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  1. Caravan had its 4th year service today need two new tyres the Duran 185R14C 102/100 (PR have signs of cracks and ageing, local tyre company is coming out and fitting and balancing on my drive GT Maxmiler all in £135.60.
  2. Oscarmax

    Ford Kuga

    We have just changed our 2017 Ford Kuga for a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the Kuga powershift 150 bhp performed faultlessly throughout our 3 years of ownership about 40 mpg solo/ 28mpg towing, we would have gone for the new Ford Kuga 2.5 PHEV but unfortunately it can only tow 1200kg
  3. I have a pole with a scarecrow, I mentioned it to one our friends on site, a couple of days later there was a scarecrow hanging from my mobility scooter and the pole on the seat. I take it down if it is too windy it could fall over and damage a caravan.
  4. I have the Victron MPPT smart controller and smart battery sense I can recommend it.
  5. Stevan when the Outlander engine drives a generator which in turn drives the motors any excess energy being is stored in the batteries.
  6. The Outlanders has very clever electronics, Mitsubishi recommend using the Charge Mode on fast roads on speeds over 40/45 or so charging the batteries uses no extra fuel so can be used to propel the vehicle uphill this can be used in built up areas to use in EV mode (full electric). However when towing distances the system needs some help, they recommend allowing to battery to discharge to around 50% then hit the charge button to maintain the charge in the battery, when going uphill you can feel the addition energy saved in the batteries push you up steep hills, running along the flat any addition energy is stored in the batteries slowing down/going down hill or braking etc energy from the regenerative system.
  7. Well Andy as promised I said I will update you,. On the 5th July we went to Black Knowl CMC site approximately 178.5 miles each way, we live near Stafford down the M6 Toll Road M6/M42/M40/A38/M3/M27 junction 2, as advised by the Dutch Outlander PHEV caravan owners allow the battery to discharge to about 50% then hit the charge button, this way you will have a power reserve for the hills, at speed below 40 mph switch back to EV mode. Using this method absolutely no problems on the way down 26.7 mpg on the way back 27.3 mpg, towed as good as our Ford Kuga, you just need to change your driving style, used no fuel on the 2 weeks holiday just paid the odd CMC £2.00 @ day for a charge. I spoke to 2 owners with the earlier 2 litre version, both never used the charge button and let the battery discharge to zero ?, one admitted his caravan was too heavy for his Outlander PHEV
  8. All I can say is Isabella plus I am quite the wife is very good with the awning
  9. I can still remember when we first started in 2002 we we so green it was unbelievable, fortunately we purchased a 2001 Swift Challenger 480SE to tow with our Citroën Xantia 1.9 diesel and learnt very quickly indeed.
  10. The latest 2.4 model is a vast improvement over the older 2.0 and existing models, Mitsubishi had to up their game due to up coming completion, driving solo there is little or no difference in performance between the Kuga and the Outlander PHEV, as regards all you hear in the press there is no wailing gearboxes or screaming engine just drive like a normal car.
  11. No problem Andy that will make two of us, not really sure if I have made the right decision the car came with a full tank of petrol and a full charge over the past couple of weeks/362 miles I have filled up to go away I spent a total of £9.98 on petrol + £3.96 on electric to achieve 362 miles and that includes 2 long journeys of over 70 miles, I am now fully charged up with electric and fuel to go away.
  12. Well up until last month a Ford Kuga 2.0 diesel 150 bhp Powershift, now we have changed to a Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV on Sunday 'Baptism of Fire' And forgot mileage 362 miles
  13. We are going on Sunday to avoid the mad rush, we have pay on arrival
  14. We phoned the this morning as regard Black Knowl the young lady has informed us the site warden are allocating pitches.
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