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  1. I got soggy feet last year, but found these Storm Socks, keep feet nice and warm and dry
  2. My previous OH 'Lost' her keys while I was away on a residential college course. I got passed a message that I needed to go home and sort things. I was allowed to leave at 3 p.m and set off on the long journey from Staffordshire to Hertfordshire. Some hours later I walked into the house, picked up her handbag, tipped it upside down - out fell the keys!!! All I said was "Get me some food" which I ate and then left for the return journey, encountering horrendous queues due to road works on the M1. I got back to the college at midnight, but bless the boys, every time someone got a round in, they put a pint aside for me. It took me until 6.00 a.m. to finish them while a few of us played snooker and then it was off to breakfast and another fun day learning digital faulting techniques. The keys were never mentioned when I returned home, but she didn't play that game again.
  3. I always put mine on, but it's never in one place for 3 months, as we're out every month of the year. The brakes rusted on, on one of my Landrovers though. It spent 17 years in my Industrial unit, so mostly in dry-ish conditions - the hand brake didn't rust though.
  4. It didn't take too much investigation to determine that conorandlucy live in Buckinghamshire! A little bit more delving reveals that there are four such places listed here Hope that helps get your zip replaced.
  5. If they are the original lamp fittings, then they are filament lamps.
  6. It's a plastic / tin box, not a high security safe. The determined thief will gain access without any regards to the damage they cause. Windows, doors and hatches are easily opened. Leave nothing of value, nor anything that you value, inside and you will not lose anything you will worry about. Alarms may alert you that an intruder is in the van, but as you have found, by the time you react to it, they are most likely gone and if you catch them, you can be sure they will be violent, without any thought to your well being. Be thankful that they gained access without causing any damage. That particular thief will not be back until you have replaced the TV, so not for about 6 weeks. House burglars come back after the insurance has paid out and items have been replaced with new and then they do it again, only this time they have new stuff! It's the way the world is, the best you can hope for, is that they target someone else and have insurance to cover the van.
  7. We have a small coke bottle with Non-Brewed condiment in it - good for chips and jellied eels. Grand daughter found it, thought it was Coke and took a swig. It didn't stay in her mouth for long!
  8. I've used Scotch Locks and the cheap knock off copies without any problems, but I've always slopped some petroleum jelly in them to prevent any corrosion. I also used them to tap into a canbus system for trailer electrics, using low current relays to switch the power. No problems there either.
  9. All C&CC accept tents, motor homes and caravans, with the exception of Folkestone C& cc, which does not accept caravans. But as she is tent camping, that will not affect her. If she is walking back packing, then they will not turn her away, even if not booked and are full. However, I found that when arriving on a motorcycle, without a booking and no tenting pitches are available, then you could be forced into taking a large motor home pitch with electric, even if you have no equipment that uses electricity and have to pay for all of that, it happened to me at their Chertsey site. Sometimes ,"The Friendly Club" are not always that friendly!! There were pitches for back packers, but I couldn't have one of those, even if I parked the bike outside and walked in, as they had seen the bike! I think the warden just didn't like bikers! Folkestone info: "No Touring Caravans on site. This site is not suitable if you need to leave for an early ferry, as the site gate does not open until 7am, and there is no overnight parking. Limited parking for visitors or for second cars. Long narrow access road."
  10. I got the warranty repair response back from Bailey and it was as I expected. Only two years warranty on bought in equipment , so 2 years and 17 days to failure gets no warranty repair. The fly screen door had only been used for a few days in that time. From my experience, most bought equipment in caravans, is not expected to last long compared to domestic equivalents. As caravan equipment generally gets very little use, the cheapest that can be got away with is fitted. The manufacturers have us over a barrel, because we keep buying their shoddy products so the have no incentive to improve quality. To focus their minds, we could stop buying, but then they will go out of business, which could be a good thing as they fail one by one, those that survive may just get around to making something that deserves our hard earned cash. I'll get out my tools once more and repair the fly screen, but I'll not be buying another Bailey.
  11. It isn't rust, it's mud, if you look closely, it's over everything, even the chassis.
  12. It was stored for the last 6 years and yes, there was a bit of rust. Sills had been replaced , door mirrors had fallen off and put back with wood and plastic padding. Rear springs were replaced with after market heavy duty van springs and the exhaust silencer wore an aluminium foil and plaster cast coat and it never rusted away again, although the connecting pipe fell apart a couple of times!' I loved that car and so must have the person that stole it!
  13. I can see why only one Alko receiver would be fitted. There are no end of moans about the difficulty of aligning and fitting the second Alko lock, so to do away with it, takes away that problem, saves weight and manufacturing costs too! A Purpleline Fullstop Nemesis Ultra, or the Bailey Nemesis as optional extras, can then be used for the other wheel. Bailey / dealers make a few more pounds selling an extra bit of equipment that was once included - everyone wins?!?!
  14. Nothing shows the dirt more than a black car and then as you know, they are a pig to clean and finish. There are a couple of options: Get a gold coloured car - Gold is the colour of dirt. I had a Harvest Gold Marina which only ever had the glass and lights cleaned. I had that car for 18 years. I moved on to Landovers, where dirt and mud enhances their street cred. When we had red cars, I got nagged by OH to clean them, but usually God did it for me with the wonderful Welsh rain. The current car is dark grey and I didn't have to wash it for 3 years, as it was in the dealer's so often and they washed it every time, however, there seems to be a lot of gold coloured dust in the air at the moment and I've already washed it twice this year. I don't do any of that polishing though!
  15. I do all the checks before we leave to make sure everything is locked down as it should be and all has been OK after each journey. However, one very gusty high wind, forecast to be up to 80 mph, managed to pop open the large Heki and let the rain poor in. The 'van was and had been parked at home for a few weeks when it happened. If it hadn't been locked down, I'm sure it would have popped up on the journey home. The locking button looks like it would keep the Heki in place, but that wind managed to overcome it. That being the case, the same could well happen in transit.
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