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  1. +1 Use silicone lubricant or margerine.
  2. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/audi/a6-allroad-2012/good/
  3. It's a pain for those of us who only use gas for cooking as the cost of switching to another supplier is disproportionally high compared to the gas consumed - also a probability of having to use heavier cylinders, or use smaller sizes which puts the cost/kilo up.
  4. If you set RDS for each station, there's no need to retune.
  5. Avon Tyres were bought by the US-based Cooper tyres in 1997 - Avon Rubber plc is the British-owned non-tyre part of Avon
  6. Many of the big brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, etc have their tyres made in the far east.
  7. Audi/VW air suspension seems to be more reliable than JLR's but just as expensive if it goes wrong!
  8. Have you disconnected the main leisure battery at all? Mine reverts to ON when the 12v is restored.
  9. Ralia Rest Area on the A9 near the Newtonmore turn has a large area for caravans and coaches with no HGVs allowed (as well as a seperate car park for cars), it has a small cafe and toilets North Kessock Rest Area on the A9 just north of the Kessock Bridge near Inverness has parking and toilets Rogie Falls on the A835 just north of Contin has parking, toilets and walk to the falls Kylesku Bridge viewing area, on the A 894 has plenty of space to park and enjoy the view
  10. What would you have done if your engine suffered terminal damage at 70 (solo) in the outside lane on a busy motorway? If you didn't bully your way over, you'd stop in one of the running lanes, with all it's attendant dangers. In the case of a caravan puncture, I'd want to get over and stopped a lot quicker than a mile.
  11. There's a typo there - no diesel is zero CO2
  12. i'll question the "massive" and "much more frugal" - there's a difference but not that much if comparing like-with-like on power outputs.
  13. I understand the cost starts rising gradually over age 70 but goes up at a slower rate than it goes down with age up to that.
  14. AFAIK the Audi ring is to do with a super trailer stability or automated reversing system - like Fireman Iain said, it rings a bell.
  15. It does pay to select your Job Title carefully as long as you're honest - my son works for a specialist car insurer and he has to choose the least worst job title when insuring his car.
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