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  1. I was only trying to be helpful, when i first had my mover fitted I did not expect the rollers to work unless engaged, that was until the fitted told me.
  2. For future reference you don't need legs up to engage the mover. The forward and backward roller action works with the mover in the resting position . When I emailed to get new side overs again a new set in the post a few days later. I don' t think they were unreasonable.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cavagna-Caravan-Regulator-8mm-C-W-Outlet-Nozzle-42-1-490-1074/223350782158?hash=item3400be78ce They don't say they are two stage but when you dig into the spec on their site they are. You need to work out if you are 8 or 10mm pipe and if you want a top or side exit, I went for side as my cylinder is lower than the regulator so saves wasting pigtail length on a bend. You will need to make new holes to fix to the bulkhead but it's as simple as unscrew old one, refit new and tighten and then check for leaks. This should be done by someone has registered to work on caravans of course. The fitter found that the nut from the truma fitted the cavagna regulator.
  4. Likewise when on the move my co pilot does the navigating when on the move. Not being able to do that would also put me off buying another, we've got an old by now standard go 50. It's a standard car one but with a bit of checking Google maps before hand I get by. If I was going to get a vehicle size one it would be the TT pro range. OP it sounds like it's faulty I'd take it back. Also have you tried the TT forums and web help and explain you won't a work around for the no route change when moving as you have a passenger?
  5. Having had one fail I'd get the regulator checked. I was lucky I was over at the van in winter, turned the gas on at the cylinder and I heard a pop, next thing smell of gas in the locker, nothing visible even when sprayed with the gas detector spray. I'm not a fan of the truma one as there are so many reported faults with them and yet they keep fitting them. I changed mine for a cavagna two stage and the old one went back to truma for inspection.
  6. Thanks Andy. I did have a look on the lpg site but was looking for a cylinder friendly site that someone may have already used?
  7. Hi folks. Off to a CL near Ashbourne soon. Does anyone know of a friendly place to refill my Alugas cylinder. I wouldn't mind topping it up before we go to France. Many thanks
  8. Having had a closer look at the pictures I agree with David, thick cables are for the mover and it does look like those leads from the sealey goes into the battery box. I would now look at where the sealey charger gets its mains supply from. It wouldn't surprise me if it was one of the sockets out of the bed box. In that case I would look at the battery connections at minimum id expect three wires to each terminal. 1 charger 2 mover this will be the thick one 3 original van electrics which will be thicker than the charger leads but not as thick as the mover leads. Make sure they are all well tightened in the clamp and both positive and negative are tight on the battery. Next hook the van up to the mains and check with a known good electric item. Then find out where the sealey charger plugs into the mains, trace the wire it may be that the previous owner spurred a lead into a cupboard somewhere or you find a plug on the end of it. Plug on and see what happens. Id also flip the setting to trickle charge once you have the battery fully charged up and leave it on that setting. If that doesn't work. Trace the leads from the battery connections and work out where they go. Have you found the 12v master switch and turned that on? Lets us know how it goes.
  9. Ok I'm going to take a few guesses here. Are you hooked up to the mains? Is the sealey charger in the picture part of the van? The thick red and black lead that are top right going into the box I guess connect to the battery where does the end out of the box connect to? If the sealey unit came with the van I have a guess that the onboard charger is kaput and this has been out in its place so you need to make sure it is plugged in somewhere when you are on mains and the leads coming off of it connect to the battery.
  10. Funny how private sites often get rated here. Been on two, one was an overnight before an early ferry. Never again, kids playing football on grass next to van and loud music late into the night. We didn't hold back when we left at 5 in the morning! I know people don't like club sites but as said above you do know what you are going to get.
  11. Old ones just pull off as they have a locator on the cross beam, newer ones just have the plastic clips with one that has a screw through the middle, very easy to tell apart.
  12. I remember seeing the top gear test on the Merc one Vs the usual crew. The Merc didn't fair that well as the sides bowed out when it got full loaded. Prob best if luxury car makers and pick up makers stick to their own field.
  13. LE Grand large is nearby and a nice site on the coast overlooking the channel isles, not sure what time the gate opens though.
  14. Got the Kampa set, all folds into one stack with lids. Only niggle is the handles are two piece as the wrap around the pans for storage but for now much we use them they are very good and light weight. I try and do most of the cooking on the cadac and these work on that too. They have a storage bag as well which keeps it all together.
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