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  1. Told my insurer (LV) as far as I'm aware made no difference to cost. Did have a conversation with them about what constitutes a 'modification' as there are two definitions: ANY deviation from the standard specification even if its a factory fitted option. Anything done to the car after it leaves the factory - in this case factory fitted options are NOT modifications. LV said they use the latter - if its factory fitted its standard. I declared my tow bar as a factory fitted unit, they still listed it on the policy. Note - factory fitted means fitted at the factory if a dealer fitted prior to delivery to the first customer as a new vehicle thats NOT factory fitted. Slightly different - Winter tyres some insurers consider fitting winter tyres a modification. Worth checking your insurers policy on this if you do fit winter tyres most are OK and don't even need to be told but some do.
  2. Knowing the age and exact model version (W212 / W213) of the car would be useful to others, as well as factory fit tow bar or aftermarket.
  3. After much Um-Err I'll probably bite the bullet and shell out the £60 for the plate upgrade for my Cartagena. Out the factory and going by the sticker by the door I have a payload of 160kg which is stuff all. The 'upgrade' adds 118kg to 278kg and takes the MTPLM to the 1800kg specified on the gas locker plate - the one that specifies the VIN and lists individual axle weights. So confusing situation and lets no have argument with the law over what the legally allowed MTPLM is. I'm lucky I passed my test (way) before 1997 and my car has the plated capacity to tow more than 1800kg so no worries.
  4. One thing to come out of the debate about layout is that we're all different and have different needs and taste, there is no one size fits all. Everybody has to consider what they need their circumstances and needs. Go to shows, visit dealers and lie on the beds, pull bed extensions out as needed, think about how things will work. We looked at the north/south rear beds, washroom in the middle. For us the daytime layout felt a little cramped but for us the killer was the length of the bed when pulled out. I'm 5'11" on many vans with this layout the bedroom wall with the bed in the nighttime sleeping position was right at the foot of the bed and my feet tend to hang over the edge... If you look at shows/dealers make sure the bed is in the night time position when you try and remember you will have a quilt when you use for real.
  5. Years ago we were on a French site, Swiss family arrived... Tow truck - Mercedes 7500kg chassis cab tractor unit with full size commercial 5th wheel. Caravan converted 13m twin axle trailer with wind out sides. And we're not talking about a DIY trailer conversion either... Pitch - well actually it was parked across THREE pitches. Trailer had garage at back got 'moped' to get into town, in this case a Ducati.... Clearly they wernt camping to save money... I
  6. Been caravanning for 30 years. Last caravan was our first fixed bed a Bailey Senator Indiana which is more or less Valencia layout. Whilst this was a fab can we loved the bed layout eventually became an issue. I'm 5'11" one slept on inside so had the cutout at bottom to contend with. Wife found herself a little sandwiched against side of caravan. We had always fzncief s Valencia but then spotted the Vigo which had an island bed layout anf were all set to buy one at last year's NEC show BUT we also looked at the Cartsgena, same layout but bigger on twin axle chassis. For us the critical factor was could we tow this as we have a mid size sedan (Merc E320). Actually did on line research shoe, order placed. We were fortunate cost differential wasn't an issue. Took del in Feb 19, sixty+ nights away later delighted and no significant issues to report. Sure s couple of warranty issues for first service but minor stuff, no worries. All makes of caravan can have issues Bailey make a lot so on a pure numbers basis will have issues but are probably no better or worse than any other manufacturer. Best advice - concentrate on layout. When did you pass driving test? If after 1997 check what you can tow.
  7. Purchased my caravan paying by chip&pin on collection day, I did however tell the bank about the transaction a fee days in advance.
  8. If you're serious about buying don't take kids, it's a big decision you need time to look, Talk and consider without pressure of watching kids. Last Oct show cost me £26k😁
  9. My early 2019 Cartagena (Feb 19 build) has a pull out bed NOT the drop down flap.
  10. Had my car 3.5 years/47,000 miles. Car is a 2009 done 115,000 in total. It had new front pads when I purchased, still on these. I've put one set of rear pads on. I got a reasonably complete history there's no indication that disks have ever been replaced. Much is down to driving style. Many years ago worked in fleet maintenance we had many Reps taking pads out at every service, some managed to take front disks out too.
  11. Bit of a tangent. Last section screen shot exhaust emission figures, which are blank. I'll check my V5 later but anybody else got a V5 with emission figures listed?
  12. I'd stick with existing wheels, splash out on good quality new tyres and (assuming you have steel wheels) some new wheel trims. When you're changing tyres you could take opportunity to give wheels good scrub or even get one of the many wheel refurbishing companies to strip and powder coat.
  13. 21" TV with built in DVD player (why that well known so called premium brand of caravan TV maker can't fit BlueRay is beyond me) use charity shops as DVD library.
  14. I use a Dyson V6 in car & caravan. It was actually purchased for the car where it does a great job and believe me I'm exceedingly fussy about cleaning my car.
  15. On Android in the Google Photos app simply select an image from the Halsey, swipe up and location detail is at the bottom.
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