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  1. One of the advantages of having a pickup is that there's are huge by car standards gaps between the tailgate and chassis so the filler cable slides down the side whilst I secure the filling point. When I had the lpg car lots of people used to have to screw in the adapter for the lpg gun so garages are used to people rummaging about in boots etc before filling. The fill point being at the back is unseen by the garage, all they see if the hose going to the back of the car, I am then standing clear of the car at the pump pushing the delivery button, no sign of a cylinder. Lime cc can you point me in the direction of the one way valve you mention as that would be handy if I wanted to disconnect for any reason.
  2. Fill point still connected, benefit of one inlet and one outlet over a safefill set up it can be left on permantly.
  3. Take the last two points together though When cleaning and roughing the pads this reduces slightly the mating surface with pad and ball, like putting in new brake pads on part worn discs. After the 100 miles the mating process has taken place and pad and ball providing stronger resistance. Could this be just enough to cause the pads to vibrate. We noticed this on one car as we came back from France, it groaned awfully. Could it be caused in the very slight difference if tow all diameter where paint is removed causing minor variances on thickness which equates to more pressure on some pads than others? A tiny amount of copper slip on the back has got to be worth a try.
  4. Have you seen the price of the cassette, you'd think it empties itself!!
  5. Starting in the cold appears ok, watched a video of some guy who sticks it in the freezer for two hours and it turns his Harley over. Apparently you turn the ignition on with the headlight on to warm the battery if really cold. This gets the science working apparently. I've found a US company who have a supplier in Jersey who have managed to develop the BCM in such a way that it can work off of most types of charger. My 12v runs without a battery anyway so I could just not connect the van charger, being so small I could give it a boost charge off of a specialist charger for an hour. They sell one that is 12ah but boosts 720cca.
  6. By fill to the brim I mean until the OPD cuts in not part filling as the safefill suggests.
  7. My Alugas was filled to the brim the first time, it was done for me by the pump attendant, no.mention on blurb of not doing so. As said above the cut off valve is a float valve. I used to have an lpg car and that said nothing about not filling it right up, sounds odd. I you decide to fill it up then as someone else mentioned probably run it on the BBQ before you fit it to the van. I thought all these things were supposed to have a safety valve so it the pressure got to high it would open anyway?
  8. It won't be long though, i paid £90 for a new Yuasa bike battery and the lithium equivalent would have been only pounds more, granted the leisure and car batteries are still hundreds but it won't be long.
  9. Needed a new battery for the motorbike the other week and I noticed that Lithium is now being sold as a regular replacement. Then I've seen many being sold as a car batteries. A lithium with a cranking voltage higher than the 44ah car battery I'm using now in the van is not expensive and at less than 2kg would give me 8kg of payload back. As I only use the 12v for the motor mover. The rest of the time we are on hook up the question I don't yet understand is how do these type of battery react to an alternator charge whilst running? Due to the size and weight I could remove in winter to store in the garage so sub zero temperature would be ok. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge, thinking would the van charger need to be switched for something specific or has the battery management got advanced enough to deal with conventional chargers? Cheers.
  10. Ha Ha,make sure the offside corner lines up with the peg!!
  11. If you do some searching around you will be able to find a POL to JIC converter. Then just connect to a jic fill hose and the job is done. Lpg shop .co.uk sell them, then it would just be a matter of opening the tap on top when you get to the filling station. I have considered fitting a fill point to the locker but didn't want the hastle of taking the van to the pump. In France I only used the van gas once using the cadac the rest of the time so a small safefill or gaslow would week well for us.
  12. I would take the sliding door out and see if there is enough room to fit a slim strip of aluminium on the back, I used some very thin door dividers that B@Q sell. They were much wider than the TV bracket, spreading the load. Obviously the TV cones off when in motion. I cut it into strips and then drilled holes through my cupboard so the wood is sandwiched between the strip and the TV bracket. Mine was on the bottom of a cupboard. The only difference is that you would need countersunk nuts so you assemble from inside the sliding door frame putting the bolt in from the front side I don't know what the nuts are called but skateboards have them so they sit countersunk on the top of the skateboard and the trucks are the bolted in from underneath. All is dependent on how much too. You have in the sliding door. Using the shelf above with an extendable arm night be better as you can go through it.
  13. If not done already you can get an unlock code from eBay for a pound or so. Three seem to be offering a good deal on unlimited data.
  14. Been with kids, they get bored quick. No one has mentioned but caravan warranties are not like cars. The supplying dealer is in the main the only person who will do warranty work, therefore please bear this in mind if you get a great deal but the dealer is miles away. Going for opening gives you an hour or so , likewise late afternoon can chill a bit. As others have said try and make a list of vans to see, once you get an idea of which one you like then find a dealer that works for you with the best deal.
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