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  1. I have to agree it has become quite a nasty forum full of paper tigers, I have noticed some forum members posting on the Caravan Club site their behaviour is just the same.
  2. I have to agree enjoy it while you can we have an Outlander PHEV due to being able to charge up at home for 5 pence a kW we have managed to cover 3641 miles in just over 6 months, 90% of our journeys are less than 30 miles, due to the lockdown of those mile just over 880 of those miles towing our total fuel bill including petrol and electric just over £225, our previous tow car Ford Kuga diesel powershift running cost nearer the £550 marks, but I cannot see this lasting forever, like you said we never had it so good. A decent EV running cost over 10,000 miles charging at home @
  3. I have been using grease lightning for several years, I have only use it as a quick polish, Never as a waterless cleaner
  4. The 5 year tracker subscription on our 2016 Swift Conqueror 480 comes to an end next year, when we originally purchased the caravan new due to the value the insurance companies "New for Old" including Saga required the tracker to be fitted and subscription paid. The caravan is now 5 years old we still wish to retain the "New for Old" is it worth having a new tracker fitted?
  5. As promised My 2019/20 built before March 2020 Newsletter SNL-2020-54-007 Apparently will not notice any problems for the fist 6/12 months, if you does have start to have a problem just inform the dealer Complaint and refer to the Mitsubishi Bulletin News Letter above. https://www.facebook.com/groups/342911965900842/permalink/1347702388755123/
  6. Achieving 50 mpg is one thing but it is the average fuel consumption measured at the pump that really matters, our previous car a 2017 Ford Kuga 2.0 diesel Powershift would achieve around 45/46 mpg on a good day solo however average consumption was nearer 40mpg summer and 38mpg in the winter.
  7. Have a look at the new Skoda Superb estate 150 DSG, Skoda re claiming 60+ solo
  8. Tom I have to agree it is not £40k worth of motor, but in the last 12 months prices have dropped dramatically, our friend has just leased a new Hyundai SanteFe, on a run solo he achieves 50 + mpg or around 28mpg towing a twin axle, the diesel is not dead quite yet.
  9. Tom in every day solo use I would agree, the Outlander PHEV towing is a different story apparently the later 2.4 model is an improvement over the pervious 2.0, but it is far from perfect you need to keep and charge the batteries up as much as possible. If you look at the Outlander PHEV forum it is well documented. As regard towing a caravan at present there is not substitute for a diesel towing, owners who expecting their PHEV to tow as well as a diesel are going to be disappointed, a PHEV is just an alternative choice not a replacement. The new Mercedes GLA an
  10. On Wednesday we popped into Stafford to buy some more Christmas presents for the grandson, several people in shops without masks or just over their mouths, in BM several of the middle aged staff no masks at all and total disregards to social distancing, we noticed the same attitude in Rugeley and Cannock, you can understand why we are in tier3.
  11. The first time towing in July (due to the lockdown we had very little mileage with the car) we were a bit new and inexperienced following some poor advice , we put the PHEV in EV mode by the time we reached the M6 toll road services approximately 22 miles the battery was completely depleted, we press the Charge mode and assumed the PHEV towing would just charge up in a few miles, wrong, however over the next 150 or so miles we did manage to charge up 8 miles of charge towing, we found using B5 gave us the best energy regeneration. On our next trip out put into D and B5, we let the
  12. No Honda announcement they will not be selling pure ICE car by the end of 2022.
  13. Richi Jennings: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV FAQ Are you aware of the European MY2019 car, due to the additional bugginess of the BMS, there is a dealer fix for this I will try to find out the dealer code
  14. I achieved those figures in the summer and the warmer end of October, when towing I use the Charge mode after dropping it down to 50%, never tried using Save mode while towing, in September towing 178 miles we were achieving about 28.5mpg brim to brim fill, the onboard display always reads a bit higher, we tow around the 55mph mark, just going up to 60mph makes a 1 or 2 mpg difference. But you are correct about your EV battery range this time of year with the heater on 16 miles
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