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  1. I just fitted a TMV today. TMV bought through Amazon for £28.98. After lots of searching on line, got a 10mm brass barbed equal tee for £2.96, from local pneumatic supplies centre. Three extra jubilee clips for the hose connections on the barbed tees (Never a drip with.... ) A bit of a faff getting the existing hoses off the barbed equal tee connectors, but got there in the end. I decided to use hoses for the connections to the TMV, so cut down an old water hose from a washing machine, which was a good fit for the 15mm olive and union nut into which I slipped an inch of 10mm copper tube into the hose to give it strength and rigidity. The barbed tees fitted the hose nicely too! The existing hoses were not suitable for connecting directly to the TMV All connected up and the job's a good-un, even if it looks a bit of a bird's nest! Had to adjust the temperature to our liking, but it all works well.
  2. Wunny

    Just thought

    A good modification to the drainage that! A further development here.
  3. Have a look here It's how I cured my Truma pump running problems
  4. My Whale problem was corrosion on the socket contacts and corrosion on the spade connectors in the plug. see here
  5. I had the same problem, to see how I fixed it click here
  6. With the mains hook up on, the battery should be charging, so will not run down. Always assuming the charger is actually working.
  7. Pump and lights work from battery, master switch should be on.
  8. switch on pump, switch fridge to electric, various ways depending on which fridge you have. Caravan : Avondale Dart, what fridge do you have. This info will help us help you.
  9. As others have said, allergic reactions can be caused by a number of things. It could be down to something the caravan was cleaned with prior to sale. Washing down all surfaces may get rid of it. My particular and weird allergy is museums and art galleries and some shops. Additionally The Eden Project and a new one for me, the P & O cruise ship Oriana and that only happened on the 2nd time I cruised on that ship. Not had any reaction on any others - all a bit odd, but I think its down to cleaning products used. Had it for 50+ years. Doctors laugh when I tell them and have never taken it seriously. My hands swell, such that I cannot bend my fingers, and itch like made in those places, but not if I wear gloves, or keep my hand in my pockets. On the Oriana my whole body was swollen within 2 days but returned to normal within 2 hours of dis-embarkation.
  10. I use the Aldi equivalent of this. OK it's a penny more expensive, but keeps the washroom at a nice temperature when the main heating for the cabin area is set to low / off overnight. I don't want to be woken by going for a chilly pee in the early hours
  11. I see your problem, they haven't used masking tape to hold it in position like mine was here
  12. Wunny

    Whale water pump

    I had problems with a Whale pump, which I fixed read all about it here
  13. Having had the recall for the Pursuit 2 front roof light to be checked and secured, I was dismayed to find the the centrally located roof light inner moulding had become detached en route for our trip away last weekend. Another shoddy Bailey fitting failure! Bailey will have to up their game for me to buy another! Held in place with some Gaffer tape until it gets fixed under warranty, which will be after Easter now. All very well, but it's another trip via my servicing dealer. who is an hour away.
  14. The last time out, I had the pump fuse blow - mid shower. I thought I'd fixed it and it all worked for the rest of the trip. I posted about it here On Sunday, it blooming well did it again! Once more - mid shower! I took myself off to the site showers, to be told that they were closed for cleaning, but I explained my soapy predicament, and they let me use the shower to rinse off. Thank you C&CC wardens! Anyway, I checked it all again, replace the fuse. The pump impeller turned OK, but the pump wouldn't even run with a direct connect to the battery. It was a dead pump. The good news it that it is covered by the warranty, the bad news is that my dealer is in Swansea and I was in Hertford, about 200 miles away. Anyway, I googled for replacement pumps and found this so looked for a supplier local to where I was, who had the EP 1642 in stock and found one. When I got there I found it was also a Bailey dealer and if I had had the presence of mind to take the defective pump with me, I could have got it swapped there. Oh well, never mind, it's good to have a spare pump. The Whale replacement EP1642, with their improved Truma plug, works wonderfully, easy to plug in and remove, nice flexible tubing which hangs vertically in the Aquaroll, unlike the curly Truma pipe. It also seems to have a better flow rate and runs quieter. Happy days!
  15. Pressure switch trouble is just one of my weekend problems I've just had. I have the Truma pressure switch, but it wouldn't switch off when the taps were closed. Investigation revealed that the hose that connects the switch to the water supply, is located behind the Truma Combi water heater / heating unit and when it gets hot, it softens the hose and it keels over from vertical to near horizontal, allowing water to replace the air in the hose. This then stops the switch operating correctly. I overcame the problem, by temporally tying the pipe vertical with some string. No more problems with the pressure switch. Result! My other problems, I'll relate in another thread.
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