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  1. DIY carbon wrap kit used for fishing poles http://easycomposites. co. uk/#!/starter-kits/fishing-pole-repair-kit. html
  2. I did mine with a rock peg! I just heated it up on the caravan gas hob, it melted its way through and the perfect size hole.
  3. There is no way it will retail around £24k, the salesman in the Tesla dealer I had a chat with said around £35k. Evs are the future, but won't compete on price for a while yet.
  4. Many thanks for the information on window removal. What adhesive would you recommend? Would a polyurethane adhesive be an option?
  5. Has anyone ever used a polyurethane adhesive to rebond these units?
  6. Im not 100% sure about the rail but I'm assuming that the windows slide out and the windows on the Coachman are recessed.
  7. Just returned home from a trip from the south coast and on our week away the front centre window has completely de laminated. I am looking at doing a DIY repair on this window but do not want to remove the rail from the front of the the caravan. My questions are Can it be repaired in place? What adhesive options are best? Is epoxy resin an option? The Caravan is a Coachman 2006 Amara
  8. The recall listed is for a mk 1 Kuga up to 2010 build, the vehicle in the OP is a a mk 2 so totally unrelated.
  9. Powrtouch classic all the way. Fitted it myself, it took around 3 hrs an easy job actually.
  10. I have the 19 inch wheels on my Kuga not harsh at all and it doesn't tram line either. Only a little more motorway road noise than I like just me being picky.
  11. It's a small plastic panel will slide up and off revealing the fuses. But to get your Dab working again just disconnect battery positive for about a minute that should sort it. A later software update is available for these Dab issues on Smax.
  12. Heated towel rail all the way when the suns not shining. Under 100 watts though so no worries about leaving on most of the time.
  13. It may just shake up the caravan industry, if these finance companies put pressure on the manufacturers for an increase in quality. The caravans would need to be serviced in line with requirements but the consumer could buy a service plan from the selling dealer included in the monthly payment, just as done in the motor industry. My only real concern would be depreciation on the used caravan market as it could be flooded with new caravan sales.
  14. Yes. .. Kampa ace air 400. Use it nearly every trip now as it's so easy to set up.
  15. I have just changed my 2010 Mondeo 163ps to a 2016 Kuga 150ps and also tow a Coachman at 1480kg both great tow cars, with the Mondeo being slightly better due to the lower center of gravity. The Kuga will be fine with your set up but it won't be better than the Mondeo you already own.
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