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  1. Yes we are the proud owners of a Dometic toilet, just not fit for purpose. When on site i have Thetford envy! Has anyone looked into whether the aperture size would allow a Thetford to be retro fitted it must be close i intend to ask the dealer.
  2. Hi travelling back from Highlands end of June to Southampton with van in tow, looking for very easy to find one or two night stop very near M6.
  3. Hi all, comparing the Santa Fe to the Sorrento as a Tow car. I am puzzled why Hyundai offer a 5 year warranty and Kia a 7 year warranty ? as i understand it,they are the same vehicle mechanically. Having driven around 1. 25 million miles in manual company cars I am considering a Auto when I purchase my own tow car on retirement. What is the real MPG difference between the Auto and Manual both solo and towing,if anyone can let me know from genuine experience it would be gratefully received. Currently I tow a 460/2 VIP 2012 Many Thanks Tintopper
  4. Any news on your van, has your van been returned to you. What was the outcome, as I have the same problem.
  5. Hi, ref the Panoramic window, we also discovered a puddle of water on the window ledge of our 2012 460/2 VIP, the dealer took it straight back and re-sealed the Panoramic window. I was then contacted by Coachman who want it back at the factory for inspection possible further repair. I took it to the dealer Saturday the 11th and it awaits collection by Coachman. I wonder if the window is a step to far and the front panel is distorting when towing on our lovely pristine roads! hopefully it will be all sorted but its a lot of hassle. Looking at the Forums it seems as though water ingress and build quality across a lot of manufacturers is still an industry problem. Vans are a major investment these days, hopefully it will not interfere with our 2014 season starting in March.
  6. Hi, we have a VIP 460/2 which we store in a friends barn and we found the battery will discharge in a matter of day's. This seems to be a common problem, the dealer changed the charger at the first service which made it a little better, I have set up a 100w Solar Panel and run a lead into the barn via a controller and we leave it connected when the van is parked. We had a 2007 VIP AND A 2004 Bailey Vermont and the battery would be fine for around 3 weeks I guess its progress.
  7. Hi, I have a 2012 VIP and noticed water laying on the wood behind the front chest of drawers on last trip out. Dealer said they have re-sealed the curved Panoramic window, Coachman have requested the van returned to the factory so sounds much the same problem as yours. I am going to check with the Insurance company and see what they say. I am very fortunate my van is stored under cover which gives me some peace of mind until its return, its certainly frustrating to have these problems considering how much money we invested. Tintopper
  8. Joined the forum today after discovering water on front nearside, reading the forum has raised my concerns that the large Panoramic window could be a step to far, have reported to dealer and Coachman today by email. We did discuss whether buying a new model was a good idea or perhaps wait and let the problems be ironed out before we went ahead. We were so impressed we decided to go ahead, I am hoping for positive and swift action by the dealer and manufacturer.
  9. Tintopper

    VIP 460/2

    Great Looking Van, Large Panoramic window lets in a fantastic amount of light.
  10. Great Looking Van, Large Panoramic window lets in a fantastic amount of light. Click here to view the caravan review
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