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  1. To make that model year change, they'd have to make the model change during the Christmas shutdown - that's not likely to happen.
  2. France has announced a tit-for-tat 14 day quarantine on Brits entering France
  3. A Bailey from the '80s will be quite lightweight so your CRV wouldn't really need a stabiliser - but they can be helpful.
  4. Big developments often include new dual carriageway, roundabouts and sometimes motorway junctions, all at the developer's expense - it's a way that local authorities and Highways England get round budget restrictions.
  5. They're very evenly balanced - a chip on each shoulder!
  6. Whenever I've checked, the both have the same scarcity of CL/CS as each other in more rural areas so joining both wasn't helpful for us. Numerically, the Caravan Club is about twice as big as the Camping & Caravanning Club - twice as many members, club sites and CL/CS sites.
  7. Make sure that the Phantom tracker uses a phone network with good signal where you store the caravan - otherwise the constant attempts to "call control" will flatten the leisure battery in less than a fortnight.
  8. Morrisons got rid of them at most stores several years ago - they only use them now where there's a perceived threat of significant trolley theft.
  9. Many premium brands are made in China too!
  10. 4mm is a German/Alpine thing for winter tyres - but then few other European countries have a winter tyre requirement. My winter tyres will be allowed to wear down from 4mm to 3mm during the summer to get a bit more value out of them.
  11. Good to hear someone else who replaces tyres at 3mm, rather than the 1.6mm legal limit - as tyres wear down their water-dispersant properties diminish rapidly and aquaplane far too easily at 1.6mm. There's considerable support to increase the legal limit to 3mm but this needs global agreement so isn't going to happen quickly.
  12. They're even quicker to drain the battery if the tracker is in a poor phone area as it constantly tries to contact the main base.
  13. If there is the single difference of width, then it's illegal to use except as a speed limited space saver - it would be important to keep to the 50mph / 50 miles limit to minimise damage to any differentials as the rolling radius will be different to the other tyres. "should be" - I have known cars with an unmarked standard size spare where an optional size has been fitted to the four road wheels.
  14. It should be treated as an emergency space saver - otherwise it's illegal to use as there's a requirement that tyre sizes aren't mixed on the same axle.
  15. My car has a 140 kg limit but sadly the caravan is limited to 100 kg so I have to stick to that.
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