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  1. Thanks wasn't aware of that now joined!
  2. Hi all. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get the safefill topped up in or near Cambridge? Cheers.
  3. Op sorry to hear about your van, and some of the less helpful replies on this thread, some of which have been quite rude as I have read them, intended or not. Having followed this thread and seen how members have explained how the finance had worked firstly. Well done for buying on finance. You would have been well and truly up a creek without a paddle. I'm looking to get a motorhome in the future and this will be the route I go due to the added protection. Looking at your case in particular. Please get shot of the van, I appreciate how much you may like the v
  4. Not really as I was new for old as it was under 5 years initially and CMC include that. At the 6th year I upgraded the policy to new for old, their super cover as the Altea DT was still made. It's only this policy year Adria changed the range so there is nothing comparable in insurance eyes. Hopefully I will never have to find out how well they pay out!!
  5. I had the same situation at renewal with CMC. I explained my model is no longer made and model X is the nearest. I was told that in the event of a total loss I would have to agree a value with the loss adjusters / underwriters and that is what they would pay. The problem I had was that the value they were insuring me at new for old was not enough to buy model X mentioned above. When I challenged this I was told it's something to discuss with the underwriters in the event of a claim. It didn't feel right to me as the whole idea in my mind was enough payout to replace the van new for
  6. I have a feeling from reading somewhere that being a euro caravan most don't have a 12v system and the 12v to suit therefore I guess the same with the fridge. Driving a long pickup and having the fridge the other side to the 12v wiring meant my voltage loss was large. I ran 4.5mm in the car and reterminated the earth's properly , I also ended up upgrading the van wiring save the last length that goes to the 13pin plug. I also installed a sterling Wildside and wow what a difference. From having a fridge that didn't work, I now have a fridge that will not only keep cool but
  7. I've now gone Lithium but used a 44ah car battery for ages with a motor mover. Our use is like yours always on ehu. I would be tempted to get something like that £40 odd quid and then when you go off grid take the other battery and swap them over.
  8. I wouldn't quite put it like that as ATC is not a feature of the car. I'd be more worried that the vans charging system won't work and neither would the fridge as the the relay won't open. Have you just tried local dealers or Ford central spare parts? It might be worth speaking to right connections, they do a lot of factory for kits. They might be able to help. Does this help? https://shop.ford.co.uk/collections/tow-bars/products/electrical-kit-for-tow-bar-13-pin-connector-44 Or this https://shop.ford.co.uk/collections/tow-bars/pr
  9. Battery box door which needed to be resealed and currently have a bit of ingress at the rear nearside corner, nothing major. Back to the dealers in a couple of weeks to be fixed. Tbh the other stuff was 3rd party products like the fridge gas solenoid and jockey wheel handle snapping off. Stuff that could happen to any van. I like the extra length A frame and simple design. I'd still have another one and am seriously considering one of their motorhomes when the kids are older.
  10. Op. Fwiw I have an Adria 542dk max weight 1300 kg. The nose weight when empty is fairly high. I think you'd struggle to get it down to 75kg let alone 50 odd.
  11. Had an Adria for the last 6 years. The basic layout with no center draw works for us. The way they put the panels together is fairly unique so I was told by my AWS engineer. It's had its fair share of issues to be honest. I had an email today from them that they've appointed a load of new dealers. Saying that it has stood up well to the kids doing their level best to destroy it, it tows nicely and the rear bunks are big enough for me to sleep in at 5'10
  12. The club would value your van against a new ones list price if still made, if not then that's where it got a bit odd, least with CMC. Mine is not made by Adria anymore so I was told the assessors would agree a value if and when. I wasn't comfortable with that but my van is now 6 years old so went for market value in the end. It seemed rubbish to buy a new for old policy when the value offered would not have been enough to buy the nearest replacement. Op sorry to hear of your news. I've heard good things about CMC so hopefully it all goes ok.
  13. Get a caravan locker door like a Thetford and have it properly installed.
  14. Might not be too safe for the kids to play out in???
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