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  1. also to add, I found this link https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/12134294-mewa-industrial-holdings-limited mentions both MEWA and Lunar automotive was set up 1st August
  2. that's rather odd, though I can see some legitimacy with that speculation as I couldn't really find anything solid to go with
  3. I had a look around, but cant seem to find much, articles mention his name and a company called MEWA that is based in south Africa, that they specialise in the steel industry but there is also mention of furniture making, but cant find anything specific about the company
  4. I don't have any links, again its only what I heard but I could well be wrong on that info, I do know his name is Nicholas Marks, so might be able to find a bit more about him with a google search
  5. In normal circumstances when a van goes back to the factory, the cost is covered by the manufacture, but they usually try to tie it in with delivering to the dealer to save on special trips. Obviously that wouldn't work out if everything went back for issues!
  6. not with caravans, but I believe I'm right in saying the director's history is furniture making, which would work well for a caravan of course!
  7. not sure where my previous post went?! (maybe because it has a price in the picture?!), but i'll mention it again, for swift products you can buy a rear corner cap for vans between 2008-2010 and they are only 7 quid a corner, cut them down, bond them on, and away you go, the look like this
  8. id say we lose or maybe just about break even, but to keep a business running you need to make money, we also constantly fight with every manufacture to not only get the correct time, but just to get simple claims accepted in the first place!
  9. I doubt any service centre would say that warranty work is "profitable", and likely use it as a tool to gain your service business, the other factor is the service centre is unlikely to undertake adjusting your cupboard door under warranty for example, where as a dealer has little choice but to do it (not begrudgingly I'll add), multiply this many times over, with the manufacture not really paying any time for this type of thing, along with the fact the hourly rate paid for warranty (£35-40 compared to £60 for us) its generally always a losing situation. but as we know this is part of the contract the dealer has with the customer, but it certainly is in no way a profit centre, I think all dealers would rather not do it and send it back to the manufacture if that was a choice!
  10. Tanners Farm in Goudhurst is lovely site, not a C.L by any means but very picturesque.
  11. difficult one really, the warranty companies stance sort of makes sense, if you delay a repair for a long length of time before getting the repairs undertaken, then it will get worse, so should they have to pay for that?, however on the other side of the coin you delayed over the driest time of the year, so you could argue that its unlikely that its got that much worse since initial inspection, so could of been missed or only apparent upon starting the repair. simply the delay in repair is what makes the whole thing difficult, manufactures are a little more lenient that insurance backed warranty companies
  12. if your getting nothing at all, sometimes they have a fuse on the back of the radio itself (though this rarely blows) and sometimes have one on the consumer unit (check your handbook for which one it is) however they can just die for no reason, they are pretty cheap to replace these days, a radio/CD with USB you can pick up for about 40-50 quid online, and should be a direct swap for what's there already.
  13. I would be surprised if any dealer didn't have a dedicated department for water ingress repairs, as mentioned its extremely time consuming to do hence to long lead times for bookings, also there is a mixture of warranty and non warranty repair jobs to be undertaken, along with insurance repairs in the same department. A cheap, quick damp repair doesn't really exist!
  14. you wont be able to get a single replacement (unless its used) but certainly could get a pair new from Swift (which would come from their current range)
  15. you get 6 weeks either side of the original purchase date, apart from the 3rd and 6th service, what I would suggest is just double check when the warranty was registered with Bailey (if you don't already know) I've had it before where the warranty registration date and the CRiS registration are completely different, when in reality they shouldn't be
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