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  1. Bah, that's not scary. Try riding a motorcycle through the Rotherhithe Tunnel. Now that's what I call scary! When I was doing 'The Knowledge' it was one of the 'Runs', with two way working and in the centre of the lanes there was a liberal coating of oil droppings. Keeping to the speed limit, if I rode to the left of the oil, then cars and lorries would squeeze by to overtake. If I rode to the right of the oil, oncoming traffic would pass too close. Riding on the oil was dangerous, well it was all dangerous. I've never ridden through there since! But that wasn't as scary as overtaking a low loader which was in lane 2 of the M4, I was on my motorcycle and when halfway along side the low loader, a seat cushion from a dump truck it was carrying, became airborne and was about to hit the road in front of me, or worse hit me! To the left was the low loader. to the right there was the Armco and behind was a car, so nowhere to go - I braced for impact. The cushion hit the road just in front of me and bounced over the Armco into the the outside lane of the other carriageway. I've no idea if it hit anything, as as soon as it was gone, so was I !
  2. In order for the warranty to be honoured, the caravan needs to be serviced as stated below: 'The service should take place on or around the anniversary of the original date of purchase. For the first, second, fourth and fifth years of ownership we allow a 6 week service window either side of this date. However, the third and sixth services must be completed by the third and sixth anniversaries of the original date of purchase respectively.' So for the third and sixth services, you cannot afford to be late getting it done, or your warranty will be void. Something to bear in mind! Warranty info here
  3. You must go to some poorly run restaurants. I've never seen, nor had any problems with large groups at that particular restaurant and we go often!
  4. I don't think that there is a waste of chips, could it be that they re-appear as 'Triple cooked chips' ?!?!
  5. Around Olden in Norway last week, I saw diesel at 16.3 Krone / litre. Norwegian Krone were at around 10 to the £. But with an average wage of 170 NOK an hour, I don't suppose it bothers Norwegians too much.
  6. Good food & good service are my priorities, table position in the restaurant is the least important for choosing a restaurant to dine, but a nice bonus if it has a good view. Good food & service will get a gratuity of 15 -20% or more, when I round up the bill to round pounds. Strangely, this seems to improve everything even more on subsequent visits A table for two at short notice, even when we just turn up without booking, never seems to be a problem. So a bill of say, £85-57 will get settled @ £100.00 - A bill of say, £93.22 will be settled @ £110.00 I usually pay in cash. I don't want loose change in my pocket! I took 27 family & friends out for a meal at a favourite restaurant and the bill came to just under £580, which I settled at £700. Everyone was happy. Service & food was as usual, exceptional, which is why we return so often!
  7. If you don't go off grid, then how about this Other colours are available if you do a search
  8. Info here WSL info sheet
  9. The Wilko ones are white & £2.50, the Dunelm ones are chrome and £5.00 The Dunelm are a bit taller and deeper Info on the links below: Wilko Dunelm
  10. I put these in our Pursuit, they are adjustable.
  11. If this affects the Boundless member's discount, I think a lot of members will leave.
  12. I use one, but if someone wants it, a chain around the hitch works well enough for it to be gone. It just slows down the casual thief a bit, probably, possibly, maybe. Wheel locks such as Nemesis or Excalibur may also help deter the light fingered. Here's my paranoia
  13. We see it every time we go out, vans, lorries, cars in clearly designated caravan bays, see them also parked in coach bays. The only exception we've found has been Sedgemoor on the way to the west country. The other side is a free for all, as it is also the overflow car park. Do the services operators care? Iwould guess not.
  14. You could park your car in the car park, then you would not be looking out on your car. But then I suppose it could be a worry in case it was vandalised, or stolen.
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