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  1. I understand the arithmetic - my fuel volume stays in litres apart from calculating the MPG
  2. The tread pattern has a variable void ratio so different areas of rubber are in contact with the road.
  3. I work the other way - buy it in litres but then convert to miles per gallon - I've tried using miles per litre but can't really get on with it - litres per 100 km or any other distance is useless to me but I guess it's ok if you've never used anything else.
  4. What's with this pricing per gallon? The UK has priced in litres for a long time.
  5. Andy - I understood that EU, and therefore UK, law had changed recently to permit electric primary braking - but the over-run and auto-reversing requirement is unchanged.
  6. Citation needed! Car insurance provides third-party insurance while towing - the caravan doesn't require own-damage insurance, ie it's not mandatory. What is important is for the caravan owner and car driver to agree beforehand how they'll deal with any damage caused by the driver.
  7. Damp repairs can be very time-consuming - once Lunar had approved repairs to damp around our front window, the repairer had it in their workshop for 10 days over the Christmas/New Year period - this allowed them to strip the damage part and dry out during the period when they were closed, the workshop owner popped in each day to check all was well.
  8. We have a Dometic with ceramic bowl - we have just one of your problems listed - the stiff slider, which is rectified by lubricating with silicone grease, not silicone spray, needed after about 30 nights use rather than annually like our previous Thetford - in all other respects, we've had no issues in 7 years of use.
  9. HMRC uses the same rules for volunteer drivers as company employees. Most car insurance allows volunteer driving and car-sharing as long as there's no element of profit.
  10. For a 270 mile round trip, any "donation" over £121.50 will be taxable as the HMRC upper limit is 45 p/mile
  11. That's totally depends on how far you're sitting from the screen.
  12. I use 25 metres of 30mm smooth-wall pond hose, cut into three different length, with domestic 32mm connectors and coiled in a spare wheel cover bag - it travels in the shower along with a similar bag full of fresh water hose and the Water Hog - stowed under the caravan on site.
  13. When I bought my 3.0 TDi, I was informed by other owners that it needs to be "exercised" occasionally to prevent the turbo vanes sticking as their rapid repositioning is key to avoiding turbo lag - I've certainly never noticed any sluggishness despite having to shift about 2.5 tonnes solo.
  14. Caravans running through roadworks has little effect - well it does for me, just knock the cruise down from 60 to 55 and then keep up with all the trucks and cars.
  15. For a couple of decades, those who know a bit about engines/cars have been warning low mileage users away from diesels but those warning were mostly ignored as buyers clamoured over cars with better CO2 figures.
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