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  1. I previously posted on another thread (now closed) around the confusion between weights on the plate at the side of the habitation door and inside the gas locker. In response to my original post Grandpa Steve kindly pointed me to this thread, this and various other threads around low user payload margins I thought that the Bailey response I received from Bailey may be of interest. My original post in brief Habitation door sticker MTPLM = 1682kg (this plate does NOT quote individual axle weights or the VIN) it does quote a type approval number and this is the same as the type approval number in the gas locker. Plate in gas locker = 1800kg (this plate carries individual axle weights, type approval number & VIN) I queried this with Bailey, their response quoted below. "I am pleased to advise that the gas locker decal is a legal requirement whose information is helpful to the authorities if you are ever pulled over as this shows the maximum weight the fitted axle is rated to take which in this instance is 1800kg. As there is an appreciable differential between the standard MTPLM (or lower level MTPLM) and the higher level MTPLM it is possible to purchase a ‘max upgrade kit’ through our parts team (Prima Leisure) to increase the existing MTPLM of your Unicorn IV Cartagena caravan from 1682kg to 1800kg and thereby effectively increase your existing user payload from 160kg to 278kg and you may order this option via this link to the Prima Leisure website" 160kg as a user payload is tight and I've been weighing everything that goes in to stay within the 1682kg as I consider this prudent given my current tow car although legally I'm OK to tow up to 1900kg with my car and driving licence ... The next car may be bigger/heavier I may get the upgrade in the future but its good to be aware of the different weight plates.
  2. Bailey Cartagena 2019 model year OK so all the bailey literature AND the plaque next to the door quotes an MTPLM of 1682Kg BUT There's a second plate in the gas locker that quotes 4 weight figures - as below with my assumption in brackets 1800kg 0 - 100kg (tow hitch weight limit) 1 - 1000kg (1st axle weight limit) 2 - 1000kg (2nd axle weight limit) There's no explanation as to what the first figure (1800kg) refers to but I can't see that it would be anything other than a max trailer weight (MTPLM). I'll be dropping Bailey a line but in the interim has anybody else got any info that would explain what's going on?
  3. If you passed your test after 01/01/1997 and only have a regular car licence you will be limited to outfits up to 3500kg. This may limit choice.
  4. Search that well known auction site for a used Isabella, if you are prepared to travel a bit to collect there are bargains to be had. Our last 2 awnings came off that site, on each occasion paid about third of new cost and got Isabella in almost new condition.
  5. Just taken delivery of a Cartagena, our first twin axle, observations: Tows better than our old single axle van You will need a mover, ours has a single axle drive Powertouch (rated for twin axles) it takes a lot of shuffling on tight turns. Be wary of dual axle movers at 60kg they eat into payload. Al-Ko wheel locks pig to fit, you'll need to jack the van, we'll be getting a milenco lock for one axle so we can line up one wheel for AlKo lock and use milenco on the other. You'll need boards to level Nose weight tricky to measure and adjust. Given all this still liking the twin axle.
  6. Don't buy 'caravan' kettle from accessory shop, buy cheapest plastic kettle from supermarket, it will have lower wattage elements which is just what you need. We paid £5 several years ago, still going strong, perfect.
  7. Thanks all. Dealer had said it will have propane pig tail fitted on delivery. Was just curious as to experienced of others not knowing what was normal. ..
  8. Couple of quereis Re. 2019 Cartagena. .. 1) Do the come with pig tail to connect to gas cylinder? 2) Assuming answer to above is YES is the pigtail for propane or butain?
  9. TenStar

    Which van

    Waiting on delivery of a new Cartagena. TBH I see the lack of a front locker as a bonus: Less temptation to carry unneeded stuff in the worst place possible from a nose weight point of view, right at the front The centre gas locker looks like it will be easier when maneuvering gas cylinders in/out On a personal note (beauty in the eye of the beholder and all that) I like the clean lines that not having a front mounted gas locker brings. Side graphics I agree, they are pretty horrid. Also the 'branded' splash back in the kitchen, would have been so much nicer if it didn't have "Bailey" in large letters splattered across it, I will remember who built it! In the words of a chap who is generally acknowledged as having something of an eye for style and design commented "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci! Fortunately we both rather like the interior and for us in terms of style that's what counts.
  10. Thanks for the tip. No wont be adding extra aerials TBH only ever listen to R4 & Classic FM (Old codger that I am) so FM and DAB when/if available will be fine. "If you want to use the external socket for an aerial or a sat dish you will need to disconnect the relevant cables of the amp and link them together with a F-type back-to-back socket (should have been supplied. .. If you are using an external aerial then it can be routed through the amp: if you are using a sat dish then the cable MUST be connected straight through to the relevant outlet in the van as the sat box puts volts up the cable which the amp will not pass." Your response makes sense in terms of the way Bailey have chosen to wire the van but Bailey's logic seems flawed. Whilst I accept that some folks will want to watch TV in the awning, I'd never want to do that and suspect the number of people who do is very small. For me a dedicated satellite input on the side of the van and satellite outputs at each TV station would have been a more elegant solution. Whole thing would have been better if the EHU/satellite/mover sockets were on the OS of the van rather then the NS and in the awning. .. But what do I know. ... Not a problem at the moment as we don't have a satellite dish, was just 'future planning'.
  11. When looking for my current car (a second hand purchase) I knew which model I wanted, I also had a 'must have' list of what would have been options. Any car that did not have the desired options was instantly discounted. The options in the second hand market usually don't add much to the value effectively being written off by the original buyer. They do make the car more desirable so a well optioned car will sell faster. Caravan with NO shower = move on.
  12. Thanks for a very detailed response, many thanks.
  13. I notice that the Cartagena (2019) has a satellite input socket built in beside the mains inlet. However looking in a Cartagena yesterday I could only see a regular RF (aeriel) outlets next to the 2x television stations. So my question: Is the wiring for a satellite compatible TV actually installed?
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