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  1. At the moment I am covering 9 miles per week taking the wife to Tesco's and Morrison, we filled up the fuel tank the other day at this rate it will take approximately 52 trip to Tesco's to empty the fuel tank ?
  2. I just cannot understand some peoples pure ignorance and stupidty
  3. We have received a text from our friends, they are on site at Hurn Lane CMC, they have been told leave by the wardens the CMC are closing all sites.
  4. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/news/our-latest-statement-on-coronavirus-covid-19
  5. The wife phoned the CL in Much Wenlock we booked for April and cancelled, shame the owner obviously sounded very disappointed, plus the area has been hit by the floods, with all this the local economies may never recover. We are going to monitor the situation and cancel our booking if necessary, plus take all the necessary precaution to keep other and ourselves safe. One question as been going around my head, Europe and the free movement of people, is this going to have a long term effect are we going to see the end of free movement in Europe, like I say just an idea in my head.
  6. I tried to amend a booking once phone the site a some grump women answer the phone, she just cancelled my booking, I told I wanted to admen not cancel, to late she replied it done now, I cancelled my membership.
  7. From what I have read on the internet between 10,000 to 30,000 people die from the flu in the UK every year, how correct this is I do not know. We are in our mid 60's I have diabetes and scarring to the lungs, we will still go away in the caravan but be a bit more careful and use our own facilities. The government advice wash your hands regularly and keep surface clean etc, for the majority of us this has been standard practise throughout our lives. We have never left my little dogs in kennels, that is why we brought the caravan.
  8. We booked a CL near Much Wenlock for late April, unfortunately it looks like we are going to cancel, as part of the trip we were going to visit our old neighbours who are in their late 70/80's, the husband had a stroke the end of last year. To add to all this the area has recently suffered from severe floods. I have diabetes and scaring on my lungs so obviously have to be careful I could always delay until September, as regards warden on site, maybe only 1 member at a time with the wardens in the office?
  9. Sorry I should have said when you are towing
  10. I have placed an order for a new Outlander PHEV, I would be interested have you had to change your driving style, do you save, charge or just let the Outlander PHEV sort itself out.
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