holidays - obviously not on CC sites.
  13. The British weather can seriously damage your paint work!!!! Not sure if I have put this picture on the website many moons ago, but looking out of our living room window this morning at the appalling weather we are glad that we cancelled this months trip due to other commitments and it bought back memories of this photo.
  14. Further to Chillouts thread re LPG gas regulator recall, I have found this while browsing the web regarding fire blankets. Thought it may be of interest in case you have one in your caravan or at home. . http://www. rya. org. uk/newsevents/news/Pages/kiddelifesaver-fire-blanket-recall-alert. aspx
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