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  1. Yes, I have considered an extra panel how have you set yours up?
  2. Well on Friday finally managed to get away too our local CL, everything was going fine not forgotten anything etc. on the way back one of the Tyrepal sensors decided to have a hissyfit , stopped check the tyre not hot pressure 70psi (65 cold) so switched it off. Got back to storage yard used the mover to fit into my slot, but the last few millimetres lining up the AL-KO lock hand controller failed.
  3. At present we store our caravan in gold storage about 8 miles from our house, unfortunately the site is poorly maintained plus we can only access the site between 9.00am - 17.00pm Monday to Saturday, however Sunday only 12.00 - 16.00. We have be offered storage on a CMC CL that we use, the storage is clean, inside a barn, the gates are locked plus movements sensors, our insurance company are happy enough. (a) The CL is 28 miles away rather than 8 miles of our existing storage. (b) The CL storage is £150 cheaper than the gold storage, but our insurance will increase by about £25.00 (c) On the plus side we do not have to tow to the CL, but on the downside we have to collect and store it on the drive if we chose to go to the New Forest? (d) Being stored indoors the caravan is protected from the elements. We are tempted to change what would you do?
  4. To be honest you appear to be doing everything right, when we first started we were nervous feeling every bump and twitch, with time you will become more confident and relaxed, you have a good balanced outfit.
  5. Hope this helps https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=phev+towing+review&view=detail&mid=7F92672B3EF32DCAE2A07F92672B3EF32DCAE2A0&FORM=VIRE Tesla are already years ahead with electric vehicles able to tow caravans, this country needs to increase its investment in wind turbine, solar energy, hydroelectric and wave energy, it is a shame they have given the go ahead for a new coal fire power station and cut the solar energy grants ?
  6. We have always been treated like mushrooms and feed lots of bull, you just to look the pharmaceutical companies and all thief research and drugs, to latter find out it is all toxic?
  7. We seen this site a few years ago definitely not for us?
  8. Mercedes/BMW latest diesels are extremely clean producing very little NOX and CO2 far cleaner than the cleanest patrols and dare I say cleaner than some of the Hybrids. Petrol vehicles are now becoming under spot light due to there unacceptable emissions. As regards EURO 6 diesel engines some of the best EURO 5 were cleaner the worst EURO 6. To be honest it it one money making mess?
  9. I ok with that 65 mph is fine by me that way I am ahead of most commercial traffic and not impeding the progress of the 70 mph plus traffic. Towing I set the limiter at 60 mph, I might try raising it to 62 mph.
  10. Our Kuga has a MyKey option limiting the car to 80mph, unfortunately is either disabled or 80mph, no other options, however it does have separate speed control from 20mph +, on motorways I set it at 67mph to give a safety margin, it can be cancelled or restored by a press of a button on the steering wheel.
  11. We are on a new 45 house development having such a restrictive covenant in place for 5 years from moving in, we are into 2 years now, we have noticed at least 10 vans and 1 motorhome. The developer has told us in writing if anyone complains they will tell them to refer the matter back to their own solicitor, in theory they will not get involved. We have one neighbour is such a pain they have had the planners etc out on so many occasions to complain about nothing. We have taken the safe option rather than provoke the situation and kept the caravan in storage and will wait until nearer the 5 year restriction is nearly up. The developer have informed us we are allowed to bring the caravan home for loading and unloading, but given us no time limit.
  12. we went in June and September last year roads have been repaired, plus the section owned by CMC has been renewed, however as you come around the sharp right hand bend we have noticed in September the repair around the speed bump is starting to deteriorate again?
  13. This happened one year in Cornwall, the husband broken his ankle walking the coast path and had too be airlifted , the poor wife who had never driven the husbands car let alone tow a caravan in her life ended up in such a position she was terrified.
  14. I too can't see this being a problem, if you are paying for the pitch, you are not denying anyone else access, like others have highlighted some site have access issues, just contact the site in advance.
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