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  1. autowfix


    All that we are!
  2. Still working on our new site! when will it ever end! www. caravanmotormoversuk. co. uk

    Hmmm. .......

  3. ahh yes I see your point, Look forward to the gift Dave!
  4. The BIG problem with shows! They are great for a day out, great to view new vans and you may even get a deal but. ..... How can retailers keep offering deals when in fact to be at shows can cost 3 times more per foot than at their own show rooms! it does not add up! We used to do many shows but the costs of going was becoming stupid, We now offer the best deals all through the year on our sites and we find we sell more by not going in the same week. Like I said great day out and view caravans but there will only be one loser in the end. ..... the retailer.
  5. Hi Thanks for the feed back and ideas, the bars are listed under the entries, the reason we dont say you will have this bar on the listing is our team pick the correct bar for the vehicle ie some manufactures need bumper cuts, most clients do not want this so we deal with all major brands to avoid this! some suppliers only deal in one brand and this limits choice to the clients. We do have a section on the site below the listings that points out the benefits of dedicated and what this offers, we also code on site included in the price. All install happen at our clients address so no
  6. Hi Yes we can use the logo, we advertise in the CC mag every month for the caravan movers and have done for 5 years Thanks
  7. Hi twin is not possible on dedicated however you can use the adaptor back to twin! Thanks
  8. Hi all. Can you take a look at our idea at www. nationwidetowbars. co. uk We have tried to do soome thing unique in the industry, rather than having thousands of prices that can cause confusion we have managed to give clients an easy way to buy bars. Any ideas or feed back would be great! Thanks J
  9. Hi all May be the reason you are people struggling is that don't know the correct way! We install thousands per year many being detachable and have no issues. If you are look for one let us know may be able to help Thanks
  10. Yep ebay an idea just be careful no idea where its been, handset and control boxes ie water damage and most of the time no warranty, some times the cheaper options become the most expensive!
  11. Yes there is a few down sides to anything, the case is approx 10KG its another one for the mix not ideal for all but for some. ....
  12. Hi All Plug and play is a good idea, we install many of these mainly to trailers as they have no 12V or place for batteries. Also install for hobby dealers so it is best to look at options for installing a battery in the correct place and may be even a charging solution! Regardless what way you go both options will work as you need. Cheers
  13. Hi All Happy new year, All I will say is go for a main supplier! Not a re branded mover that has just had a logo stuck on it! Seems all suppliers have/are putting their prices up soon due to prices being higher from the suppliers so get in soon. Cheers
  14. Hi Good to see peoples ideas on this one. Manufactures will launch this, I can see it will never replace the normal options but more off giving an option! I am sure when the first mover was launched there was many saying it will never take off just like in the 80s with mobile phones! We where wrong there!! Thanks again all I will make sure the manufacture see these. All the best J
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