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  1. Sending it back to the manufacturer seems a good idea might make them up their game and do proper quality control, my dealer say's he just about breaks even on warranty work and that he has to fight for every pound he gets from the manufacturer.
  2. I often wonder if some dealers have a damp metre for selling and another for buying all to their advantage.
  3. Have a look at Elddis 550 with island bed and separate wc and shower, best layout we've ever had of all our caravans, or look at two single bed models.
  4. Flynn

    Awning rail

    Well thats a surprise Elddiss customer services just messaged me regard the above it shows the are monitoring this forum which is good i will call them in the morning
  5. Flynn

    Awning rail

    Thank you thats what i thought, i was wondering if the glue they use starts to break down after 5or 6 years as i think mine was one of the early ones i wonder if there are more to come?
  6. While cleaning my sept 2013 Compas omega 550 i found the offside front awning rail has a gap where abuts the ABS went inside with damp meter and found 28%, i had this in 2016 with near side but dealer replaced and made a good job, i then thought i would check the rest of the awning rails i the found on both that the sides that the straight pieces of rail were coming away too, the rear rails were ok as the back panel has been replaced twice the last time in 2015 is this a case of the so called super bonding failing after 51/2 years as it looks like it to me, have arranged to take it in to dealer to do a survey as its a sealed seam i am confident elddis will cough up but if not as i understand it my contract is with the dealer or is that incorect.
  7. Andy Tantalise is just injected under pressure, many years ago i saw a program where the put timber in a small vacuum chamber and the put a type of liquid plastic in the chamber so it filled all the voids i wonder why that has not been persued would have been good for caravans.
  8. I assume poster is talking about whale underslung heater, i have always thought this was not a good idea thin steel in a wet road environment but thats only my opinion.
  9. Benfica i saw that done on my storage site by a guy who had lost his keys, he had a new hitch lock ready and just put a crowbar under the side edge and it snapped off the small lugs on the red hitch lock in less than 30 seconds, it opened my eyes i went and purchased a different make to replace mine, like a lot of items in caravanning i'm sure things are not tested properly.
  10. Looks a good idea, did you not have to put a none return valve in the cold feed in to stop heat going back down the cold feed or is there no need because the way the pipes runs.
  11. That right its usually the left hand pipe if the boiler is on offside of caravan, but trace the pipe back to the boiler to confirm first, the flow coming from boiler is easy to spot, download cut away picture of the boiler and it will all become clear. As for pump iv'e no idea what a portable cooler is so cant help on that, i was a bit more low tec i used a pump up garden spray.
  12. B1ngo it seems you are going about it in the right way, the main thing to remember there is a none return valve on the flow out from the boiler so if you use a pump you must only pump the return pipe to back to the boiler.
  13. Were they really from Swift or the dealers men just saying they were from Swift and hoping you would be satisfied and go away.
  14. EN50291. 2010 part 1&2 i believe for caravans and have a look at witch report as said before some were not up to the job in their opinion.
  15. Flynn

    Alde heating

    Are you trying to drain the system or just the hot water,
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