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  1. hi everyone ive got a bailey unicorn s4 barcelona 2018 at the minute ive got my tv connected at front of the van on the drawers but im thinking of fitting a tv bracket on wall by the fridge on the right has you walk in has anyone done this? my concerns are banging yourself as you go in and out of door kind regards amanda barnes
  2. hi everyone i have got a bailey unicorn barcelona s4 love it but i have to put my tv on front drawers which is bit of a bugbare i was thinking of fitting a tv bracket has you walk in the door on righthand side has anyone does this if so have you got any photos you could share with me before i fit one kind regards amanda
  3. hi there could anybody help me please im thinking if buyiny a vw tiguan 2018 2.0tdi rline dsg 4mtion 150bhp but im unsure whether it would tow my bailey unicorn barcelona twin axle caravan laden weight of 1680kg
  4. hi i have a bailey unicorn barcelona 2018 im having problems locking entry door it doesnt seem to be catching properly any ideas what might be causing it and how can i fix it kind regards amanda barnes
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