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  1. We have a 2012 Sterling Eccles Amethyst 1812 kilos fully loaded and opted for AWD Powertouch £1749 fitted toward the September last year expensive i know but totally worth it IMO Moves the TA superbly admittedly not as agile as our old single axle but never the less couldn't imagine moving it with single movers unless you have al the time in the world for the extra shuffling back and forth. We live in a quite crescent but can guarantee everybody wants to leave their houses at the exact time I'm trying to move on or off the drive, still all part of caravanning i suppose
  2. Try looking at these links should help https://www. practicalcaravan. com/reviews/tow-car/31377-ford-focus http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/caravan-specifications/sterling/eccles-510-alde-2016_12017 kind regards
  3. Got one of those in my garage used it once on my old single axle Eccles Jewel. (a give away if anybody wants it) Total waste of time and effort IMHO and no good for my twin axle, if i need to level i use 3 sections of decking off cuts each one slightly shorter than the other with the leading edge cut at a 45 degree angle. The bottom board has 4 16mm holes cut in, the second has 4 pieces of 16mm dowel fixed to match the bottom and also 3 16mm holes to take the dowels from the third piece of deck board They lock together nicely, don't weigh too much or take up too much room in the front locker and work a treat. I'm probably cracking open my first beer while your still cranking away.
  4. Seems my 2012 unit missed that option by a few months, still fully functioning now I've wired it myself. Thanks for your replays good people Tony
  5. Indeed it is thats what happens when you get older and distacted you forget what you did 5 minutes ago Sorry
  6. Just wondering why Swift would produce a caravan with with an LED awning light, fit the Sargent stinger 310 alarm system with awning light output but not have the nessasary single pair of cables added to the wiring loom to activate the light from the key fob. This would have been a miniscule cost to the selling price of the van when new which is a 2012 registered Sterling Eccles Amethyst (without the dreaded front section damp problem i must add) Had to do the job myself this morning took about half an hour before i left for work. It's one of those things you can live with, unfortunatly i'm the type that likes things to work if the option is there. Away next week for a few days Hurley riverside park (along side the river Thames not far from Henley)
  7. Used maypole covers on my last 3 vans internal locker doors left open windows and roof lights shut tight never had any mould. Van is as clean as when it was wrapped up, one thing for sure never leave the heating running with a cover on that's a sure way of growing some mould
  8. Obviously there are times when things go wrong so one should never connect and leave without checking periodically, in my case a couple of times a week. I keep the battery constantly charged for the alarm and internal wifi camera set to motion detect just incase anybody takes a shine to our pride and joy and manages to remove the wheel lock,wheel clamp,hitch lock,caravan cover and thats after they have moved my car from over the drive.
  9. Have had three vans over the past 6 years all were connected continuously, never cooked a battery yet I do like a bargain but stick by not buying a cheap charger however good the spec sheet looks Take a look at this £34. 95 on ebay at the moment have had mine for the past 4 years excellent piece of kit http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Ring-Automotive-Intelligent-Smart-Battery-Charger-12v-car-bike-rsc504-/252241730385?hash=item3abac75b51:g:mi0AAOSwJkJWl20d
  10. Hi markavfc i assume that as you mentioned a steep drive that is where your van is kept Is it not possible to to connect the van to a suitable power outlet from the house as the vans charger will keep the battery top up. I have a large twin axle with quad movers connected to a waterproof outlet on the garage wall protected by an RCD of course and have no problem with the battery not having enough charge when needed to move the van off my drive. As for the battery charger you mentioned, if you must charge it off the van seems a little cheap to me, i have a smart charger purchased from Halfords at a cost of about £50 wouldn't trust a cheapie charger with what can be an expensive piece of kit.
  11. The idea is to bring it up to temp before you leave and plug back in when you arrive shouldn't take more than a few mins to bring to the boil. Just top up throughout the day suits my wife and shes not patient at all Me a cold beer or glass of wine
  12. Just Purchased a portable hot water urn for the kitchen and realised it would be great for the caravan instead of boiling the kettle every 5 mins as her ladyship drinks tea by the gallon. Its a 650w 5 litre unit which takes about 40 mins from cold to 98 degrees but once upto temperature cuts power to a minimum to keep the temperature at a constant 98. It dispences water by first pressing a button to activate it then holding down another button and cut off when released, it also has a pump action option if you were to take it on a trip to the beach as it will hold its temperature for a good while. Could also be hooked upto a 1000w inverter in the car for picnics etc (sorry for the small picture) Addis Water Boiler Thermo Pot 5L (Airpot) Stainless Steel ]
  13. We had our first caravan 32 years ago can't remember the make, a little 10 foot four berth how four of us we manage to squeeze into it i don't know (only popped out to look at some tropical fish) came back with a caravan. Traded in about 6 months later for a 15 foot avondale, was like moving from a 1 bedroom flat to a 4 bed house kept that for 6 until holidays abroad seemed a better idea. We came back to caravaning 5 years ago buying a 1996 5 berth lunar paid next to nothing for it just to see if life on the road still suited us. 9 months later gave it to our son and moved onto a 2008 Sterling Eccles Jewel we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it absolute luxury compared to what we had previously, comfortable seating, fixed bed, small but still very usefull shower/toilet cubicle and a motor mover. After 3 years we found it getting a little small for our needs as there is 3 of us and have found our ideal van which is a 2012 Sterling Eccles Amethyst a twin axle 6 berth with fixed bed and side dinnette so each of us now has their own seating area. I much prefer the open plan feel of this layout as apposed to an island or transverse bed arrangement although we sacrifice the larger washroom arrangement, having said that i don't find end washrooms that spacious anyway. We will proberbly be the last van we ever buy as manufacurers seem to have gone away from this layout to the rather strange, in my opinion L shaped lounge.
  14. Try Bunn Leisure In Selsey Decent touring site situated on the edge of the biggest static caravan site on the south coast. 3 or 4 club houses all with family entertaiment, the largest has a great indoor pool attached on site fairground with Chichester Bognor Regis and the Witterings within Easy reach. Can be pricey but you get acces to all facilities accept the fairground of course. Weve been there quite a few times.
  15. Yes sorry its the A-frame cover its cracked from the cutout that the towing electrics cable exits at the front end. Seems the cutout is a little tight so will slightly enlarge before respraying with Fiat white 249 i believe.
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