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  1. Chris, We have the same issue although the dog stays here when we go to France. The caravan club is good for ITX rates when you book at least four nights and a ferry. Have a look at Camping De Paal in the Netherlands every other year when Easter is early they do a week in June that will include may half term fully serviced is about €175 for three and €15 for additional. Fantastic site with loads for the kids.
  2. Used this route the last two years lots of room between rows.
  3. Android system notification has allowed me to turn it off from them only and move them to blocked. What a shower of . This card has turned out to be.
  4. Initially was a member of CMC and last year joing the C&CC. Only been to two C&CC sites and a fair few CMC. Limited experience suggests the facilities at CMC are a little newer. Have found the freedom to pitch however I want at CCC sites better. I've had a couple of negative experiences on CMC sites with rudeness from other members that for some reason still irritates the life out of me today. It didn't relate to any antisocial activity as I keep the kids and dog on a very strict leash. The problem for us is now having been to European sites and seeing how much more relaxed they are and generally how much better laid out, the more I find the pomp of the CMC annoying. I'm most certainly middle aged and generally chilled about things but I think they need a serious redesign if they want to attract the next generation of tourers. I've only stayed on a CMC site for one night in the last two years and that was because it was convenient for the ferry, they just don't offer anything to attract a family for us that a CL at a third of the price doesn't.
  5. That would be my reason for usage one every now and then
  6. Another one here gone back to poles.
  7. As mentioned, seasonal pitching, Isabella or walker and probably steel poles.
  8. Plus one, now the developer has gone they have no interest as they have their money.
  9. I'm guessing they have just got on and done it especially as many companies allow employees to take the vehicle home to save them going to a depot every day. After the developers initial response which confirms they would enforce whilst selling, now they are all sold and you already have contraventions do you really need to ask again, you already have an answer in writing?
  10. Pretty similar to the spark that installed mine, also wired the two earth's together and didn't clean off the paint from the earthing point and he was supposed to be a pro.
  11. OP. I had same issue, turned out that the fitter bodged the install so I had to use 3mm2 cable on the car wired with a relay direct from the battery. Thetford told me they need min 10v to work and I've just now got that and it works some of the time, I could have done with even chunkier wiring on the car. As mentioned hook all up and get the engine running off of tickover then measure the voltage with fridge off then on and see what the drop is.
  12. Silicon spray as mentioned is a saint for the awning rail, although I do need to practice what I preach!! My biggest issue is room to dry so for the wetter months or short stays I have a rapid 220. It probably goes up in a out 15 mins, they also do a 260 but mine was a cheap second hand bargain from Gumtree. The material is thin but so far it has been used Oct and March it has kept the rain out and houses the dog crate and wet coats/ shoes which is all we use the awning for when it is chilly. When it is warmer we use a bigger awning and eat / live in it a bit more.
  13. Had one in old van which kids could tip up but then it just goes to waste. A few people have had issues with water running down behind the sink in the first Adria's with this but some had poorly fitted waste. I would check this when looking as it could be tipping away too fast sloshes water over the back of the unit.
  14. Another Adria DK owner here, we sacrificed the large bathroom for a kid's room at the back. I can fit easily on the lower bunk F5'10 ours is a 2014, they changed the shape by the 2016 MY of the DT so the bathroom was down the side and not across the back so would have probably gone for that as ours is too small to shower, saying that we brought it knowing that and we only go to sites with facilities. Had a few niggles but it has stood up well to the abuse the kids give it. It is a good family layout.
  15. So what do you do if you are due to leave to catch the ferry for your annual two week holiday in Europe and on hitching up you cannot get an ATC fault to clear, miss the ferry and have a miserable start to the holiday or potential drive with only the third party insurance provided by the car? Although unlikely issues like the above are not unheard of for some reason or another. My point of the above is that I would be talking through this with the insurer before I commited as the system is not factory fit?
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