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  1. Had a camptech a long time ago, it was a 400 porch and not a full awning , it was ok but much better out there, I would make sure it has a single inflation point as mine had about 10 and took ages. I would spend the extra 500 if it was me to be honest. The main thing I'd be interested in was the material and is it the canvas type like Dorema sell as poled. If it is the porch awning type material I would stay clear.
  2. This is why I stayed with the club, one simple question, is it stored in the UK. Yes, Next simple question, do you use a hitch lock. Yes. Job done, I store on a farm so fussy insurers won't touch me.
  3. I suspect that given an account and dash cam footage to confirm the same, the officer is just following process for the other version of events and that will be the end of it. You might get asked in for interview to confirm what you've written.
  4. I like a bit firmer story from the people who are claiming to be the original owner personally on the basis of what has been said so far a lot more research needs to be done.
  5. The one on Sherwood Forest looked quite nice too and unusually for camping in the forest, it has facilities.
  6. I've always used Varta industrial. I believed they are sealed so less risk of leaking which is my main concern as they get left in the remote all the time.
  7. Yes please, booked into a site on the Vendée for our summer hols. Got my fingers burnt last year, so I made sure I booked through CMC to make it a package deal if we can't go.
  8. I'd agree with a car but more likely with a caravan and motorhome
  9. This is a good point. Up until recently I saved up and brought the used car we wanted. I decided to buy a small run around to get to work in on the balloon payment finance. I traded in my 9 year old Mazda and effectively what I was offered was what it had depreciated over that time. I changed at 3 years old to a newer model, similar story. In short a good HP deal with low finance should work out that you are only paying slightly more or the same as the depreciation. With the added bonus of it it's a dog someone else owns it. Shame the OP never came back and told us how it
  10. Been insured with them for the last 7 years. From what I hear and read they appear to be as good as any other and possibly a bit better depending on who you speak too. As long as you are ok with the caravan cover bit. My only gripe was when I wanted to take out super cover I had to agree a value to replace the van new for old. That was fine when the equivalent van was still made. When it wasn't made any longer I was told the underwriters would agree a price. The cover it was suggested I insure it for was about 2k short of the replacement model. I then went back to normal cover.
  11. Having used it the Warranty after year 3 is covered by a different company based in the UK so don't see that being a problem.
  12. What bit do you mean I need to seek professional advise about? Genuine question. The battery is a Powerxtreme x20. I had some very long and detailed conversations with the tech gent at Emergo plus including asking them and sending the tech document of the Wildside. They reviewed this and confirmed it is safe to use the Wildside to charge the battery on the Lifepo4 charge cycle and the BMS will prevent any form of over charging and over heating. The battery is Lifep04 technology which has its own internal BMS. I also spoke to a certain very knowledgeable gent at 12v pla
  13. Have a look in the sales for a small compressor version, you'll be surprised at the difference.
  14. Hey folks, A couple of you have asked me if I would document my experience fitting one of these devices to the caravan. A bit of background. I've had the same caravan with 3 cars. A Mazda 5, Korando SUV and now a Korando Sports PIckup. All three have fairly basic wiring for the battery and fridge feed, in that it is taken from the battery fused and then via a voltage sensitive relay it goes to the 13pin socket. My fridge rarely worked and the battery charging was never an issue as the use of the mover before and upon arrival at site never gave us issue. That was unti
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