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  1. Mine has been that way for about 7 years and all good.
  2. Oh well that was £600 down the pan a few years ago. I can honestly say that apart from the reversing I didn't learn much in my training for BE as I was towing on a B already and the test was about me driving the car, once out the yard the trailer paid no part apart from speed limits on nationals. I wish they do they same with a C1 too, wishful thinking though. My fault for sending my first few years on 2 wheels.
  3. Agree with John above, I would never let my kids do that now and they know they are not allowed on anyone elses pitch. But it seems we are a minority. Another reason why we find European sites in school holidays more enjoyable but then there are things for the kids to do to wear themselves out. Mine would be back in my van by 9 not free roaming.
  4. We have a made by kampa but not branded as such rapid poled 200. Just enough for a table, coats dog crate etc Probably the best light weight awning I've had. Takes a good battering and holds up well, no excess of condensation It is our go to awning for the colder months. Three poles and the rest is pegged out.
  5. I've been to Breen Sands with caravan and the one near Newquay and Devon cliffs both pre caravan. All very similar with pool, kids clubs and evening entertainment if that's your bag. Playgrounds etc. Been was at Oct half term and very well behaved, would have no issues staying again. If you are a CMC member you get a bit of extra discount. Nowhere near as good as a French site but about as good as it gets
  6. I'd also look at how well the air can pass the fins at the rear. What happens if you remove the vents and leave it open for 24 hours.
  7. Ok. So not a tow car but I'm looking at something small and electric as my get to work/ station car. Has anyone got any experience of the above cars and any good electric car electricity tariffs? Cheers.
  8. A few years back we were heading off to the CMC site near to Portsmouth. I'd decided to go down the A road from the A31 as it was just as quick as the A3 M3 alternatives. Now I like to get a shift on when driving even with the van on the back so if it is safe I will drive at 50 and 60 if the roads allow so. There I am on the A road stuck behind somebody quite happy at 40. I sat back knowing there was no chance of me overtaking and just relaxed knowing we were a few miles from Wickham. All of a sudden along comes Mr in a hurry, thinking the wobble box is going slow. He overtakes the van, gets level with me and realises he now has another car to go with oncoming! The car in front of me, seeing the headlights on the mirror had started to brake as was I and now not leaving much room for mr on a hurry. I looked across, he looked at me, a wavy of sorry, knowing he cocked it up as he squeezed into the gap Infront of me. Funny how things slowdown when it's all going wrong. He carried on fairly sheepishly after that.
  9. Spot on. We're having 4 nights 9nna commercial this year where our friends have a static, all the kids can play together and swim in the creek if they wish. Club sites are ok for a short break but no longer, just wish there were more sites like the French have, great facilities and some less per night than a CMC site.
  10. No I wouldn't say harder but they are a little more skittish until you get used to them, but I was commuting around London on wet winter mornings.
  11. Yes you can leave it on all the time, I tend to
  12. Another EE user here, my wife is with sky and daughter O2. EE had the best coverage. I'm on unlimited everything for £28 per month with BT sport and 5g where available. I have got a 4g mifi if the signal is poor that I can take the SIM out of my phone and use but so far tethering through the phone has been fine.
  13. Normally you can't, if you have a battery charge level, it will go up when on charge . I have to check my fridge or microwave to check mains is on.
  14. I think there were loads of issues with the original screw to hold sensors then they changed to the bolt up which seem way better. I managed to find some eBay sensors that are compatible with TP head unit after TP refused to exchange mine when it broke after a year same as the screw one ones, been fine since
  15. No way I could do a full pack up first thing in the morning. Car gets packed, clothes ready, water dropped the night before and simply disconnect power, hitch up and go. If the pitch has room I will leave the car hitched.
  16. Yep same issue, rubbed down with sand paper and all is good
  17. Thank you, yes we would only go if France goes on the green list. Both wife and I will be fully vaccinated by the due to travel date but my question was about the kids.
  18. Thanks must have read it wrong. Would only go if in green list what about the kids then?
  19. Had a look on the French website yesterday and it still said essential travel from UK only and 7 days QT, it read like the rest of the world was being opened up apart from the UK, or have I read that wrong?? It wasn't on the link but another page.
  20. Yes this happened to me. I also put it down to uv. It was nothing to do with over inflation. The inner sleeve failed which allows the bladder to the push out the gap and either explode or mis shape. I was lucky mine didn't explode or rip anything else, I just had to replace the inner tarp like material that the bladder goes into. Needless to say I'm back to poled and won't go back to air.
  21. I agree with the above, it's all in the material. Although I was out with a friend on Friday and she has a VW camper. They purchased a Vango stand alone that can be attached to the camper but also worked like a gazebo so was good for storage when off site. Having owned premium brand air awnings I've gone back to poled made of the traditional awning fabric and this is where I'm staying. Could you not use the wind out to bridge the gap between van and tent?
  22. Had a camptech a long time ago, it was a 400 porch and not a full awning , it was ok but much better out there, I would make sure it has a single inflation point as mine had about 10 and took ages. I would spend the extra 500 if it was me to be honest. The main thing I'd be interested in was the material and is it the canvas type like Dorema sell as poled. If it is the porch awning type material I would stay clear.
  23. This is why I stayed with the club, one simple question, is it stored in the UK. Yes, Next simple question, do you use a hitch lock. Yes. Job done, I store on a farm so fussy insurers won't touch me.
  24. I suspect that given an account and dash cam footage to confirm the same, the officer is just following process for the other version of events and that will be the end of it. You might get asked in for interview to confirm what you've written.
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