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  1. Steve, thank you. Michael
  2. It has been reported that Knaus are replacing their Starclass caravans with a new range, North Star, for the UK. They were supposed to preview at the cancelled Oct NEC show. One dealer told me that some are going to be delivered to the UK any time now. However, I cannot find any info about them. Even on the Knaus UK website they are still showing the Starclass. Has anyone seen any details on the web? Thanks. Michael
  3. We have a 2017 Colorado. I found cable was too long so pulled some spare back under Caravan and added extra fixing as Dave advised. The cable seemed well fixed under the van before I pulled back and added extra fixing but it was very long and would have snagged on the floor if not sorted. How is it user error if still fixed to car? Disappointing dealer will not sort it on such a new caravan. May be worth visiting them and asking again? Good luck. Michael
  4. This may be a totally daft idea but can you get a bike carrier that fits on the A Frame so you could at least put one of the bikes there? I know there is one for my make of van but no idea if one is made for Swift which has the more common short A Frame. Hope you find some sort of solution. Michael
  5. What was the JLR issue, must have missed that?
  6. I have a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season on my car which have performed well in all conditions, including the recent snow. They have now done 19,000 miles with plenty of tread left. May not sound that many miles to some but on my last car, BMW X3, if I got 15,000 I thought I had done well, it used to eat tyres. These tyres have been on the car from new and I was told they were chosen by Land Rover to be a good compromise for all types of use (but obviously not real mud plugging). May not be what you are seeking but they could be another alternative to consider.
  7. There has been a few threads on the merits, or otherwise, of towing a big caravan on a single axle. One specifically on Adria vans. I have towed an Adria Alpina for just over two years. We use it most months and have probably down over 10k miles (maybe more). I have found it excellent to tow. Very responsive and very stable. Michael
  8. Second vote for Carnon Downs. Went there October last year, going again this March. Lovely dog walks from NT property Trellissik (mentioned by DrBob above), however need to pay to park if not NT member. We also have 8m Caravan but access to site is excellent, direct from A road, so no challenges towing down some of Cornwall’s more interesting roads. Had fully services pitch. You can pick your pitch from site plan when booking if you wish. Michael
  9. Thank you all for the replies. Will have a look at the cards mentioned and apply for one. Daft thing we did for this year, road trip in USA, not sure why now. Pound worth somewhere between not a lot and next to nothing and now all the hotels are pre booked using a credit card that will cease to exist before we go. Thank you. Michael
  10. We have used a Saga CMC abroad for many years due to there being no fee on transactions and a competitive exchange rate. Just had a letter from Saga and card provider AIB saying they are closing the card service with effect from 29 March 2019. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good replacement? Thank you. Michael
  11. Forgot to say on the TA just had the mover fitted on the front axle to avoid the spare wheel underslung carrier issue and to not steal all of the payload with a four wheel mover. It moved the van OK but not that hot at turning the van.
  12. My spare is also on a bracket in the front locker (together with the waste master, aqua roll, ramps, EHU lead and a couple of buckets full of odds and ends) and the nose weight never moves by more than 5kg around the 115kg mark. Strange how well balanced these SA caravans are . ....... On my last TA had jacking points for Al-Ko scissor jack fitted rear of the axle. Used it till day the thing gave way and nearly took my fingers with it. Then got a mini trolly jack. Michael
  13. What is the service problem? It cost me less to have the Adria serviced than for the Elddis, but I just went back to supplying dealer for both? Maybe servicing was cheaper as there is only one axle. .., sorry could not resist - can people please not throw things at me. Is the stopping capability not also impacted by the size of the contact point with the road, big tyre, big contact, small tyre small contact. ... Who cares as long as we all can manage to get the van we like. We went for the Adria because of the interior ambiance and build quality, it just happened to have one axle, which
  14. I have towed a twin (2013 Elddis Crusader Storm) and now tow the Adria Alpina Colorado on the Delta Axle. Whilst liking four wheels for the comfort factor if a problem occurs, such as a blow out, the Adria is more stable when towing and is far far easier to manoeuvre on the mover. Also, the Delta axle on this model comes with self adjusting brakes. The tyres are rated for the weight so that is not an issue. I have taken the Adria up into the French Alps and all over the UK with no issues. What I was particularly impressed with was the lack of sway when the mad white van ma
  15. Got the dongle on Amazon. Ours not there now, something like this https://www. amazon. co. uk/dp/B073RBLH3P/ref=asc_df_B073RBLH3P56949898/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B073RBLH3P&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310891372516&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5367547616425860168&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9044981&hvtargid=pla-420683644059 Pairs with the Caravan Bluetooth receiver. I charge the dongle while in use with my kindle c
  16. As there is only two of us using the caravan we have taken down the divider curtain and rail in the middle of the caravan. The Caravan is high off the ground and we found the pull out step was too high by itself and got in the way when used with ‘normal’ plastic steps so removed it (helps with payload). We also removed the window curtains and rails from the side windows, we only use the blinds. Changed the hinges on the cupboard just inside the door on the right (the one below the TV) so it opened to almost 180 deg to make it easier to use. Have got a Bluetooth dongle for the TV that g
  17. If you have any more questions about the Colorado just ask. Not sure if it is now in the marketing blurb for the Caravan but it has underfloor heating which even the dealers did not know about when we bought ours, also from Venture. In our opinion it is much much better built and more robust that our previous Elddis. The front locker is massive and due to the high nose weight and built in balance of the Caravan you can fill it up. We routinely check the nose weight before traveling and despite lots of things stored in the locker, including the waste master and aqua roll, i
  18. We have a 2017 Colorado. No noise from the boiler. The pump on this version of the Alde boiler is almost silent. We go away every month and must have towed the van well over 6000 miles. It tows better than our old Caravan, an Elddis Crusader Storm which was a twin. The Adria is on a Delta axle which makes a big difference. We love this Caravan! Mchael
  19. New ones are aluminium “Unlike the previous generation that uses an integrated bodyframe chassis, the L494 Range Rover Sport utilizes an all-aluminium monocoque body, just like the L405 Range Rover”
  20. In theory your idea would work. In practice you may need blocks of wood to put under the rams which lift the Caravan as they are not that long and with them having to lift everything an extra 3” may mean you run out of lift before the van is level, depending on the pitch. Also, again depending on which way the pitch slopes, you may need blocks of wood for the steadies. I think that that the compact system cost about £1800. Michael
  21. Thank you for all the replies. We had not been to Sandy Balls before (and obviously will never now go), were just trying to find somewhere in or near the north end of the forest open in November that looked OK. Normally we prefer smaller touring sites, not holiday villages. On Saturday we rebooked at Green Hill Farm Caravan Park, never been their either. Will try one of the above recommendations when we go back to the Forest area. Michael
  22. Just over a week ago we decided to go to the New Forest area for a week in November. Looked online and settled on Sandy Balls Holiday Park. Due to the Caravan being over 5. 5m I could not book online and had to ring them (that is what the online booking system stipulated). No problem, rang them, they took the booking but also asked for full payment as so close to the booking date (really!). Yesterday, just a week later, they rang me to say they are closing all their Caravan and camping pitches on 1 November, I think forever as they are ‘extending their facilites’, which I took to mean
  23. As per my earlier post; yes they have improved the Wi-Fi. On topic of bike thefts I think this is the site that has a lockup where you leave your bikes at night. Michael
  24. Extract from Caravan Club site. ....... We are pleased to announce that Wi-Fi has now been upgraded to GOLD standard following the installation of an Ethernet Cable to the site. We hope that you enjoy the improved service here. Was very fast when we were there earlier in the year, but the site was very empty. Michael
  25. Eddie, thank you for the info. I will have a play with google maps and see how many miles the A46 loop puts on. We used to go through Lyon when Euro camping with our boys many, many years ago and the run through the centre was never fun, especially when busy. Michael
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