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  1. many thanks for the comments. i'll take a look a those. I think some mentioned are ACSI as well.
  2. I am planning on taking my 80 year old father over to France in May to visit some of the War sites around Arras area can anyone recommend a nice caravan site in the area suitable as a base to visit some of these places please must have decent toilet and shower facilities And with access for a twin axle caravan Many Thanks
  3. I promised to give an update I finally got a response from the seller and it turned out he didnt have the items in stock and couldnt get hold of them from his supplier or ALDE (who would only sell him a pallett load 😂) anyway, finally got a paypal refund and bought from elsewhere
  4. Ended up getting the BC30 installed today and connected to side lights so I can access it on the move picture is ok and the ability to adjust the guidance lines means the path of the caravan can be set up accurately. I wont be able to give a good test for a couple of weeks but first impressions are good
  5. You could be right ibe just had a response on their Facebook page claiming to be a legitimate company so I’ll message them AGAIN and see what happens ill let you know the outcome
  6. Never thought of that 🙄 As i said in my opening post ive phoned them several times they didn’t answer the phones, didn’t reply to my voicemails and didn’t reply to my emails
  7. If I wasn’t the other end of the country I’d pay them a visit 🤔
  8. Several 5litre containers They have a Facebook page so I’ve just posted on there to try and get through to them
  9. Paid £100 it says their address is Unit 1 Service Engine Buildings, Great Lime RD, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 6RU seems a very comprehensive website for a scam
  10. Has anyone bought anything from caravanshop.co i bought some alde antifreeze on 23rd August but although I’ve had confirmation of the order, it said I would receive an email when dispatched ive received nothing and they aren’t answering the phones, responding to my emails or responding to my voicemails i paid by PayPal so have had to open a case against them but wondered if anyone else had the same problem or if it’s just me !
  11. Many thanks the BC40 is wireless and no cables i was hoping to use that if possible, if not then perhaps I’ll have to go the BC30 route thanks again
  12. thanks John, im not concerned about how its described. it will do the job I need it to do if the signal range is long enough. The one I currently have, I have wired into the lighting circuit so its on all the time when the lights are on and provides adequate visibility directly behind the caravan when towing or reversing As the BC30 and BC40 seem to be the only cameras Garmin do to link with the 770LMTD Im trying to find out if the signal will reach the 12m from rear of caravan to the dashboard.
  13. Hi All, Has anyone installed a Garmin BC40 Rear view camera on a caravan ? I was looking to install one on our twin axle 8m van but the BC40 specs say it has a range of upto 8m ! Length from back of caravan to dashboard is about 12m so im not expecting it to work, but just wondered if Garmin were airing on the side of Caution. I use an autovox camera at the moment but want something with better clarity that will pair with my 770-LMTD satnav so I only have one screen on the dashboard many thanks
  14. we have bought 3 caravans from them and found them very good and helpful. We had some problems with the current two vans we had and their after sales support was excellent.
  15. discodunc

    Road Tax

    my 2015 3. 0 SDV6 Discovery 4 (3500kg limit) comes in at under £300 VED where as the 2010 D4 is around £460
  16. just fallen foul of this. tried to transfer 3k Euros and the bank rejected it Spoke to bank and now sent passport and P60 via email so hopefully should be OK soon,
  17. we are into our 4th year with the Sanef Tag and still ok as of last september off to spain in june so will see if its still working then
  18. then you'd better stick to the £9. 99 Aldi spirit level ask yourself why you spent money on a caravan when a tent would do
  19. I took delivery of one of these a couple of weeks ago. Pretty good IMO it makes levelling side to side very easy and quick when reversing onto a pitch where the ground isn't level. it means I can reverse over the pitch until I find the most level spot. front to back levelling is easy as well, as I don't need to keep going into the van to check the spirit level. Also, I can adjust the front to back levelling using the cars air suspension and get the can pretty much level before ive unhitched. it requires no installation at all ; you just place the transmitter where you want it, and I can move it between caravans and my Off-Road trailer. quite pleased with it so far
  20. we had a duvalay mattress made for our Delta. it gives a great night sleep. if you call duvalay they will make a matress to your specifications
  21. I have a wireless Ring reversing camera on the rear of the caravan. wired it into the number plate lights and works fine. I loose the signal now and again on the Twin Axle Delta, but its ok on the smaller Stellar.
  22. wasn't aware of that! what about non residents with a Spanish Account - does the same apply ?
  23. Agreed. .. came up behind a micra on the M5 this afternoon doing 40mph' ish I hope they made it home alive !!! the number of lorrys swerving to miss them was frightening
  24. I had an ST220 Estate 3. 0V6 - Brilliant Car, shame they don't make the 3. 0 any more did 150k miles in 3 years with no problems and always put a smile on my face
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