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  1. Hi, we use the Isabella Universal wheel arch cover, and it works very well. Dave
  2. Hi, we have the same problems with our Kuga. If we remove one of the bulbs it then works, also a LED bulb will work, just not very bright. On the Kuga, switching them on and off 3 times will make them both work. Strange but on the rare occasions they are needed it will get you by. Dave.
  3. Hi, we had the same problems with our Genoa 4, and now have new sprung seat cushions made by Belfield’s. We did have the inclusion af a knee roll but undecided if it was needed, they are now a big improvement on the originals. To point out we do use them as single beds only.
  4. I have a Kuga 2015 with a reversing camera. I have a fixed swan neck towbar and can confirm that there is no interference with the reversing sensors. The tow ball is clearly visible in the camera and you can choose zoom for an even better view.
  5. I have the same problem with my Ford Kuga, I have returned to the tow bar fitter a couple of times, he replaced the unit on the advise of the manufactures all to no avail. I have found that if you select reverse or rear fog 2 or 3 times in quick succession, they will work until the next time they are needed. Not the ideal solution and with know where else to go, it does work. Dave.
  6. Thank you for your reply, just waiting for a dry day to do mine!! Dave
  7. Hi Mike, Many thanks for your reply, I look forward to your comments. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Dave.
  8. I want to fit shock absorbers on my Pegasus 4 Genoa, Bailey have told me that you can not fit them with a mover. My mover is a Powrtouch classic, has anyone fitted shock absorbers with this mover. Measurement indicates that It may be possible fit shocks, has anyone tried?
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