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  1. Black Grouse

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    Consider what tyres to use - in practice, they're the limiting factor in off-road capability.
  2. Black Grouse

    Advice on caravan and tow car please

    Check the car roof loading limit - often 100kg or less, including the roofbox itself.
  3. Black Grouse

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    My new card arrived this morning - it's staying unactivated for the moment, until reports of non-acceptance disappear - and - the price is actually cheaper than nearby where Asda diesel is 123.7 p/litre, less 1% cashback gives 122.5.
  4. Black Grouse

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    It's not clear either way whether the chassis, towbar or suspension are uprated. EU regulations require that the maximum noseweight is a minimum of 4% of the towing weight - above that figure the car maker can set whatever maximum they wish - in this case, the maximum and minimum are the same.
  5. Black Grouse

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    Like many European-market vehicles, the Touareg's noseweight limit is restricted to 4% of the towing limit (140kg) which is the minimum under EU regulations - for Touaregs sold in Australia and North America, it's 280 kg.
  6. Black Grouse

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    A Touareg of that age without the factory-fit towbar will only have a 600w cooling fan - not the 850w fan supposed to be fitted when factory-fit towbar is optioned but some 2015-2018 models were shipped without - these are upgraded FOC on request but only for the factory-fit towbar. Earlier Touaregs got a 850w fan whether towing or not. With only a 600w fan, towing a heavy trailer in hot conditions may give issues but VW Customer Services can't/won't give any definitive advice. A member is towing a 2,500kg Inos around Spain in summer without any apparent issues. The more powerful fan can be retro-fitted but it's around a £1,000 apparently. Personally, I reckon that the 850w fan is good for the 3,500kg towing limit so 600w should be ok at around 2,500kg - but that's just a theory!
  7. Black Grouse

    Build up of limescale in my toilet cassette

    Same thing for people on medication - the limescale comes from the base carrier in many tablets
  8. Black Grouse

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    A significant proportion of drivers have no concept of "average" - slowing for the camera and then accelerating again.
  9. Black Grouse

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    It was several decades ago, before speed cameras, when anything under 100 was usually ignored on NSL dual carriageways - I have changed!
  10. Black Grouse

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    It doesn't always help even when you do suspect an unmarked police car behind - I did that through some roadworks and missed the 50-40 reduction so got a ticket at the end of the roadworks - it was rough justice though as I'd been doing 100+ a little earlier!
  11. Black Grouse

    Sat Nav System - Error from April 6th ?

    The article refers to satnavs since 2010 probably ok - any from before that which have never been updated will have out-of-date maps anyway.
  12. Black Grouse

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Some detectors have a 2,500m range.
  13. Black Grouse

    Alko spare wheel carrier - seized

    All the parts are galvanised, so not just "mild steel". The holder should be lubricated EVERY year, which involves lowering/withdrawing it to full extent - some, perhaps many, dealers/mobile workshops simply don't bother.
  14. Black Grouse

    Van battery charging from car bodge

    Many, perhaps all, VW Group cars automatically turn the stop-start off when towing
  15. Black Grouse

    Shock absorbers?

    Shock absorbers are wrongly named! They're dampers and transmit shocks to the body, stiffer the more transmitted. For potholes, the softest, longest travel suspension is best. I'd recommend dampers on caravans for stability at speed, not for potholes!