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  1. I cant say I know any details, but id assume it would of been made in conjunction KABE as their part owner, who a large motorhome manufacture, so might be something that is rebranded as coachman perhaps?
  2. someone out there wouldn't consider training sales staff as downturn in their career. though I appreciate there are plenty of poor salespeople out there, it isn't entirely fair to tarnish us all with the same brush!
  3. this isn't really true, for the simple reason that you would get false readings throughout the caravan no matter where you placed your damp meter if this was the case, the only time you'd possibly get false readings is during winter time with external temp changes, and usually this will be in colder areas (i.e inside upper lockers) the vinyl lined plyboard only shows blue on certain board pigmentation, but as we all know this isn't the only indication for water ingress
  4. IIRC Lunar never actually purchased Wellhouse, it was a merger of the two companies, the director of wellhouse agreed to it providing they made him a director of lunar also (along with no doubt a sizeable pay check)
  5. this usually is caused by the toilet cassette door in this particular instance, either the door is warped or not fully closed (not shutting flush) or the surround is leaking
  6. generally speaking it would take approximately 2 hours per socket to fit (depending on location of power/gas pipe) so when we sell a van is usually works out to be around £180-£220 per socket including parts, the variation for this will really depending on hoe additional wiring/pipe/fittings is need to complete the job. so £300 to fit both sockets and wire/plumb them doesn't sound to expensive IMO
  7. no UK caravan manufacture makes the woodwork in house, its assembled in house, but most is supplied by Technoform which is an Italian company, though I know Coachman use Voehringer in Germany for theirs.
  8. Not a great experience for you, clearly the dealer dragging their heels in the hope you will just give up, obviously neglecting the fact what rights you have as the consumer.
  9. I wouldn't be put off that a van has been traded in/sold at a year old, there are so many reasons why this happens, I had someone wanting to trade in a 19 model with us recently just because they didn't get on with the layout, so don't always assume is because its because of faults/been rejected (though of course that might well be the case) then in terms of the van itself, the price is the big factor here to whether or not its a viable purchase, taking into consideration some of what has been mentioned above.
  10. not trying to deflect this onto the dealer, but was it an ex display vehicle? maybe they removed it so the could put it on a phoenix they had going out (as they don't have receivers as standard) before you purchased it, and forgot to refit it when the parts came in, not excusing it either way but just a thought
  11. that will be a misprint the brochure, the Alicanto does come with ATC as standard
  12. 120-130nm for alloy wheels, the only change to this is specifically for 11 unicorns which had the wheel bolt issue, and this was recommended to be 160nm
  13. nothing in life is ever that easy of course, but basically the dealer would have to prove they aren't at fault, I know us dealers do come under flak a lot (and rightly so sometimes) but I would say that no respectable dealer would go out of their way to not repair something, minor or major, unless its blatantly obvious the customer is at fault, ultimately we just to get the customer back out enjoying their caravan. an insurance back warranty does give the customer flexibility to use it anywhere, so they don't have to take it back to the supplying dealer, main issue we have found in the past for caravans they don't really cover enough or offer some type of dealer goodwill when something outside of their parameters goes wrong, and its still a cost per van that only justifies itself if things go wrong regularly (which they shouldn't typically) we offer our own warranty on used caravans we sell, so it comes out of our pocket if it goes wrong, but as this isn't common with used vehicles, it makes more financial sense in the long run for us.
  14. thank you for your kind words Alan, glad to hear our guys supplied a great service for you.
  15. CRA depicts it's the dealers responsibility to prove fault wasn't present at proof of purchase, afterwards its the customers responsibility to prove, so essentially the dealer is responsible for such repairs in the first 6 months (unless customer is obviously at fault) as its basically going to be impossible to prove otherwise, and, likely hood is any reputable dealer would correct a fault to satisfy the customer as they wouldn't want ill feeling with the customer, hence why I say what I say. I'm not saying this is exact law to give 6 months, but giving 3 months doesn't change the consumers rights for the 6 months cut off.
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