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  1. According to this month's C&CC magazine (page 14), WiFi is now free at 85% of club sites. That's good then init!
  2. The C&CC site @ Hertford has caravans on seasonal pitches, with people living in them, that have been on site for years. They do move around on site occasionally, but I've never seen them move off the site, unless they are moving elsewhere.
  3. Wunny

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    So they do! See here
  4. You don't have to go to Spain to see that, just go to C&CC @ Hertford. Just outside the site, the verge has been turned into a bare, muddy pull in. over the years, in the milder months, there has always been a van / old van conversion there, if not all day, then overnight. An amble through the bushes gains easy entry to the site facilities.
  5. Wunny

    Shock absorbers?

    Here's my bloggy thing on fitting shock absorbers
  6. Wunny

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    On pre MOT advice, I tried a cleaner before the MOT, blasted it up and down the motorway, to and from work for a few days & saw no smoke. On reflection, it was not all smoke on the test, but mostly accumulated soot in the exhaust system, as it was brown-ish in colour. I had obviously not revved the engine enough to dislodge it. The rusty sill and broken N/S front spring, although not expensive to replace, were enough to push me in the direction of selling it. Gone are the days when I would have got out the tool box and fixed it, and my man that does the servicing, would have done it for me at a very low price, but running two cars was no longer a necessity, as I only kept it to keep the mileage down on the C4GP, due to the service plan only covering it up to 35,000 miles in 3 years. The 3 years was up in November. The cash in the bank from the sale, the saving of the insurance, road tax and the cost of repairs and another MOT, plus a couple of tyres in the very near future, puts me at least £1000 up overall. That it now has an MOT & tax, says it is all fixed (or has a dodgy MOT) and has a new owner. Everyone is happy!
  7. Wunny

    One Shot Nut

    Buy one of each, use the one that fits, ebay the other, if you can be bothered.
  8. Wunny

    Mains cable problem

    The van is beyond where the fault was, so only the bollard trip would activate Trim back the cable to good wiring and re-terminate in the plug. The fault was only in the damaged section of the cable. Of course, the cable may have failed because it was a cheap cable from a dodgy source, in which case recycle it.
  9. Wunny

    Interesting gadget!

    It looks like the ladies have been a bit fixated on something else with their design.
  10. Wunny

    2019 VIP folding table

    If it's the same table as this Heed the safety warning here To open, I stand ours on end, drop the legs, the ones hinged near to the floor first, then lift the upper legs into place. I suppose it's the lifting of the upper legs, that if you try really hard, you can guillotine a finger off. To close, with the table on its end, I put my foot on the legs on the floor, lift the top legs until the catch can be moved upwards to disengage and then lower the legs and release the catch. To release the legs by the floor, I again put my foot on the legs, then push the table top away, allowing the retaining catch to be pushed down to release, with my other foot and then pull the table to close the legs a little. The legs can then be lifted into the closed position. This way you don't have to lay the table top on the floor. I might do a video later in the week if that would help anyone.
  11. Wunny

    Selling your caravan and depreciation

    I think I got a good part ex on my Orion, only £500 less than I paid for it 4 years earlier. Either that, or I got an extremely good deal when I bought it! Mind you, the Pursuit was £5k more than I got for the Orion! Swings and roundabouts I suppose,
  12. Wunny

    USA RV holiday.

    We did a Canadian tour with hire from Canadream. We had a Supervan which was plenty big enough for two of us. The slide out was nice. Canadream Bloggy thing here - Canada RV trip This might be worth a look C & C C Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays
  13. Wunny

    Centre Locker Gap

    I've used the same down the sides of the fixed cushions on our home sofas. I did this after a 4G memory card from my camera, made a bid for freedom down there. In the end, after much wasted effort in trying to stop it disappearing into the inside of the sofa, I flipped the sofa onto its back, ripped open the base lining and sent a small child into the sofa bowels, equipped with a torch and a successful retrieval was made. One day I will repair the base lining