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  1. Love reversing the caravan onto the pitch. I know the curtains are twitching in other vans so getting it right first time is great and it even impresses the OH. ...nothing like a few brownie points to start a holiday PS. haven't got a mover and don't intend to get one.
  2. Oh come on Laney16 my cooking isn't that bad
  3. No fun though unless your fighting howling gales and driving rain. ....and the OH doesn't know how many ciders I'm having outside
  4. Recently purchased the Cadac Grillogas and had a brilliant weekend cooking on it, even between the heavy showers and gales, and it didn't blow out once. We only have the reversible grill plate at present (I emphasise at present ) which was great for breakfasts and steaks. I will be purchasing the lid next I think but my question is. ... Has anyone found a good cheaper alternative to the paella pan? It seems a great cooking system and so easy to clean but the accessories do add up. Any suggestions most welcome. PS. Hope you all had as much fun as us over the Easter Break
  5. Towed our caravan up to the Mid Wales Coast 70 miles away up over Dinas Mawddwy (big hill in Wales) with 28 miles on the clock. Two and a half years later and 77,000 on the clock she's still running like a dream
  6. Mines medium please Mogwyth The OH has to have double figures before she leaves the house never mind taking the caravan
  7. Nightmare. .... I hope you had a large glass of wine or similar in the other hand whilst typing. .....
  8. We have a Bailey Ranger 2000 as our first van. Bought for £3000 three years ago and she's just been serviced today and is in tip top condition. We love it to bits and have no intention of changing it in the near future. Enjoy you will all love it
  9. Had the caravan serviced today by our local mobile engineer. All good apart from a couple of high damp readings in the shower area, she's a 16 year old van in cracking condition and we don't use the shower so not too concerned. Gave her a good clean with Fenwicks so she is gleaming. Also picked up a Cadac Grillogas from Go Outdoors with an extra 10% off for £89. 99, bargain I thought. Can't wait to get out there now and start the relaxing weekends of alfresco wining and dinning. Bring on the spring and summer and lets hope there good folks
  10. Its a 2000 model so 15 years old. ......sorry couldn't resist
  11. Far too busy and far too expensive. Going for a long weekend when the kids are back in school. The OH has got me in the garden all weekend. .....oh the joys and ooooh my back Enjoy if you are away.
  12. Always loved camping and would get away at least a weekend a month as well as main holidays. Loved the freedom and great outdoors. We had that terrible wet summer about three years ago and got away camping for one main weeks holiday and even then it wasn't dry all week. Executive decision made after that to step up to a caravan due to the weather (although I think age and air beds may have had a slight influence). Never looked back and wonder why we didn't do it years ago. If time and money permitted I would be away most weekends.
  13. Well all I can say after starting all this is that I have a "Hot Topic" on the forum On a more serious note thanks all and I'm glad I raised so much discussion.
  14. Thanks all very interesting comments. The van is a year 2000 so no warranty but in great condition, looked after very well by one previous owner who had it serviced a number of times. I've made the decision to check a lot my self this year and do my own service. Roll on the extra time away, might even be some cash left for extra cider
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