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  1. You won't feel a static discharge until it has built up to 2000 / 3000 volts.


    You feel the pain of the static discharge spark because it is from, or to a single point.  Hold something metal, e.g. a coin and let the spark discharge from that and you won't feel a thing.



  2. OH ordered her prescription on line and two days later I went to collect it from the surgery as I normally do, only to find the doors locked, but with a receptionist talking to another patient through the glass doors.  Once she'd finished, she asked what I wanted and went to get the prescription.  She came back and said that it had been sent to a pharmacy near where I live.  I said that I never use that pharmacy as it is painfully slow and what about next time.  She said to wait and came back with two more prescriptions for the coming months, which she slid under the doors to me..


    So, off I set to the slow pharmacy, only to join a queue in which I was 15th.  An hour later I got into the pharmacy, said that the prescription had been sent there and gave my wife's name.  I had to spell our surname 5 times!  Eventually the prescription was found and was told to wait while they got it together.  After 20 minutes they had got all but one item and I could come back in a day or two to collect it. but I'd have to join the queue again!


    Do you deliver I asked.  Yes, but it will be a week ,came the reply.  That's OK, do that then.


    The due date came and went, so I left it another day before I phoned, but their phone was continually engaged.  I tried on line, filled in their contact form with all the details required, only to get an automated reply saying that they were no longer doing deliveries - nice of them to tell me!


    Anyway, on a Saturday morning I contacted the RVS and within 15 minutes a local volunteer rang back, confirmed the detail and went off to the pharmacy to collect the missing item.  An hour or so later, he delivered it to our door and was happy to have been of assistance.


    A top service from top people.   It's unlikely that we  need to use them again, but it's nice to know that they are there if we do.



  3. Ask St. Anthony for his help in finding the key.


    You may not believe in such things, but I have found that the lost item is found very soon after asking, usually in a place that you have already looked, but not looked properly!


    Worth a try, but will be to no advantage if the lock is now damaged and cannot be unlocked with  the key.



  4. 25 minutes ago, WispMan said:

    Are you going to pay the balance or just lose the £100?

    Yes, I'll  pay them the money.  I'd already committed to it, so it won't be missed.


    It's the first of 4 cruises that we'd booked.  The last one is for 24 nights to Canada in 2021, so lots of £££s allocated for those.  They are my way of dealing with prostate cancer - do it while you can!  We caravan when not at sea!

  5. We have a P&O cruise booked for August.  Today, they have asked for the full outstanding payment of £3862, making the cost £3962 with the deposit already paid.


    They also say:

    "Should your voyage be cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation then you will automatically receive a Future Cruise Credit for more than the total value of your booking, or a full refund if this option is preferred."


    They don't say that it is 125% FCC any longer.  But if it is, that is £4952.50.  However we had an on board spend of £550, one of the highest we've ever had and that we are unlikely to get that again, so it's not as good as it seems


    I don't think that the August cruise will go ahead and the FCC will go to the next one booked for December and the one for next March, which has the best chance of happening, as long as the world safe to travel by then.

  6. You can't fit wheel locks when the wheels are not there!  If your insurance says that wheel locks must be fitted, then your insurance may not cover any theft.  The wheels are an integral part of a wheel lock system.


    It won't be too much trouble for thieves to bring along some wheels and wheel bolts.  These people are well trained in their profession, so if they want your vans, they will go.


    Wheels without tyres may slow them down a bit though!

  7. I have an 40 Watt folding solar panel and spent 3 very sunny days off grid.


    I ran the TV off the 12 volt socket for about 8 hours a day with no problems at all.


    Although the days were hot in the sunshine, the gas heating was required in the chilly evenings, which required 12 volts for the fan.


    I did a report here


    You will have no problems at all - as long as the sun shines!

  8. On electric you can only have one thing at a time,  you can have heating, or hot water, but not both at the same time.  It may work the same way on gas, try turning the heating off for 15 minutes or so and see if the water getss hot.

  9. 12 hours ago, PR1 said:

    As an aside, they are doing £4000+  a night in takeaways at present! 
    Have people forgotten how to cook!

    Our daughter & SiL's restaurant is doing £4500 + a night on takeaways.  They were in the final stages of opening a 2nd restaurant in a different area, when all this kicked off and fitting out work stopped, else they would have the same takings there too!


    It's not that people have forgotten how to cook, it's that they like a treat every now and then.  We now order in once a week because we want to and enjoy it.  That said, we would still rather go out for a meal a couple of times a week.  Maybe that's why our caravan cooker doesn't get used much and we love going on a cruise, where we can dine out all day, every day!


    It's been 5 weeks since our last cruise and we're missing it, but a plus is that I've lost 15lbs since then, so the lockdown diet seems to be a good thing!

  10. 16 hours ago, GaryB1969 said:


    No, if you unfriend someone it doesn't send them any notifications.  I have done it to a few where their somewhat extremist views showed a side to them that I had never seen before (even one immediate family member).

    Yes it does, on the 'Friend Request' icon, between 'Create' & 'Messages' it will show -1.  Get someone to unfriend you to see.


    I was unfriended yesterday by someone, who I only met once about 10 years ago, which is how I know.

  11. 13 hours ago, flashgordon said:

    I've discovered that Facebook doesn't have a button marked " This person is bat ***** crazy" so you can unfriend and delete all the very weird stuff they have shared on your posts.  :(

    Yes there is, it's called 'Unfollow' go to your friends list, click on their name and then Unfollow.  They don't know you've done it, unlike 'Unfriend' which sends them a notification that you don't like them anymore and 'Block' which hides you from them ever finding you again.

  12. Two discoveries for me:


    I decided to open up the side entrance / pathway to the back garden.  It hasn't been usable for around 40 years due to being taken over by brambles and holly.


    It took me two days of cutting my way through and that's when I discovered tangled in in the brambles about 20 yards of barbed wire.  The other discovery was that I had nothing to cut the wire with.  The cutting anvil on my Moles Grips was hard work, and with lots, and I do mean lots of tinder dry dead vegetation, an angle grinder was out of the question.  I needed, for the first time in my life , a set of bolt cutters.


    Fortunately, a local hardware store that also sells some food, such as biscuits , was open and for £12.09 the barbed wire was tackled and is now gone!




  13. Back in 1992, a family of two adults and two mid-teen aged boys turned up and unpacked their tent, opposite us.  The boys & mum stood around watching dad try to figure out how the poles went (there were only 3) he eventually managed it and then it came to pegging out - only 4 tent pegs!


    I had plenty of spares, so offered him the use of them, which he accepted.  I asked if they had another tent, as the one erected was only a 3 man tent, with a tunnel entrance which would be OK for 2 people - he said "No, we'll all fit inside this one"  and then it started to rain everso hard, so they all tried to get into the tent, well they almost got 4 of them in there, but one of the boys was getting wet legs!


    After about ten minutes, they all came out and got in the car.  Dad wound down his window, thanked me for the loan of the pegs and that I could keep the tent as they had had enough & off they drove, never to return.


    As tents go, it was big enough for two and my grandson uses it still!

  14. My son-in-law had not heard of this, until he got home from doing deliveries from his restaurant.


    He said to our daughter:


    " I pulled up outside a block of flats to do a delivery, and as I got out of the car, everyone in the flats started clapping and cheering.  I waved and it got louder.  How nice to be appreciated.  They were still clapping and cheering as I drove away!


    It took her a while to tell him what was going on, as she was laughing and crying so much! :lol:


    He knows now!

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