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  1. Did the official Dometec solution fix the problem? 30c in Australia in the summer is just a 'nice day' hot days are 35+, 40 and folks complain it's too hot. When we got to Adelaide airport in Jan digital Thermometer in daughters car was reading 50c. That's a proper 'stinker' !!!!
  2. On collecting our new Cartagena empty except for 2x 6kg lite Calor cylinders noses weight was just over 100kg. Loaded with little at front, most under bed or on floor over axles it's around 85kg.
  3. As others have said basic body shell materials and construction most likely the same, all come off the same production line by the same people. Differences are in layout and equipment spec. They are mass production products most will be OK but some bad ones will get through no manufactured product is 100% good 100% of the time. You will hear most from those with issues, the happy majority will be silent and as somebody else suggested the Unicorn may well be the top seller, so more examples around... We started out liking the Valencia but budget dictated a Senator Indiana (basically same layout) planned on getting a newer Valencia when we changed. Then we changed our view of bed layout and wanted an island so looked at Vigo liked a lot but then we went to the show last year really liked Vigo but also sat in Cartagena which isn't that much more £££ and the twin axle does tow better. If you can tow 1700kg (1800kg with plate upgrade) and budget will stretch... We had an 'interesting' misunderstanding as to the budget result is we have a Cartagena which is fab.
  4. Fitted Wraith wheel lock to Bailey Cartagena 2019 and am concerned wheel bolts are not fitting correctly see pic. Far as I can tell the taper on Wraith bolt is same angle but narrower so I'm not 100% sure it's seating in wheel recess correctly. Anybody else seen this/ got experience? Have queried this with Milenco but had nonsensical response do will be getting back to them but in interim forum members experience...
  5. Did the official Dometec solution fix the problem?
  6. There doesn't seem much logic in much of the debate around vehicle pollution. I've seen some test reports based on real world driving i.e measuring emissions from the tail pipe of vehicles being driven on the road where some EURO 4 diesels emit less pollution than some EURO 6 vehicles, admitted these are not common. The root of the problem is the EURO tests were bad language removed but they were/are the tests the state mandated. Then Daily Mail reader got annoyed because vehicles didn't meet the test criteria in the real world... Error NO they never will, change the test parameters/ conditions and the results will change. It's like saying you expect s big of elastic to be the same length however much you stretch it.... Electric vehicles aren't pollution free, it just happens in a different places at the factory that makes the battery, in producing the raw material for battery production, in recycling the battery and of course the power station that generates the electricity that recharged the battery. Spotted recent article looking at research about how many miles an EV needs to cover to be less pollution over its lifetime (including manufacture & scrapping) to be less pollution than ICE car. Results range from 450,000 miles to as few as 85,000- all depends on assumptions as to how manufacturing plants are powered, how power stations are fueled and such. Suffice to say I think nobody knows for sure.
  7. Had several different makes, looked at loads of awnings, IMHO Isabella make the best awnings on the market. That said I buy used off that famous on line auction site. Last an Ambassador 1000cm in perfect condition cast me £800 + 200 mile round trip to collect.
  8. I would say YES it's a modification. Always best to declare it, a guess but unlikely to impact premiums. Like others I have declared my tow bar and that is listed on insurance certificate.
  9. In last caravan (Bailey Senator S6 Indiana) I replaced all internal bulbs (originally halogen,) to LED off eBay never had any issues with any
  10. Neat job and good on you for not cutting extra holes for the speakers. Only suggestion would be to sleeve cables where they show. If you have more than one cable in a bundle they always look better sleeved. But I am a bit of a neat freak.
  11. Awning now back from Isabella, took opportunity to have zip repaired at the same time. Without measuring, just looking the awning bead looked the same so was a bit concerned. Tried fitting to caravan, no problem at all slid in real easy, happy bunny here. My guess and it is only a guess is that the difference is very small and the newer (presumably) smaller diameter new beading will fit fine in older caravans. I'd further guess that newer awnings all come with the reduced diameter beading. My Magnum is a fee years old. Whatever, top marks to Isabella even got the awning back much quicker than expected.
  12. You need to get to the bottom of this. Can't see that Much would just say " not suitable" without offering an explanation as to exactly why they aren't suitable and given that they are in the business of selling tyres pointing you to tyres that are suitable.
  13. I wouldn't do this on a van in warranty, doing so would almost guarantee Bailey would decline warranty claim.
  14. We have recently taken delivery of a 2019 Bailey Cartagena, plate but side of door 1682kg giving payload of 160kg take out motor mover & battery and you're down to 110kg which is not a lot. Found weight plate in gas locker that says 1800kg In process of ordering upgrade at £60, pure paper job. Jury may be out on legal necessity but I'll be happier as reduced possibility of 'discussion' with plod if pulled. Luckily car can pull 1900kg and I'm an old bigger so don't have licence restriction.
  15. Not when you get off the sealed roads they aren't. Been on a few unsealed gravel roads that shake car about like crazy at anything over 20km/ hour.
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