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  1. The caravan marker lights should only come on when the car's marker lights (sidelights) are on - so shouldn't be on if just DRLs in use. Sounds like you have a problem with eith cvar or caravan wiring.
  2. Can't recall the brand, but one awning had dual mud-flaps, one going inside the other outside - both have merits so this was the best of both worlds.
  3. Use household waste pipes as above or smooth-bore pond hose.
  4. We've caravanned in the Outer Hebrides - most of the few sites are on peat or sandy soil so no chance of ordinary anchors holding.
  5. They do tend to be full of trucks though!
  6. I've never thought of anchoring down - we've caravanned in several gales, from force 7 to nudging force 10 on one occasion - although I do use the car to protect the caravan in the worst conditions
  7. Check out these service areas on the A30 https://motorwayservicesonline.co.uk/A30
  8. 60mph gusts in south and west Wales forecast for Saturday
  9. When you remove the cushions and chest of drawers you'll see the false panel which allows the heat to rise between it and the front bulkhead - remove it and use extra batterns to give 20mm clearance and raise it slightly to give 20mm at the top - no point increasing more as thje bedbox structure restricts the flow - do the same mod with the ventilation boards to give 20mm. After I "designed" that modification, Alde approved it and then the dealer did the work under warranty.
  10. Mine's not noisy - at least, if it's noisy after the pump has been removed for any reason then undoing the screw cap and reseating eliminates all noise.
  11. You can always cancel the PCP within 14 days, paying off the balance - you keep all the incentives and no set-up or termination payments - after 14 days the finance house can refuse buit rarely do.
  12. Black Grouse


    I use silicone spray and silicone grease - they travel in the caravan side locker but I try to do everything in spring - the AWS technician I now use does spray the window rubbers, can't expect him to do the cassette!
  13. I was told about the blue indicator by an AWS technician - but that was in relation to the wood-lined wallboard used in 2013.
  14. We've had various issues with damp in our 2013 Clubman - at 3 years old the dealer found damp round the front windows and replaced the seals, which didn't cure it so it was fixed properly a year later by an AWS - at 6 years damp was found round the side locker boxes which had to be removed and resealed. At the first service, I had a list of 24 faults to be rectified, some minor some major. Now it's out of warranty it's dry and no faults (currently) - but that's not different to the Ace and Bailey which preceded it, plenty of faults when new but many years of fault-free service afterwards until both replaced because of damp!
  15. You'd need the leasing compaiy's approval to fit a towbar - best requested when you're getting quotes I don't see why they'd be bothered by age/health as it would be a requirement to be insured fully comprehensive, but again ask when getting quotes.
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