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  1. I don't require planning permission for the actual caravan as it's not going to be used as a separate dwelling. I also consulted the buildings regulations people and they said that they don't apply to a static caravan.
  2. I'm planning on siting a static home in the back garden. I don't really want a massive slab of concrete, so I'm looking for alternatives. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. Thanks Scoobz - Have you used your heater? It seems there is an entire thread about it being too noisy to use during the night, and not being very warm with others buying an additional heater to plug in!
  4. Thanks Rita, I've seen the images online, and the brochure, but was hoping for and actual first hand look, or non professional photos. They look a bit cream and non child friendly!
  5. Hi, Does anyone own a Avante 2013 model with the standard fabric? To cut a long story short, my old van was stolen last week, and we been offered an Avante 540 2013 model. Before agreeing to the purchase I (the Mrs) really wants to see inside one, or at least some photos of the cushions and curtains. Can someone email me over some photos? Alternatively, if your'e Essex could I came a take a look? (I've tried ringing lots of dealers, but none have any stock left as the 2014 model is out in a couple of weeks. thanks
  6. Just to add to this. Caravan was stored on driveway, but wan't easy to get to. It takes a good ten minutes for me to get it into position using the mover, and even then you can't drive it off without block up both lane of my street. The van was alarmed and secured with a RobStop WS 3000, which took them quite a while to saw through, they also used a blow torch to melt the plastic/rubber hitch surround. Not sure what else I could have done to prevent the theft :-(
  7. Has anyone had to claim with this broker? My caravan was stolen last week, so I'm just starting my claims process with them at present.
  8. How do I post a new topic? My Elddis Avante 540 was stolen yesterday from my driveway. Sorry to hear your news (post moved to a new thread). To start a new thread, go to the forum you wish to place it in, and click on the green box, top right entitled "Start New Topic". I hope we can be some help in tracing the thieves. Are you able to post a picture of your caravan, and list any identifying marks? Admin
  9. I live next to a corn field, and when this is harvested the air becomes very dusty. What I found this year was lots of straw dust had made it into the bathroom roof vent - most of it was caught on the fly mesh - however the vent was closed. Am I ttherefore missing a seal on this, or is the bathroom vent not air tight?
  10. Thanks for the replies, I have the PDF manual, but the Video is/was very helpful. That too suggests that the fan speed when set to "A" should adjust depending on the heat level - I don't think mine does. In automatic mode the fan speed seems to be constant irrespective of the heat produced by the heater. Can anyone confirm is they can see/hear a fan speed difference?
  11. Hi, I've the above system installed in my 2011 Elddis. http://www. myidealca. ..0ultraheat. html This page suggests that the Auto setting only works on the 2kw heater setting. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? I've just returned from a spell in the cold weather and didn't see difference between the manual fan speed, and setting it to auto. I'd expect the fan to only operate if the heater is actually turned on at the wall panel - mine runs all the time and the dial determines the fan speed.
  12. I'm off for a browse this Sunday. I'll be keeping my hands in my pockets though, as last at time at the NEC I bought a whole new caravan ! LOL
  13. I'm looking for an annex that is sufficiently large enough for three kids to sleep in. Ideally the annex need to have a built in ground sheet to keep the bugs out. Does anyone know if such an annex /awning combination exists? I've looked at the "universal" inner tents, but I'm not really convinced by this approach. Any make/model recommendations? thanks
  14. Have emailed Elddis to see if tehy can send me a replacement PCB. I'll report back to let you know how I get on.
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