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  1. Our Swift Conqueror 480 2016 brakes squealed from day one, the dealer looked at them at the first service half way home started squealing again, second year service carried out by Swift approved mobile engineer the brakes were a little better, we are now on the third year service the same Swift approved mobile engineer removed the drum to find deep grooves in the offside brake shoes and drum and advised chasing up a warranty claim. The engineer has supplied a full report and photos, let see what happens, AL-KO shut down factory the factory in August, my warranty runs out 20th August 2019?
  2. That about the same as my Kuga towing 1500kg.
  3. How does the Passat perform when towing when you battery has depleted, I may be looking at a PHEV next year and could do with some feedback ?
  4. Mr Cabbage I can only assume you are having problems with your medication which could be a justification of your behaviour, if that is the case you really need to go back to your GP to get it sorted, don't feel upset or embarrassed it will sort itself out. A few years ago I decided to come of my 2500mg Epilium to zero I went a bit strange for while.
  5. Yes you are correct no new coal powered power station, I get confused sometimes.
  6. Back to the topic, I have just been looking at the difference between the CMC economy non electric and standard pitches, you are looking around £6 - £8 no wonder they are not worried about site usage ?
  7. We are only fair weather caravans and only use CMC sites, but we enjoy it I suppose a post word for us 'holiday makers'
  8. We have been down a similar route a few years ago but down to ill health, over the winter we decided to give up and sell the caravan especially due to the cost, in February we ended up selling the caravan and all the equipment, later that year we realised what a mistake we made and ended up by a new caravan and replacing all the equipment again. Regarding your damp problem due to our age and health we decided to buy a Swift Conqueror with the HT shell, due to being non timber construction nothing to really rot. It has been 3 years now since our mistake, we are glad we have changed your mind.
  9. No they are not if you do some research regarding carbon batteries and capacitors you will realise it is only around the corner.
  10. Whether we like it or not it all going to change EV are now here to stay, I struggle to understand why are people so frightened of EV? https://forum.whichmobilitycar.co.uk/forums/topic/i-think-this-is-the-ev-for-the-schemethe-mg-ezs-according-to-this-guy-21-5k/ https://forum.whichmobilitycar.co.uk/forums/topic/toyota-goes-electric-starting-in-2020-announces-massive-ev-offensive/ https://forum.whichmobilitycar.co.uk/forums/topic/octopus-ev-v2g-charger-earn-up-to-30-cash-back-every-month/
  11. I have to admit despite being a fan of the Mitsubishi PHEV it is good for shortest solo mileage (my energy provider Octopus off peak 5 pence kW, 50 pence for a full 25 mile charge) for long motorway journeys not such a good choice, as towing a caravan well it basically very poor, you have to just take the good with bad, all the free electric whilst on holiday.
  12. As thing stand the only electric vehicles are the PHEV they require around 10 kWh for a full charge, but due to the subsidy cut these are falling out of favour with the general public plus diesel are far more capable tow cars. The their are EV as agreed beside the Tesla there are no electric vehicle capable of towing a caravan at present, therefore the any EV on site will have to be towed suspended or on trailers behind motorhomes, plus they will probably be only used for short journey. At present the CMC or CCC have nothing to worry about.
  13. The Chinese vehicle industry has already developed more capable than the Tesla, in the next 5 -10 years carbon battery will have replaced all of the heavy pollutant Li- On batteries approximately less than a 10th of the weight plus extremely fast recharging using carbon capacitors. We will all be pulling caravans probably no different when we changed from large petrol engine to much smaller efficient diesel engines.
  14. I am all for EV PHEV and Hybrid vehicles, since the removal of the subsidy PHEV vehicle sales have dropped from around 17000 + to around the 12000 mark, quire a significant drop, Petrol Hybrid sales I think are up 32% and pure EV up about 90%. Both PHEV and Hybrid are really only a short term stop gap, plus the PHEV after the cut in subsidy are becoming less viable hence the fall in sales. As regards EV the Tesla is more than capable of towing a caravan, within a few years many other manufactures will follow suit, however, you can rest assured all this free electric will stop, these vehicles will all require fast charger and be unable to use domestic 13 - 32amp single phase supplies, so making charging at home and caravan site obsolete,it used to be free at motorway services, it is now chargeable, eventually we will all ended up charging at fast charging station which will include fuel duty. That my theory anyway.
  15. Oscarmax

    Kuga towbar

    I have a 2017 Kuga with a fixed flange, installed by Copthorne Services Shrewsbury no problem with reversing sensors.
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