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  1. We have the Korando Sports 2015 model. Rear leg room a bit small but great to drive. My caravan has a pathetic payload so all the stuff goes in the van. Just had new rear springs fitted as both originals cracked, but I think we now have the updated ones. Mine is on 18 inch alloys. The ride is a bit harsh compared to the Korando SUV we had before but to be expected. As the truck is on traditional shocks and springs the caravan will be ok. It is leaf spring that causes problems. Never had a problem on site. The Eurotunnel told me if the hardtop has windows in it then treat it like a large 4x4. Ours has the 5 speed MB auto box. It's had a few issues but overall a great car.
  2. I've got one of those, it goes on the single gas burner BBQ. The ones that the can of gas slide into one side. Makes a cheap bbq quite good.
  3. I've always needed business 1 but there has never been any additional cost. When I have run quotes through the various comparison sites I've noticed over the last few years that there has been a check click option for commuting.
  4. Adria are offering three month extensions, this is from their Facebook page
  5. Jiffy176

    Asda fuel.

    If only the Costco near me had a fuel station!! Still no need to worry about it just now, going to be a cheap month fuel wise!!!
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222049565933 Something like this fitted to the inside of the bed frame using a slat to close the switch? Maybe one of our community with a 3d printer could knock you up a bracket so it is fixed to the side of the base nicely. Mind you a straight piece of ply should do it?
  7. Andy what about using the stick on LED type that can be found on eBay and wiring the live through a car door interior light switch I'd the cupboard door was no good? If I were doing it this way I would buy some of the barrel plug connectors that have screw terminals thus allowing me to run the live through the switch and the earth straight to the barrel connector that reconnects to the light strips. I
  8. I've made the Loir Valley from Cherbourg in one hit. Domains Dr la Breche near Saumur will keep the kids entertained and it's an easy if not long drive but worth it. First time we stayed at Le Grand Large 30 mins from Cherbourg and right on the beach, ok pool but no slides. Domains Dr Ormes in Caen is also very popular and active. The only gamble with staying North is the weather, if you're happy to do a couple of hours longer you should have better weather. A lot of people will say don't book but I'd you want slides and an activity park they will be full, depending on how things pan out.
  9. Unfortunately not as that runs all the 12v equipment at 13.8v , this then brings the battery up to 13.8v. The lithium battery charger is only 4 amp so probably not enough to keep everything running, but I might try that and remove the onboard charger.
  10. I'm have a similar issue not because of not using the van, but I've just installed a Lithium battery that has an inbuilt charger and the van charger will not do it any good. You a few choices, leave one of the battery terminals disconnected, fit a battery isolation switch in the cable line that goes to the battery or remove the fuse. I'm currently putting together with relays a system that disconnects the van battery from the circuit when mains power is on and reconnects as soon as mains is disconnected. In short I've used an SPDT relay with pin 30 and 87 going to the battery and the coil 12v live peremanatly live. The 12v earth connection from the relay then goes to the com port of a 230 vac coil relay and the NC terminal back to the van 12v earth circuit. Not tested it yet but those in the know have looked at the circuit diagram and tell me it will work. I will take the live feed from the the junction box where the charger plugs into, via a plug and socket so it is fused.
  11. Is it a straight replacement for the alko one John, my actual wheel looks like the dog has had a go at it!!
  12. Jiffy176


    I find they take longer to connect if the head unit is switched on at the time I am about to drive off. However if I switch it on and the engage the mover and start the manoeuvres to get it hitched I usually have both awake by the time I am ready to drive off but it has taken longer at times. Mine stay blank until they get a reading and then flash with alarm if there is a problem.
  13. Third the above, there will be a fuse somewhere between battery and the PSU mine is 25a. I'm guessing you've blown this.
  14. I went for the Evo auto. It transformed our caravan ownership as I can get the van in and out of storage without the need of the family which saves me a lot of grief. I based it on the lightest weight and feedback. I'd just get one with a decent warranty and as others have said decide which form of actuation you would like.
  15. The only time I would be concerned is if I were in the vulnerable group. People need to remember that for the mass majority of us this is just a different strain of flu. We have two trips booked, one with and one without the van and unless I'm physically stopped from going, we will be getting on with it just like normal. Also by the time you go the weather may have helped.
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