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  1. I had that problem in my Orion, solved it with an elastic band
  2. Cycle lanes are dangerous. Those on, or alongside foot paths have traffic turn across them, endangering cyclists. Those lanes on the carriageway are covered with debris, swept there by passing traffic. This debris is rarely, if ever, swept by the councils / highway authority and is full of sharp stones & glass fragments that can cause punctures in bicycle tyres. I used to cycle on the A10 into London, much safer to ride the carriageway than to use cycle paths. I rode some 88,000 miles into & out of London over a 10 year period. I never lost any weight, despite al that exercise!
  3. Some 55 years ago, I rode my bike from Hampstead, North London down to Regents Park. The route took me down a long downhill stretch, Haverstock Hill. The bike was fitted with a Huret speedometer, driven off the front wheel. Pedaling like fury, I got the speedo needle to go hard against the stop, so hitting the maximum indicated 60mph - it could well have been faster! An exhilarating, but dangerous ride, a set of traffic lights changed to red in front of me and the brakes were non-effective at that speed, I went through that junction quicker than the cars crossing it got to the middle. That was a bit scary! I eventually slowed down by dragging a shoe along the road, as the rubber brake blocks had worn away. Pedal and gravity power, no electric motors in the mid 1960's.
  4. Wunny

    What is this?

    Broken fan mounting rivets?
  5. Me too! 1966 aged 16, the choices were stay at J Sainsbury, where I had worked as a Saturday boy, but went full time after the exams (CSE remember them?) as a Salesman - double breasted chefs jacket with black buttons and an apron, or an apprentice in the GPO, Engineering-in Chief's Office, London Test Section. The J Sainsbury manager begged me not to go and offered to put me on a management course. The pay was £6/0/0d a week. The GPO was £6/6/8d a week - I went for the immediate money. Good choice as I bought out part of it in 1985 and set up on my own. Come 1st December, I'm in year 35 of self employment. Yep, still working at nearly 70, but it pays for cruises!
  6. There is a slight uphill slope, about 8 degrees. where I store my Pursuit and when I measure the nose weight, facing uphill with the Milenco gauge, it indicates 10kg less than when measured on a level pitch, so 60 kgs stored is 70kgs level. As long as I use those figures, I get the nose weight to 70kgs, which is the max tow hitch weight for my car, it tows nicely. Strangely for me, I haven't weighed it out on the road, before hitching up, as it is then facing downhill. I might do it next time we take the 'van out for a spin.
  7. If your space heater is like this, then it is a stand alone unit and can be used on gas, or electric, without affecting the hot water system. Your water heater would be stand alone also Of course if the are not like these, tell us and we can advise better.
  8. Just some info re- Black Circles. They are owned by Michelin. ATS Euromaster who are fitters for Black Circles are also owned by Michelin. ATS Euromaster have a CLUB60 discount for those aged 60 & over. It's free to be a member, just apply. Gives around 10-15% off tyres
  9. Two years, you were lucky! They are not the best pumps in the world judging by the number of failures reported. Read my tales of woe here
  10. It's always a pain to go back to the dealers for faults, even when they are fairly close by. Although you shouldn't have to DIY minor repairs, time and cost wise, it is sometimes the best option. As already suggested, it's worth a look to see if it is something simple that is causing the problem. 320 miles of traveling is not cheap on fuel or time. If you cannot DIY, it may be worth getting a mobile caravan engineer to come have a look and pay him to investigate and be quids in and no dragging the van about.
  11. Correction to that, there is just a drop left of the Talisker and I've now finished off the Laphoaig. In order to make buying Christmas presents for me a bit easier for OH & two of our children, I now have an extra two bottles added to my collection, for which they will reimburse me later. The other 5 will have to think of something else! lol Christmas will be a little merrier! Thank you children - Cheers!
  12. Over the winter months, I have mine set to 5°C. Washroom door, cupboard doors and wardrobe door open, bed raised. The warmth is noticeable when I go into the caravan on a cold & frosty morning. The through flow of air via the gas dropouts and the roof light vents, keeps it aired. Nothing frozen, no condensation. Also it isn't starting from cold for when we go away, which is every month, so warm up on site is quicker. Nothing worse than arriving on site and it takes at least 24 hours for the fabric of the caravan to get warm with the resulting condensation whilst it's doing so.
  13. Thanks for the offer, TBH I thought that there would be more than one! I'll persevere, I'll make myself have a Laphroaig later, the Talisker has all gone. Cheers 🥃
  14. My last drink (water) is at around 19.30 4 wines would take over 4 weeks to drink, mostly if we crack open a bottle, after about a month, the last third of it it goes in a sauce / casserole. At home, we've tried to be alcoholics, but fail miserably. Occasionally, we may fancy a G & T, or a single malt, but as it is about 10 feet from where we are sitting, mostly we can't be bothered! It took me 3 years to work my way through a bottle of Talisker.
  15. Mr Bailey doesn't worry about trying to match things:- Not only is there no matching, they don't make them fit either!
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