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  1. Truma pumps don't need to get frozen for them to pack in! You could try wiring it directly across the battery to test if it works or not. It won't matter which way round the wires go.
  2. If we open ours, it's propped up with a block of wood. I don't trust the stays either!
  3. This could solve your hair drying problem. Battery powered hair drier. If they ever go into production that is! Volo-go
  4. On my Pursuit 2, the 3 lamps over the sink & cooker, are controlled by a small black round switch, located under the sink worktop above the fridge. It is in different places on different models, but still above the fridge. The main lamps, fitted either side of the Heki sky light, are controlled by another small black round switch located close to the off side speaker. It took me a while to find them, when I first got the 'van. You can just see the main switch in these Bailey photos and the one over the fridge:
  5. A small grey round switch with three positions is for the two electric power settings on the Truma Untrastore water heater. Bailey went for just the switch, without the surround with info on it, to get it cheaper. Top pressed in : low power setting 850 W Bottom pressed in : high power setting 1300 W Mid position : off See Page 5 Switching on Electric operation photo
  6. No problems pulling either down, but the main blind doesn't release easily, but once released returns with no problems. I've never had the release problem on any other blind, on either of the two caravans that I've owned. As it's over 12 month old Bailey wouldn't care a jot regarding a warranty claim.
  7. I had the outer of the front window bowing in to rub the inner of the window on my Orion, leaving internal scratches See here It was replaced under warranty. The replacement still did the same but to a lesser extent. The Pursuit 2, has the same window, but all is OK (so far)
  8. Not mobile, but I use these The Caravan Hospital
  9. Full Suitcase I was looking for clothing tips for when we visit Alta in March, and found this blog, full of great information on places around the world. A good read!
  10. A few Radio 4 programmes that you might findinteresting Burying Chernobyl Belarus: The Wild World of Chernobyl
  11. Just a thought: On my car, the car ignition needs to be off, before connecting the caravan electrics, else it does not recognise that the caravan is there and so none of the caravan electrics, such as the fridge and leisure battery charging, work.
  12. Wunny

    Noisy wipers

    On the other hand, I've cleaned my oven door glasses (3 off) with wire wool and steel pan scourers lots of times and they are still OK.
  13. Mr Plodd mentions PDI. Customers think it means Pre-Delivery Inspection, Caravan and car sales people believe that it means Purchaser Does It! The latter seems to work for them, as if you find nothing wrong, then all is well. If you find something wrong, then they fix it. It's a cost effective way of working. Bailey have a real problem with screws. No one there understands how they work and to them a screw is a screw is a screw. Size and thread pitch matters not a jot, and as you have found, they a tendency over tighten them, especially into GRP panels. If by some chance the screws have not been over tightened, then they will be loose. Either way, they fall out! I've had screws, that are to fasten cupboard handles, that are too long, such that they bottom out in the handle before they can fix the handle securely to the door. A file / grindstone is required to fix this problem. Check all screws regularly, else things will come adrift - it's all part of the fun. Blinds, cupboard doors, tables and work top extensions have all fallen off. On mine, the washroom door absorbs moisture and expands in the winter months, such that it does not close properly, until the heating has been on for a few days. The Truma Combi heater stinks to high heaven when heating water, especially on Boost. They all do it. Neither Bailey nor Truma care about the smell. I'm sure it can't be good to inhale these fumes! Enjoy your new caravan.
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