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  1. Did the rear pads and discs on the pickup a couple of weeks ago which included handbrake adjustment, nice sense of achievement when it was done though.
  2. I can't see why not as I've never signed and have used over different cars with no problem, I just give the reg. I did manage to order another card for my other car but am yet to use it.
  3. Just out of interest if you weren't adding the extra set of rollers why did you need a new control box? Why couldn't the old one still have worked??
  4. Correct, my misspent youth on two wheels meant I needed to do my BE. It involves an unhitch, hitch, reverse, then a 45 minute drive to full text standard, bad habits not included. Fun it was not. You used to be able to use a caravan but now the size of trailer is mandated as is the weight.
  5. French sites offer so much more for a lot less than a British site. Family too young to make Spain for two weeks at the moment but I've not found a British site that compares for kids activity and pools in the UK. Here I've found the best is a plain pool and a naff play park at best. Everyone we've been to in Europe has been so much better equipped. I wish we had the same here but even with the Ferry it's not a lot dearer. Different if you don't have kids but we need the activities.
  6. Yes I've looked on both but was after some experience of anyone who has stayed on some in the area.
  7. Hi all. I'm looking for a CL or CS or similar priced site in the Peak District at the end of July. We are a family of two adults, two kids and dog. I need shower, loo and EHU. Any recommendations. I've never been to the area so have no preference of where to stay. Thanks.
  8. Korando Sports owner here, which is basically the same as the Rexton above on the same chassis just with a pick up body and the payload to go with it. We have the 5 speed auto. Economy is high 20s low 30s generally and low 20s towing. This is my first auto tow car and I won't be going back to a manual. It can pull up to 2.7 tonne. Newer ones look better but it's been a good car and serviceable parts like brakes etc a cheap and easy. Second Ssangyong and I haven't been disappointed
  9. I've been to a show most years since we have owned ours and still can't find anything that tops ours for layout whilst the kids are coming with us, it would be another story if the kids were older but we can't have a fixed double just yet!!
  10. It doesn't really matter which one goes on the tap although the top one looks like it has a no flow until connection bit inside so that would connect to the valve. The float is a basic torbec loo system valve with a hose pipe adapter fitted. Just make a mark so you know which way is top when you put it in the aqua roll, fit it to make sure it is the top when screwed in, they usually go in at two points and away you go. One thing to consider is that these valves were designed for toilets not running at mains pressure so just open the tap a little bit and not fully. It all looks present and correct. I would stick a screw on hose pipe adapter in your kit for the site tap as many just have the thread. The hose may not be long enough. Many euro sites have taps a long way from the pitch or the wrong end etc .We don't drink from the van water system so I use the collapsible hose for the garden. I also have a one into two tap switch that I use so I can leave the hose connected and then get water to drink from the second outlet. Asda do a good one. Set it up on the outside tap first.
  11. To be honest I can't see it being all that, we have a poles windbreak that only sits on the ground and is held in with guy ropes. It's ok but needs daily adjustment and nowhere as strong as a hammer home one.
  12. The easiest way to gauge if the forward and backward movement is a problem that people are talking about here is when you brake do you hear a bang like something has run into the back of you at slow speed, is you do then the hitch dampener is gone. Unlikely but not impossible on a new ish van, just think you need to get used to towing with a heavy nose weight.
  13. I think what you are feeling is normal. When we first started towing we had a Mazda 5. The extra weight right on the back of a softly ish sprung MPV felt that there was some up and down movement with the car, when we changed to an SUV still got a bit but not as much. It just takes a bit of getting used to that's all
  14. I've put a female Fulham connector on a short piece of hose that is connected to my cadac and then have three male ends, one for a Pol regulator, one for the cannister adapter pictured above and one that will connect to my van gas bottle in the event I run out of the other two. I'd like to have it connected to my van but don't have a gas point and would want a very long hose, have been considering one of the gasit on locker kits.
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