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  1. The AWS guy who does my servicing says he now has to test the trip speed of the board in the caravan. Ok it's not at the start of every trip but it is annually.
  2. I brought one of the CMC ones years ago and they are well made. You can get F connectors that are push fit rather than screw on, they are a lot easier for tight spaces. Have a look at the back of the F socket in the battery box, see if it is wired if so follow it through. If it is connected to the socket then I would make a lead up with F plug one end and a coax the other for the telly. If your battery box socket isn't connected then I would make up a long f plug one and end coax the other to fit the TV. That saves you going through an open window. I seem to think from memory the status worked ok at Longleat and my experience of bollard signals is that they are not always that good.
  3. I used mine as the main form of cooking in France this year. We went to Go Outdoors when they had a sale on and looked at all three. The Cari Chef is too much bulk to carry however the Grillo when packed down isnt much bigger than the Safari. The bag is a bit naff but it all fits in it fine with the legs strapping to the outside. There are four of us though. I do agree though it's not a BBQ in true form but because we holiday mainly in Europe it is permitted where sometimes charcoal is not. Go an have a look at all three and the Weber and see what works for you, they are all good in their own way.
  4. I had the safari but found having to table mount a pain, sold it and tried various other options but ended up going back to A Cadac Grillo chef which is a really good compromise between the large Cadac and the safari chef. The cooking area is a bit bigger and it has legs. It's a good compromise.
  5. I don't have a pump running led on my van, the led on the switch is permanently on when the power switch is on, I'm thinking I would wire the pump from existing pump wiring and then wire current pressure switch to complete the circuit, I've ordered some Wago connectors, just need to get in with the multimeter to test what's live when. I want something that can be removed if needed. Thanks for all the input folks.
  6. Thanks for the tips. Yes happy with a multimeter installed my own solar set up including wiring the panels together so I'm confident with small tasks. My next post was going to be visit the van with said multimeter and see which bits are live when the pressure switch is requesting the pump. Will have to wait a while as the dealer has it at the moment for some investigation work. I have the high flow whale pump so think that 3-4 amp is about right and the inboard pump is rated at 4 and recommends 1.5mm2 gauge wire. If I can bypass the pressure switch I'd look for something reversible come sales time. Thanks for the input v helpful.
  7. Thank you. The bit I'm not sure about is how I wire past the current pressure switch and do I just use the wiring from this to a new pump or the original pump housing wiring, looking at the requirements I think the standard wiring would be thick enough . Or could I just join the wires at the pressure switch completing the circuit and then wire internal pump to existing pump wiring. My pump circuit is switched so would want to continue the use that so it can be turned off when we go out etc.
  8. Did you have an external pump before? If so did you utilise the 12 v supply that went to the external pump socket as that would be switched or the pressure switch? Cheers.
  9. For those who are interested, Safefill cylinders are now back in stock, just had a 7.5kg delivered.
  10. The FP0814 is the only one listed for a caravan instillation.
  11. Not much more expensive than a replacement external pump and a new pressure switch that I have as a spare. Would you just connect the 12v terminals that go to the inside of the pump socket and what happens to the pressure switch as the whale brochure suggests it is removed? Keep us updated on how it goes.
  12. I have to agree Andy. Have cancelled the four nights we were going to Ferry Meadows this half term partly due to lack of things to do. After recommendations from this forum I've booked two weeks in France again for the summer. Site is and RCN with lots of the facilities and suprise surprise 14 nights works out cheaper than a club site in the UK.
  13. No...... It's easier.
  14. As above is my guess too Battery is shot and so is the charger. I run my van off a 44ah car battery which powers the mover fine so it's not the size of the battery but the state it is in. With the charger disconnected, does the RCD still trip when you switch appliances on. If no then the charger is the problem, please make sure the water heater if electric is filled with water before turning on, it would be worth checking that it does actually heat the water as these can be another reason for tripping. If all the mains bits work ok you now know the charger is the problem. I don't know if you know this but a motor mover should never be used when hooked up to mains as this can blow a charger (I know you have it disconnected) Now hook up a known good battery and disconnect the mains and try the mover again. My charger is also a 12 v supply for the 12v functions if I didn't want a battery but used mains only, so the 12v circuits are powered. So you might find without the charger connected the 12v functions don't work as the charger is disconnected, it depends on how the van is wired. But I would still test the 12v inside to see if any of it now works with the good battery hooked up.
  15. I can recommend camping de Paal in the Netherlands. No theme park but good water park and other facilities, next year their week in June offer should coincide with May half term
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