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  1. You won't feel a static discharge until it has built up to 2000 / 3000 volts. You feel the pain of the static discharge spark because it is from, or to a single point. Hold something metal, e.g. a coin and let the spark discharge from that and you won't feel a thing.
  2. OH ordered her prescription on line and two days later I went to collect it from the surgery as I normally do, only to find the doors locked, but with a receptionist talking to another patient through the glass doors. Once she'd finished, she asked what I wanted and went to get the prescription. She came back and said that it had been sent to a pharmacy near where I live. I said that I never use that pharmacy as it is painfully slow and what about next time. She said to wait and came back with two more prescriptions for the coming months, which she slid under the doors to me..
  3. What car do you want? I have two car dealers in the family I can ask for you.
  4. Ask St. Anthony for his help in finding the key. You may not believe in such things, but I have found that the lost item is found very soon after asking, usually in a place that you have already looked, but not looked properly! Worth a try, but will be to no advantage if the lock is now damaged and cannot be unlocked with the key.
  5. Wunny

    Decent shoes

    I bought a pair of Bridgedale Midweight Boot Length Stormsock waterproof socks in Cotswold Leisure, but there are other makes and suppliers. https://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com/p/bridgedale-midweight-boot-length-stormsock-B5114868.html?colour=3609 Not had wet feet since!
  6. A paraody of the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" has been put on YouTube as The Liar Tweets Tonight" by Roy Zimmerman, an American satirical singer-songwriter and guitarist. It's had 6,748,666 views as of 21st April A jolly sing along song!
  7. Yes, I'll pay them the money. I'd already committed to it, so it won't be missed. It's the first of 4 cruises that we'd booked. The last one is for 24 nights to Canada in 2021, so lots of £££s allocated for those. They are my way of dealing with prostate cancer - do it while you can! We caravan when not at sea!
  8. We have a P&O cruise booked for August. Today, they have asked for the full outstanding payment of £3862, making the cost £3962 with the deposit already paid. They also say: "Should your voyage be cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation then you will automatically receive a Future Cruise Credit for more than the total value of your booking, or a full refund if this option is preferred." They don't say that it is 125% FCC any longer. But if it is, that is £4952.50. However we had an on board spend of £550, one of the highest we've ever had and that we are unl
  9. You can't fit wheel locks when the wheels are not there! If your insurance says that wheel locks must be fitted, then your insurance may not cover any theft. The wheels are an integral part of a wheel lock system. It won't be too much trouble for thieves to bring along some wheels and wheel bolts. These people are well trained in their profession, so if they want your vans, they will go. Wheels without tyres may slow them down a bit though!
  10. Have a look at this about 40 watt solar panels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JWC8Vspa-s
  11. I have an 40 Watt folding solar panel and spent 3 very sunny days off grid. I ran the TV off the 12 volt socket for about 8 hours a day with no problems at all. Although the days were hot in the sunshine, the gas heating was required in the chilly evenings, which required 12 volts for the fan. I did a report here You will have no problems at all - as long as the sun shines!
  12. On electric you can only have one thing at a time, you can have heating, or hot water, but not both at the same time. It may work the same way on gas, try turning the heating off for 15 minutes or so and see if the water getss hot.
  13. Our daughter & SiL's restaurant is doing £4500 + a night on takeaways. They were in the final stages of opening a 2nd restaurant in a different area, when all this kicked off and fitting out work stopped, else they would have the same takings there too! It's not that people have forgotten how to cook, it's that they like a treat every now and then. We now order in once a week because we want to and enjoy it. That said, we would still rather go out for a meal a couple of times a week. Maybe that's why our caravan cooker doesn't get used much and we love going on a cruise, wh
  14. Yes it does, on the 'Friend Request' icon, between 'Create' & 'Messages' it will show -1. Get someone to unfriend you to see. I was unfriended yesterday by someone, who I only met once about 10 years ago, which is how I know.
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