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  1. Purchased my caravan paying by chip&pin on collection day, I did however tell the bank about the transaction a fee days in advance.
  2. If you're serious about buying don't take kids, it's a big decision you need time to look, Talk and consider without pressure of watching kids. Last Oct show cost me £26k😁
  3. My early 2019 Cartagena (Feb 19 build) has a pull out bed NOT the drop down flap.
  4. Had my car 3.5 years/47,000 miles. Car is a 2009 done 115,000 in total. It had new front pads when I purchased, still on these. I've put one set of rear pads on. I got a reasonably complete history there's no indication that disks have ever been replaced. Much is down to driving style. Many years ago worked in fleet maintenance we had many Reps taking pads out at every service, some managed to take front disks out too.
  5. Bit of a tangent. Last section screen shot exhaust emission figures, which are blank. I'll check my V5 later but anybody else got a V5 with emission figures listed?
  6. I'd stick with existing wheels, splash out on good quality new tyres and (assuming you have steel wheels) some new wheel trims. When you're changing tyres you could take opportunity to give wheels good scrub or even get one of the many wheel refurbishing companies to strip and powder coat.
  7. 21" TV with built in DVD player (why that well known so called premium brand of caravan TV maker can't fit BlueRay is beyond me) use charity shops as DVD library.
  8. I use a Dyson V6 in car & caravan. It was actually purchased for the car where it does a great job and believe me I'm exceedingly fussy about cleaning my car.
  9. On Android in the Google Photos app simply select an image from the Halsey, swipe up and location detail is at the bottom.
  10. Been in lots of 2nd caravans that have botched DIY jobs.... If it don't 'look like it grew there' walk away.
  11. Anything that helps in an emergency situation is good but given that most smartphones record latitude/longitude on images why not just take s picture and look at the EXIF data for codinates?
  12. Clearly you have given permission here so the dealer would be ok. But couple of years ago I purchased a used car anf phoned a workshop that I knew had done work on the car to ask what they'd done. They insisted on phoning the previous owner before discussing dispite the fact that I emphasized that I was asking about the car NOT the owner/driver and DPA/GDPR only applies to living individuals. You should try a Mercedes C63 AMG. 600bhp of tip snorting monster complete with NASCAR soundtrack. Completely useless on public roads though.
  13. I got a Lamps wheel arch cover, suction cup mount. Treminaly useless bit if that.
  14. I'm currently considering a car swap, currently have E320 saloon (W211) out of interest what do you tow with your E220 and how old/what generation of E Class is it 211, 212 or 213?
  15. Towing 1700kg of caravan with Mercedes E320 (W211 - estly 2009 car) averaged ,34mpg goes well. If I sold the car it's probably worth £4-£6 at 115,000 miles BUT full documented service history.
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