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  1. Any recognised experts should be working with the government's scientific and medical advisors rather than feeding the media - the media is there simply to sell newspapers and air time, to suggest they have any altruism is disingenuous.
  2. There are two levels - "vulnerable" is anyone over 70 or with a wide range of conditions - "extremely vulnerable" is anyone with a small list of conditions - the latter are the 1.5 million who received a letter last week. Over 80, diabetic and high blood pressure is just vulnerable.
  3. Pads don't need replacing at 30% left - that's just dealers inventing work. - all disks corrode and wear, the question is whether they're dangerously so - even 50 miles a week shopping isn't going to be large mileage over the next couple of months - I'd be deferring the work if it was me.
  4. Questions take time away from those trying to manage this crisis and would directly cause a less effective response
  5. No - waste of energy while the crisis is going on - hold a Royal Commision afterwards.
  6. The "one person per trolley" stops families with kids, who have caused issues in some stores - I agree that the 3 item limit means we have to shop twice a week for milk - unlike some couples, I stay in the car as I'm vulnerable, otherwise we could each get up to the limit.
  7. If you take out all the adverts, "advertorials" and self-promotion there isn't much in it.
  8. It may vary by store - our Morrisons were making people queue 2m apart outside, only allowing limited numbers in at a time and insisting on 2m in the queue for the checkouts - they also restricted to one person per trolley. I was agreeing with you - Boris is just a passenger now, reliant on the scientific and medical experts - just like Trump, the politicians aren't in control of this virus. It seems clear to me that China and South Korea have managed "better" because the shutdown is absolute in an authoritarian state, a situation not directly replicated in the democratic world.
  9. Whether or not the UK makes the best decisions in this crisis isn't down to the politicians, it's down to the permanently appointed scientific and medical chief officers. With a crisis of this magnitude any retrospective analysis will have the benefit of hindsight and bound to find things that could/should have been done better but it would be wrong to point the finger at the politicians.
  10. The total mileage covered during this crisis won't be huge so won't be a big issue - I, and some others, do low mileage every winter and despite several failed DPF regenerations during that time, the car recovers just fine as soon as longer runs start to be used.
  11. A monthly magazine is hardly the place for up-to-date news of a rapidly changing situation - the website is the obvious place to expect up-to-date news.
  12. If he's one of the 900,000 extremely vulnerable, he will have (should have) already had a letter last week giving him that information to self-isolate for 12 weeks.
  13. You can't run a pharmacy on "averages" - they have to cope with the urgent minority as well.
  14. How will that work? If you go to the doctor and they prescribe something to start straight away, we can get that straight away under present arrangements. The NHS is trying to use pharmacists more to advise on common issues.
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