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  1. TenStar

    SKI (spending Kid's inheritance)

    Post pics when you get it and let us know thoughts on build quality and general usability
  2. TenStar

    Build quality

    Got a 2019 Cartagena on order from Oct NEC show. Due March, I'll also be booking a few nights on a site not too far from the dealer. When's your van due. By any tips to look for, anything you think the dealer missed on PDI
  3. TenStar

    Don't Disrespect The Green Oval

    Chap I know fancied a bit of 'gentle' off roading. Got a Unimog 😲
  4. TenStar

    Euro 6, an interesting article.

    Euro standards have always been ***** and everybody knows it and has for years. It's a lab based test that has little relationship to real world performance. But the STATE mandate this test, the car makers just follow the rules (ok so vw cheated but you get the drift. ..) as they are legally obliged to do. The green lobby then complain that cars don't meet a standard that doesn't even exist (euro emissions levels in real driving). And I've lost count of the people who have told me petrol engines don't produce particulates. Port Augusta in Australia posted 49. 1c this week, how long before CO2 reduction becomes the priority again? God save us from idiot politicians. Yep I drive a diesel (I'll be changing my middle name to Lucifer as required by green lobby) and the next car will be too, try buying a petrol Mercedes E class that's not an AMG. ..
  5. TenStar

    Small petrol SUV recommendations

    It's not about original purchase price, it's total cost of ownership (TCO). Original purchase cost, maintenance, fuel and finally residual value. Sometimes higher initial purchase price doesn't mean it's the most expensive overall.
  6. TenStar

    Build quality

    Would you post comments on van and thoughts as to quality of PDI at Chipping Sodbury please. I've also got van on order with them, any tips what to look for welcome. What avan are you getting,?
  7. TenStar

    can we have 500kg pay load

    Australian caravaning is entirely different, many 'free' camp where they have no services, gravel roads are common, underfloor water tanks are common often around 200 litres. The traditional Australian caravan is WAY more substantial than european vans. Some get taken off road and I mean OFF road! Taking a van into the outback, which many do requires entirely different kit. That said an extra 50kg to 75kg of payload on UK vans would be welcome.
  8. TenStar

    Looking for some advice

    For power your only real option given your intended appliances is a generator.
  9. Glad my overseas holidays take me further than the EU. Suggest folks look at where products are made and buy alternatives to EU products, no more French wine good place to start, try Australian. Hit them where it hurts, in the wallet.
  10. TenStar

    Bailey extended warranty.

    Thanks for all the info, will read up on the warranty and all the Ts&C's when we get the van.
  11. TenStar

    Island bed recommendation

    Bailey Vigo (single axle 1500kg) or Cartagena (twin axle 1700kg) are worth a look. Very similar but the Cartahena is a bit more spacious. Both have been around for a while so plenty of secondhand units available.
  12. Have new Cartahena on order, expected March. What's form on extended warranty, do you have to take this at point of purchase or are there opportunities to purchase later whilst still in the basic warranty period?
  13. TenStar

    Limited battery life

    Cheap generator to recharge the battery? Many have 12v connection specifically to recharge batteries.
  14. TenStar

    Seasonal Awning

    About 10 years ago I got a second hand Isabella Forum on eBay for £800, they retail at about £2200 new. 5 years ago I sold that for £700 and got an Isabella Ambassador again second hand off eBay for £600. Both were in perfect condition and had probably been used for 6-8 weeks in total. Soon I'll be selling the Ambassador soon and looking for a second hand 1100 as have new caravan on the way. Cant go wrong with Isabella really.
  15. TenStar

    2 wheels or 4 on the wagon?

    Spot on, blowouts almost always caused by low/no tyre pressure.