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  1. As mentioned they are the same company, they are different layout of course, so depends on which one would suit you better in that respect, the only benefit of one over the other is the extra spec on the expression, but I would look past that and decide which layout would be best for you.
  2. the green light should appear as it is indicating it is running from the leisure battery, as you do have the facility to switch to the vehicle battery (if connected, left hand button of the three in the middle) and this would of course light up if you selected it. What I would say is if you aren't getting the little lighting bolt symbol appear on the control panel display (appears next to the time) when you are plugged in, you may have an issue with the battery charger, really common problem on the Nord chargers of this age of swift
  3. an expression of that age would be based on a charisma, but with spec to make it almost inline with a challenger, so for example would have (but not limited to) bbq point, ext mains socket, heavy duty corner steadies, pleated blinds, extractor fan, thicker mattress, alarm system and a few more bits. things to look out for are rear panel cracking on the top corners, rear corners of the floor rotting, front panel cracking above the front windows, those were the main issues other than a general water ingress check
  4. the big issue with this era of Bailey is floors rotting, mainly in any corner (i.e front & rear corners, each corner of the wheel arch) so basically get underneath and have a poke around, a lot have been repaired over the years but some have slipped through the net.
  5. common problem on this age of Elddis, they tried to stop it by sticking a black sticker the full length of the gap between the window and the gas locker (work that one out?!) Elddis apparently only warrant their panels for 1 year, hence why they wont do anything, the only thing you can do really is to reinforce it from behind, then have it plastic welded, filled and sprayed.
  6. generally you would replace the lino in the whole van unless it needed it, most of the time you might replace it in a section, so for example, in the bathroom, they might take it to the door and fit a runner between the door frame. I assume the lino is damaged?, if not then it could be lifted then refitted, if it is damaged and being that its in a wardrobe, they will like dismantle the wardrobe to undertake the repair, then fit the new lino accordingly, so it would mean they would have to take the wardrobe out twice to fit it, which doesn't make sense,
  7. you have to replace the complete external part of door lock mechanism, not just the handle itself
  8. what exact parts is it waiting for? I can imagine plyboard and sealants (which should be pretty simple to get hold of) so unless its a door or a specific panel holding up the process? when you say you contacted your dealer and bailey, I'm guessing it was an email not a phone call?, phone Bailey customer service with your vin number, explain your are waiting for some parts for a warranty claim and looking for an update.
  9. I haven't personally but our workshop have (the royal we!) I check with the workshop guys tomorrow and give you the run down of the exact procedure of how they do it
  10. fitted a fair few to unicorns over the years, none of which have any wiring in place, so we drill through the roof cavity to take to the nearest 12v supply, to make sure there are no bits of trunking/molding running across the roof looking untidy, bit more time consuming, but much better job in the end.
  11. worst you could do is damage the A-frame cover or bend the arms on the jockey wheel, as a dealer moving caravans around all the time we still do it from time to time, we never learn!
  12. I'm not sure that you servicing your caravan would constitute as it being serviced in an insurance companies eyes, might be worth a phone call and checking this. basically check everywhere there is a join or a whole cut in it (i.e side meeting the roof, around windows etc) depending on what van you have I could advise a bit more of where to looking for inherent issues of that particular model.
  13. I was going to say I assume you were referring to the two gaps either side on the rear panel?, as I always say to everyone, any of the exterior panels are not a integral part of the structure, they are more a "dressing" item, so prefect fitment isn't imperative, and sealing it will look untidy and split after a short period of time due to the movement/flex of the panel.
  14. out of interest, what unicorn is it and which lockers specifically are you referring to?
  15. Caravantech


    if its insurance backed then that's different altogether, as that isn't a manufacture warranty, that will essentially cover the main workings items and should cover water ingress as well (though some only cover 5 years and some cover upto 7)
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