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  1. Mine is a Russell hobbs 2019 pegasus grande
  2. I recieved the same today. Will fit the strips at the weekend.
  3. Once all parts arrive I will do a " how to" months changes. Also going to add locking catches to the front overhead doors like the unicorn has.
  4. Well went and had a look around a u4 today and understand the problem. The hinges I was sent are part of a set of 3 for the larger overhead doors. The smaller doors use the different design. Problem solved and will soon have soft close.
  5. Looks like I have a pair of the 2953. 2 adjusting screws. I have a pegasus grande and wanted to upgrade to soft close on the overhead lockers.
  6. Just bought a set of dgn soft close hinges to fit to our pegasus and for the life of me cant get them to"soft close". I can see there are 2 screws for adjustment but neither seem to make the adjustment. Dont suppose anybody with a u4 can take a photo of the top locker hinges for me? I think I may have been sent the wrong version.
  7. Just bought a set of dgn soft close hinges to fit to our pegasus and for the life of me cant get them to"soft close". I can see there are 2 screws for adjustment but neither seem to make the adjustment. Have I got a duff set.Thoughts
  8. Just done some of mine. Took 5 minutes to do each light at most.
  9. Thanks wasn't sure as when I look on prima they show one for both the pegasus and the unicorn. Will send bailey an email on Monday as our previous Olympus and Pegasus did.
  10. To all those that have bought a new pegasus can I ask the question on whether it came with a shower mat. Only asking as ours didn't and want ed to clarify with others before I push the dealer.
  11. Our grande bologna will be with us in 2 weeks. Looking forward to not making up a bed every night.
  12. Congratulations we have the 2016 Palermo and after dropping it off for its 3rd service wandered around the new pegasus. Saturday we are going for another look and discussion on potential cost to change for a grande bologna
  13. Does seem strange how they can lose 100kg between the 2. I guess only way to find out is to weigh them. That said I stand corrected.
  14. Thanks Steve, End of the day it is essentially brand new and if I don't get a good offer it can sit till next year and then will decide whether to persevere with it or not. When looking at 2nd hand they look to hold their value with 2-3 year old versions still in the high £700-800 price ranges.
  15. GB1309 you have mail And that is where my head is at. Just need to sell the magnum first. Has been an expensive mistake. ...
  16. To be honest we didn't see as much condensation with the vango air awning thst we had compared to others. Talked myself into selling it and buying a new Isabella magnum for short stays instead. Used the magnum once and realised it went across the window ( bad measuring from me). Looks like no awning for v short stays (2-3days) and then get the full isabella out for a week or more. Anyone want a new magnum. ..
  17. Not sure you are correct. The original is 1760kg and with the upgrade it only takes you to 1800kg. I know because we upgraded ours. Hope you haven't been using that full 200kg.
  18. Having just had mine repaired due to a leak the dealer did state that they had only removed and resealed the end caps. First good rain session will see if they have fixed the leak. ...
  19. Joined the roof leak club as well with our Palermo.
  20. Thanks Bergamo, Gives me something to work towards. Steve
  21. Don' suppose anyone got a quote for an isabella minor at the show? Couldn't get there due to illness and now having to do the rounds at the dealers and see if they will discount or wait until next show.
  22. Atc is only active whilst connected to the car ( requires a power supply)and should not activate whilst manoeuvring the caravan. Again as the car will be disconnected when using the motor mover it will not be active. Hope you enjoy your new outfit.
  23. Yep we have had 2 fail so far ( refitted with a dab of glue and larger screws). We have also had one of the drawer fronts come fully off whilst traveling so waiting for service and will raise a warranty claim as it has been damaged .
  24. We were planning to head to cornwall in the morning. Just rang to delay until Sunday. Rather miss a days holiday.
  25. Sorry been a late night /early morning. Yes they meant it was the areas where damp can occur in some vans. Just strange that ours had damp in all of them.
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