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  1. Thanks Val we've booked this year but will remember that for next.
  2. Can anyone tell me if there are many sites in the UK that accept the card, I've never bothered before as we were stuck to school holidays? Thanks.
  3. Jiffy176

    Caravan Battery - Never Off-grid

    Sam. Same issue as you but also a lack of payload lead me to find the lightest car battery which ended up a 44ah car battery. I tested it with my mover over double the distance I need when getting it out of storage and onto the drive and all was good, in fact after a few moments to settle the voltage was still reading fully charged. The make was platinum and came from one of the online battery guys. I just emailed and asked what was the lightest. Many use old car batteries, which are apparently well suited to mover use due to the high short power requirements being similar to a starter. Cheers.
  4. Jiffy176

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    As said elsewhere it's also being offered on blue light card and I can imagine many other discount schemes.
  5. Jiffy176

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Likewise, on the bright side hopefully all the issues will be ironed out when we finally ever get ours.
  6. Jiffy176

    Understanding awnings

    like others had air, now back with poles. Ventura Marlin porch,Ventura Atlantic full. That only gets used on a long holiday. ive also got a rapid 200 for winter months,small enough for dog create, coats and boots but easy to dry in the garage. the other thing to consider is the material. light weight porch awnings will cause condensation and not last as well as say a ten cate awning will,which also breathes better. i'd follow other advice and buy a magnum or the ventura equivalent Marlin. Big enough and if you dont like it, you will get your money back.
  7. Jiffy176

    Sandringham CMC Site

    As stated great site and a nice walk into the Sandringham Estate. The c&CMC site is separated by a small wood, which you walk past if walking into the estate, so they are virtually next to one another albeit with different access.
  8. Jiffy176

    Living With A Sun Canopy - Any Tips?

    Thank you for your help, i have both extra fix- ons and veranda bars. So i might pick up the bead clips, as im thinking of getting a 3. 6m so i can use it on the full awning either half way or in the middle as well as on the Marlin.
  9. Jiffy176

    Living With A Sun Canopy - Any Tips?

    Thanks JTQ. Considering there are only three small fixing points do you get good tension side to side? The other way I have thought is you buy a pack of the pole tube beads, like is used to hold the sides of the magnum tight to the pole that goes at the side of the van and run that along a veranda pole clamped between the main awning canopy supports, but your way seems way easier.
  10. Jiffy176

    Inflatable Awnings.

    Had four in total, love the concept but not convinced the rubber bladders will survive the test of time and have now gone back to a poled porch. Probably wouldn't consider a full air awning as we only use it once a year and poles are not that hard. If I ever did buy another it would be not the lightweight material that most are currently made with but the stronger Ten Cate / Isabella material as UV caused a tube sleeve to go on mine and that's my concern. I might be wrong but UV doesn't seem to damage heavyweight awnings as much judging by how long and how old some of the premium brands used by members here are.
  11. Jiffy176

    Living With A Sun Canopy - Any Tips?

    Quick resurrection of this thread, how do people fit this to the front of their awnings. have seen a couple of ideas but would like all options especially those that don't need holes to be punched into the canvas?
  12. Jiffy176

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    I phoned them Christmas Eve they have had literally thousands of applications and still have about 6000 cards on back order so it might be a while.
  13. Jiffy176

    first trip abroad

    That is a good price for school holidays. Just a word of caution if you want a site that is all singing all dancing with pools and slides and lots for the kids to do then it can be worth booking and some will give you an early discount if you book soon. I know of a couple of people who have tried to find sites near the sea or activity sites and have been disappointed. The site we were on in the Loire this year and Normandy last were both fully booked until the very last week of the school holidays. If you are happy inland with no slides then you'll be fine.
  14. Jiffy176


    We have been in CMC since we started caravanning in 2013 and joined the CCC at the NEC last year as it was £39 with two free site nights. As a family of four it was a no brainier. My experience, I've yet to find a commercial site substantially cheaper, but that may be as we have to go in school holidays. I find the CCC generally more relaxed. I've only booked one UK site next year, Ferry Meadows and that was only because their raised school holiday prices were different to ours. Since we started going to European Sites, UK sites with their price and lack of facilities don't really hit the spot as two under 10s get bored very quickly and the European Sites are significantly more relaxed in our opinion. We use the club for insurance but that's about it now.