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  1. just one thing to say about Elddis on this subject joke!!!!! darrenesorry to hear about your problem too mate mine is still going on after 8 months
  2. Sorry to hear about the awning pole dents in the side of your van. Someone reported what sounds like the same problem with a 'solid' Crusader on the Elddis section of the forum a few months ago. They also posted some photos. I seem to recall that initially they were said to be at fault for over tightening the roof poles although they were experienced caravanners. I cannot remember how it was resolved - sorry! Hi barlyn It was me with the same problem and yes it's still going on two separate reports done and Elddis still not doing a thing. Well maybe now with another person with the same problem Elddis might do more? Thanks Mark
  3. well Elddis not just me with the same problem with the dents on my buccaneer caravan form the fix on pads. 8 months trying to fight this issue and at last someone else has had the same problem i expect a lot more.
  4. Yes no happy with the answer I got from Elddis so i have no choice but to go legal I can't belive that there saying its down to overnighting of the poles In all three places so much for the new GRP sides being stronger So it's come me going legal to all three parties Elddis,Isabella and the supplier of the caravan Wish me look. Mark
  5. Hi all sorry its been a while but a last ELDDIS have agreed to come and take a look at the damage to my Buccaneer caravan this has taken some time and a lot of phone calls but in the first week of march they will come and assess the damage and make a decision if there going to repair it or not. wish me look. mark
  6. Hi all just a quick question dose Elddis as a company even bother to read the comments on this forum as all your comments and help have been great (thanks once again all). Maybe it would be nice for them to see all your comments too on this matter and answer some of the questions. many thanks (all) mark
  7. Hi All Thank you for all your replies and advise. I have contacted Isabella and sent them the same email and photos. They are going to follow this up with Elddis. I will await their response. We are also waiting response from the suppliers of the caravan who are also putting a claim into Elddis. We do not hold our breath after seeing the response from them. The awning has been up once (One Star). What do you think should be our next step and how long should we leave for a response from them before acting? I cannot believe that the 2010 model we had previously which we sold in 2012 never had any of these problems and yet we are having it on a brand new 2013 model and that no other person has experienced this, especially with this new GRP side system. How Elddis can make their final decision on just photos and not physically come out and inspect beats me! Thanks Mark
  8. Hi Davros Take a look at this email from Elddis what they sent me on my warranty claim pretty rubbish not happy. Dear Mr & Mrs Raffo Thank you for your email of recent date and the attached pictures of the GRP side panel of your Buccaneer Caravel caravan. We apologise for the delay in replying. We are sorry to learn of the problem you have experienced and as a company, we certainly take your concerns seriously. I advise that the photographs provided were forwarded to our production team for further investigation. They advise that the only variant since 2010 is the GRP side panels which give improved strength. This is the only issue of this nature reported to ourselves and have manufactured a large number of vehicles using this material and construction method. It is suggested that this is pressure damage rather than impact damage and is a result of over tightening of the awning attachments. Based on the findings of our production team, we are unfortunately unable to process a warranty claim in respect of this issue. We are sorry that we are unable to offer a more favourable reply in this instance. Kind regards, Michelle Meek Customer Care Department
  9. Thanks three star for your response like rooster I will try Isabella tomorrow but surely under the sale of goods act "fit for purpose" the issue must be with elddis as there caravans are made to take awning and as the caravan only being just over six months old and cost me 30 grand with all the optional extras. Thanks Mark
  10. Rooster my 2012 caravel model was not the solid construction type.
  11. Hi Rooster Do you not think its down to not enough support on this part of the caravan as i had the same caravan (model caravel 2012) with the same awning last year and had no problem. i have attached some photos see what you think. thanks mark
  12. Hi thanks for your replay yes i contacted the dealer direct first and told them what had happened and there response was wind damage and they would not help hence way i contacted Elddis direct. thanks mark
  13. Hi all New to the forum and could do with a little help, We bought a brand new buccaneer caravel in may this year along with a brand new Isabella awning after being away for a couple of weeks we took down the new awning i was horrified at what damage had been incurred from having the awning up. We fitted the awning correctly with the correct attachments supplied for putting up but now we have 5 square indentations all the way across the top of our brand new caravan. I have been in torch with Elddis customer service and sent them photos of the damage to the new caravan. The replay from them this morning in a email was that "We sent the photos to there production team for further investigation and it is suggested that this is pressure damage rather than impact damage and is a result of over tightening of the awning attachments. Based on the findings of our production team,we are unfortunately unable to process a warranty claim in respect of this issue". As for over tightening the poles by hand how can this damage the caravan and for them to say this with out even seeking my caravan i am shocked. Can anybody help in this matter please. mark.
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