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  1. Sainsbury's Bishop Auckland and most of the Asda's in Co Durham are 124.9 for diesel
  2. The "best" noseweight is always "as heavy as possible without exceeding any limits" - in the OP's case, that's 75kg. My last two caravans had/have enough noseweight to counter my weight, even in the rear.
  3. Despite nearly 40 years of caravanning experience, I'm still capable of stupidity - relying too much on the automatic changeover, I managed to empty both my Calor Lites without noticing - I discovered on arrival yesterday to a CL in Sedgefield so asked the site owner if he knew of Calor dealers in the area - he not only phoned the local caravan dealer for me but took one of his empty steel 6kg cylinders to a local shop, exchanged it for a full one and lent it to use to cook dinner last night - so a big thank you to Peter Littlefair at Donnewell Farm CL, Sedgefield. I phoned the dealer myself to find out when their next delivery was of Calor Lites, it was today and they offered to take my number and call when the delivery arrived - they called just before lunch so we hotfooted it to exchange two Calor Lites - they explained they'd written my number down wrongly and couldn't contact me initially but remembered I'd said we were at Sedgefield so they rang round local sites until the owner recognised our name and gave them the correct number - so thanks for your detective work to Matt at Kimberley Caravans, Darlington.
  4. I support the idea of name & shame with factual details - but this doesn't have any detail - as posted it's derogatory for no reason.
  5. Without any detail, that's just "name and shame" which isn't permitted.
  6. It's difficult to be precise without weighing each side - I usually work with putting things in the obvious place - food in the fridge, bedding in bedboxes, clothing in wardrobes, etc.
  7. Big fingers, small keys and predictive text is the worst.
  8. My neighbour has just bought a 2.2D 2wd auto Korando to tow his 1400kg Coachman - he's very pleased with the car both solo and towing.
  9. Sadly, caravanning will end for everyone will end when autonomous vehicles become common - the idea is that no-one owns a car, just calls up a "pod" like calling a Uber - it'll probably overtake EVs in common use.
  10. I think the point was that this caravan tows just fine behind a Mondeo so any detriment of no dampers would be equal for both towcars.
  11. The high initial cost of EVs is a big deterrent - add to that the restrictions on range and charge time and it's easy to see why sales are only 0.7%. If we still had two cars in the household, as we used to, then an EV for the 2nd car might be justifyable as a used purchase but as a single car household as we are, an EV just isn't practical at present - that will change in the future but the towing duty presents a major challenge to get the range/recharge balance acceptable.
  12. Doesn't Google work for you? Renault Zoe's lowest battery lease is £49/month at 5,000 miles/year so 11.76p/mile, add on recharge costs of 6.1 p/mile , so 17.86 p/mile https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/electric/how-much-ev-charging-and-running-cost/ Suzuki Swift > 8.7 p/mile
  13. Renault battery leasing costs plus recharging costs are greater than diesel/petrol costs at lower mileages.
  14. Interesting - I worked out years ago that wing lift would still occur with a curved blade of minimal thickness so no difference in the speed top-bottom.
  15. The existing network is full, with very few extra train slots available - when HS2 comes on stream, it'll take some of the non-stop trains off the existing network, freeing capacity for more frequent local trains
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