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  1. Thanks I have looked at Red pennant an may day ,I might go with may day and take amother policyfor when I'm abroad
  2. Hi can anyone advise the best breakdown cover for car and caravan and want it to include if your in a accident also I go to Europe for 2 weeks once a year thanks
  3. Hi just swamped my truma inlet water pcb for a whale microswitch type but am getting a knocking noise from the pump intermittently any ideas
  4. Yeah turned it but no different feeling it's the pcb but don't want to buy one incase it's just something I'm missing
  5. evening having problems with my pump not working getting 12 vto the flow pcb but nothing coming out fuses are all OK any ideas please
  6. Thanks Gordon will have a look
  7. Gordon is it a case of just pulling the fridge forward to get to the boards to check the connections
  8. Yeah you are correct that is the model fridge but no there is no fault code, it's doing different things now I can switch the display on and off but there is no power to the fridge and I can not alter the settings
  9. how do you remove spanner symbol from your fridge display
  10. have just switched my fridge on an the display froze, now it is flashing intermittently but won't let me select any of the modes and also won't switch off unless I disconnect all the power, can it be reset or is it a new controlpanel
  11. Ye it's worked OK for 7 years, the relay is in the boot Thanks for all the replies have ordered a new relay to be on the safe side as am going to France next week
  12. Thatso what I thought it was the relay, on the relay in can see a little screw for adjusting is this easy to do or is it easier to get a newe relay
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