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  1. Looks like my panel is going the same way, the settings button is unresponsive, the heating + button also playing up a little. 2016 Swift Conqueror 480 3020HE
  2. After joining the M6 yesterday motor clear travelling about 55mph along come a Numpty in a caravan as they overtook (all caught on front and rear dashcams) they must have forgotten they had a caravan on the back and nearly hit our offside and just missed the front of our car, there is no point in having towing mirrors if you don't use them Numpty.
  3. On the 3 pin socket you have 3 wires red positive, black negative and a blue wire. You can buy a new plug on eBay for a couple of quid, ignore the blue wire , connect up your 12v supply to an 12v to 24v invertor again which you can buy on eBay for a fiver connect the red and black, if you are using a small 20w solar panel you won't need a controller.
  4. Or just cover the solar panel with a towel. When removing battery terminals always remove the negative first, when refitting always connect the negative last.
  5. We tow our 1500kg Swift Conqueror 480 with a 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV, yesterday we had to drop of the caravan for servicing at Salop Leisure Shrewsbury 54 towing miles away about 50% of the journey A and B roads, despite numerous reminder to charge the PHEV up like a Numpty I forgot, in the morning it was only showing 6 miles left. Hitched the caravan on the back and off we went as we like out in the sticks the 6 miles battery reserve on lasted about 3 miles, however by the time we arrived at Salop Leisure we averaged just over 28 mpg. After the 01/09/2021 with the introduction of E10 petrol I wonder how much it will effect towing performance and fuel consumption.
  6. I take it you are looking at a MG PHEV, straight answer the caravans MTPLM needs to be 1500kg or less, be aware there has been reports on the forums of the MG dealerships being less than helpful and reliability problems.
  7. When we purchased our 2016 swift Conqueror 480 factory MIRO 1328 kg MTPLM 1454 kg, at the time we towed with a Ford Kuga and we went for the free upgrade to 1550kg, however in June last year we changed our towing vehicle with a Mitsubishi outlander PHEV with its 1500 kg towing limit. We email Swift who informed us we would have to contact the suppling dealer Salop Leisure Shrewsbury to downgrade the MTPLM to 1500 kg, who supplied us with written conformation and a new sticker, we removed the old sticker and replaced with the new.
  8. Last year new for old Saga Caravan Insurance £268 it is stored on our drive, this year £298 ?, contacted them to inform the 5 year the Tracker had come to an end, new price £324.08
  9. Oscarmax


    Well done your 23/25 mpg once the unit has loosened up a bit and you get your head around the regenerative system, initially we were achieving around the 26 mpg mark after about 2000 miles is increased to 28.5mpg measured fill to fill.
  10. About half past five this morning the wife was woken up by a police helicopter circulating the area, the farm just up the road from us stores motorhomes and caravans, some being very high spec and new, apparently 3 were stolen in the early hour of this morning, as far as we can gather trying to get away from the police they tried to cross Essex bridge at Shrugbough Hall a 16th century horse carriage bridge, it did not go well, i cannot only just cross with my 8 mph mobility scooter, definitely no room for a towing vehicle or caravan.
  11. We have a pair of Milenco Grand Aero mirror, they fitted perfect to our 2017 Ford Kuga both to the top of bottom of the mirror, on the odd occasion we have experienced the towing mirrors vibrating, but that is very rare. We recently purchased a set of the new Milenco Grand Aero Platinum, to date we have not had the opportunity to try them out. We have notice the fittings are much superior , the mirror arms are much thicker in diameter and the arm are slightly longer than our old Milenco mirrors. According to the manufacture they are designed to fit the latest aero shape mirror being fitted to cars and the latest 2.5metre/8' caravans.
  12. Briefly going down the M6 today we saw 4 vehicles towing a caravan, 3 of those vehicles 4x 4 no towing mirrors ? we have always carried a spare set of cheap mirrors just in case.
  13. We had a quick look at the new Isabella air awning, I have to admit we were quite impressed it a very well made as good as our Isabella full and Magnum 250 porch awning, I must admit I was put off by the price just over £2,000 for the small porch size to fit my caravan.
  14. Same here used factory settings, has work perfectly fine for the last 2 years
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