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  1. How did you check the switch? A multimeter will not show that the switch fails under load conditions. The switches work intermittently for a while, until the contacts burn out, the fuse is unaffected. I would recommend that you change the switch anyway for a domestic type of switched spur. 230/240 Volt 13 Amp if the physical sizes are the same, I think they are and are available from here, although they are cheaper from an electrical supplies outlet such as RS New Zealand although the colour may not be the same.
  2. If you have the same brown switch with the 10A fuse as detailed here then you would be well advised to change it and if you have the same switch on you heating, change that too., because that will be the cause of your problem.
  3. I too was an Islington boy and London was my playground. The Tower of London, the Monument, & St Pauls were regular places to go,I cycled a lot then, a bike ride to Runnymead and Southend -on-Sea were done quite a few times. Then there were the Red Rovers and Twin Rovers, the predecessors to travel cards. I would go all over London on the busses and underground. A great day out for just a few shillings. Read about Red Rovers here Great worry free times!
  4. Your microwave is loose? That cannot be right, it should be screwed into its housing surely. All of mine have had screws through the bottom of the housing and into the microwave base.
  5. I store mine in the front corner behind seat cushions. It keeps it nice and safe.
  6. Have a look here to see how I got round the plastic tabs problem
  7. All rebranding, no matter which company, does not do this in house. None of them have any expertise in this area. They are all approached by, or recommended to specialist outside consultants. These consultants will have virtually no idea or understanding about the company, or what, why and how it operates. They get the gist of it and then make recommendations on how rebranding, with new logos will make the business function better and improve profits. The companies management, who have no idea about these things, and having spent a fortune on the consultants, go along with the recommendations and all the costs involved and give themselves a big bonus for being so clever. If by chance the rebranding works, they all pat themselves on the back and give themselves another big bonus for being so wise and boosting profits. If the rebranding fails, then they blame the consultants, as they had obviously been mis-informed and as they are not experts in this field, they are not to blame and because of all the stress they have had, award themselves a big bonus.
  8. The question 'How much would you be willing to pay for such a product?' needs another line. Would not buy. The question assumes that everyone taking the survey would want to buy the product and would give false results.
  9. You only have to think how the tow hitch works to understand what causes the noise. The pads grip tightly to the ball in order to overcome / reduce the caravan swaying about. When cornering, the hitch is going to swivel on the ball, regardless of how tight it is being gripped. The same will apply to undulations in the road when traveling, regardless of speed. The tighter the grip the better it works, however when the turning forces have to overcome the frictional grip, something has to give and that is always going to be the grip on the ball. This will occur multiple times as the caravan turns and straightens. This creates the groaning noise you hear and dislike so much. The hitch is just doing its job with maximum effect. This will cause the pads to wear and at a sweet point, the noise will stop. When it stops, the hitch isn't working as efficiently but will still be working, slowing down the swaying of the caravan. The pads will continue to wear and at some point will need adjusting and ultimately replacing. But this will take many years. I've said it before, (see my previous post above) and will say it again, leave them alone and take your van on a long journey with lots of twisty turns and the noise will go away after a few hundred miles. Motorway towing would take thousands of miles to achieve the same effect. As others have said, they need to bed in. If you rub the pads and ball with an abrasive, you will accelerate the wear, but it will be uneven. Just get out more and go further away avoiding, as best you can, motorways for the journeys and live with the noise until it stops. It's not rocket science, just a bit of physics.
  10. Ozio from Leisure Furnishings ltd. looks like this on the inside: Not that you can tell much from the photo. They say "Seating and mattresses made from Ozio construction are 30% lighter than sprung upholstery, making seating units easier to lift and turn to create double beds in lounges." So no springs! At the beginning of 2018 I said: "I had my doubts about Ozio, after reading tales of woe in here, prior to buying my Pursuit. But, the mattress on the fixed bed is really comfortable and we get a really good nights sleep. We find the seat comfortable too, with no signs of collapse / deforming. So we're happy Ozio bunnies." But since then, there has been some deforming of the seat and a wasting away of my Gluteus Maximus, which is a shame because my waistline seems to get bigger and I can't get it to swap places. Hence the seats needing a bit of extra paddingl
  11. Push the MCB switches fully down then put them to up. If they have tripped, just moving the switch up will not always reset it
  12. No, the cushions are never turned. and the underneath doesn't look great. We don't use the seats as a bed, else we would. The seats are different widths ,so can't swap side to side. Anyway, I bought a pack 5 lengths of lagging, which I now find does one full seat (almost). Full info here Will do, not away for a few weeks though. May staple, or cable tie them if they do work loose. All a work in progress. You never know until you try! It does feel better for my botty though.
  13. I've used some brown draught excluder, which was in my bit & bobs box, to fill in the groove.
  14. We went to that one. Had an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks for the info!
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