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  1. I've installed the Stering Wildside in my van mainly to improve the charging and fridge. My car doesn't run a smart system so the live is taken off of the battery for the fixed and switched live. I use similar to the durite with 4.5mm² cable. The Wildside will pull between 25 to 30 amps when on full chat and eases off once the batteries are charged up a bit. You could link both batteries together in the van and charge it this way but it would take some time. Without any form of booster charger I'd be surprised if you get anything meaningful into the batteries.
  2. My Altea is 1300kg as said full size bunks and I happily fit on the bottom one at 5'10.
  3. You should have a fuse between the battery and the mover box, check that the nuts that hold the fuse in a tight. I've never heard of switch fail but I guess it's possible, also check there is nothing shorting the switch out.
  4. Hi Rosa. My only experience of campsites in the Netherlands is Camping de Paal. The offer fantastic rates in what works out as May half term in the UK. The prices in high season are comparable to sites in France, Where France wins for us is the weather, the further South the less chance of rain. Love the Netherlands, the people and the culture.
  5. You are lucky you brought it on finance as guess what own it and the van is not fit for purpose. That level of damp would be a complete removal of the wet area and a rebuild with dry panels and sealed. You need to read up carefully on rejection and follow to the letter whatthe finance company say, but it sounds like you are in a strong position.
  6. The reliability of Disco would put me off as much as i'd love one. The BMW wins for me hands down on the reliability alone.
  7. I've opted for RP, expensive but hopefully the cover won't be needed but if it is at least the cover will get us to our site and fix the car. My hope is that if the worst happened we might be able to resurrect some of the holiday.
  8. Hi Smeders. We've done France for the last three years and are booked for this. Your profile says you live South West. Rough car and caravan prices are £360 return via Dover, this was for Midweek early crossing but they go up as mentioned. Considering where you live I would look at Brittany from Poole. As Andy said via the Caravan Club you can get some good prices. This year we are going out via Portsmouth overnight and back via Poole also overnight and the total ferry and cabin price was just under £700. Although that's nearly twice the Dover route you would take probably a good 4-5 hours off your travel, the fuel cost difference between Poole and Dover and then fuel the other side, then there is toll costs and you might be able to do it with one overnight stop. I've never towed to the south but if you are plated over 3.5 tonne train weight then you are stuck to 90Kph on the motorways which makes for slow going Via Michelin will help you route plan and give you costs of tolls. Whenever I've sat and worked out the additional cost of a western crossing Vs extra fuel, tolls and potentially an extra night it only works out about a £100 dearer and that is with us having cabins in each direction. I especially like the overnight sailings as we sleep as well as sail and it makes the kids journey a bit less. You don't get much sleep on the way out but you are on French soil by 07:30. Once we arrive at the UK port that's when our holiday starts. If you go from Poole and get the 0830 crossing as long as you arrive after 2100 the night before you can park dockside at the port, you might get charged £10 , depends if you go into the food cabin or not. We've been to sites where Eurocamp have been for the last three years, with regard to buying a caravan. You get access to everything the Eurocamp brigade do apart from their rep which you won't need at a fraction of a price. I average £1000 to £1200 for two weeks site fee and ferry. Compare that the cost of elsewhere. We are not born caravanners, a decent holiday at a good prices led us to a caravan and then we found we go away a lot more in school holidays.
  9. Once you are aware of it you can compensate for it when moving. What you say is completely normal though. The majority of sites we go on, I use the mover now to place the van makes life much easier and it's what I paid for it for.
  10. I'm booked out and return with Brittany. Site and ferry can be deferred until later if needed. Have got Red Pennant booked. Plan 1 is get the booked ferry back. If that goes wrong then plan 2 is drive to Calais and cross on or over on something. Plan 3 send the wife and kids back by plane and I will get back with the van when I can get across. Plan 3.5 go Hook of Holland to Harwich. I seriously hope it doesn't get that far though!!
  11. The difference is day and night, no issues fitting or removing and a nice soft hose. Much better designed. When the pump broke on the EP, I just swapped it with a 16lph pump from Seaflo via eBay for less than £14 and a few minutes of my fine to replace. Much cheaper than the branded versions and are a direct swap. Fwiw you can buy the whale soft hose and this will fit the original truma pistol grip and pump with a couple of jubilee clips
  12. This is my understanding as well. We had the same from CenterParcs who we booked through the .fr site as it was cheaper. I believe this is French law and not something the site owners have a lot of say in.
  13. Jiffy176


    There is a YouTube video of it being retrofitted by alko at their HQ. Sounds like dealer doesn't want the work...
  14. It's normally only 15 to 20 quid more for the health cover from experience, like you I have an annual Policy but for the extra always have the RP.
  15. Phoned CMC, RP will not cover cancellation due to COVID but it will cover you if I'll from it whilst away. Sounds like a sound option as hopefully would get family and kit back if the worst happened.
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