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  1. With our PHEV we have several modes just leave in D and let the computer sort it out, Save Mode saves the battery charge so if it has 15 miles left and you press save it will save that charge for use for later the ICE will start up at time as required, Charge Mode the ICE will fire up and power the motors any spare energy will be used to charge the batteries. When towing a caravan with a PHEV they recommend you use charge mode that way on a hill the batteries can supply power in addition to the ICE (engine)
  2. Now we have made the compromise we would never got back to a diesel for us far to expensive to run, our monthly fuel bill including electric dropped from around £80 per month to around £20 per month.
  3. We recently change from a Ford Kuga 150 bhp diesel powershift to the new Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 PHEV, so can offer a direct comparison. Without a doubt the Ford Kuga was a better towcar, the Outlander PHEV is more than competent towcar returning virtually the same 28mpg towing and for us suits are needs 100%, but in reality you cannot beat the modern diesels for towing.
  4. I must be getting paranoid in my old age, car manufacture are slowing dropping diesels models in favour of petrol .PHEV and EV. Due to all the equipment caravans are getting heavier, whilst due to emissions targets cars are getting lighter.
  5. When towing they recommend charge mode with a PHEV
  6. We tow with the new 2.4 Outlander PHEV we always use the charge mode when towing, as long as you keep some reserve in the batteries for steep inclines the vehicle is fine.
  7. The Skoda Superb PHEV has the same underpinning and powertrain as the latest VW Passat GTE, might be worth looking up the VW GTE forums https://www.practicalcaravan.com/reviews/vw-passat-gte-advance-estate
  8. We did consider the Skoda Hybrid, were informed by the main dealer if you intend to tow at the time of ordering you need to specify the towing pack at the time of ordering, it cannot be retrofitted and you cannot tow, also the towing limit is 1600kg so you are just inside.
  9. We have all been guilty of driving old diesel cars, but the Government advised us all to change even offering incentives, now we are the baddies
  10. John don't feel pressurised , we are all guilty in the modern world of polluting the planet in some shape of form.
  11. Our 2017 2.0 Ford Kuga Diesel 150 Powershift over the 3 years of ownership we travel just under 20,000 miles, apart from 3 or 4 journey a year towing the caravan and trip to the daughters 70 miles to see the grandson total less than 5,000 mile the remaining 15,000 miles on very short journeys less than 25 miles, absolutely no problems with the DPF or any regeneration problems?
  12. We did consider the new Skoda Superb estate PHEV, apparently its sister car VW Passat GTE is an excellent towcar
  13. The US model of the Kia Niro EV has a towing capacity of 2800lb, the UK model N/A, it proves before long we will see affordable EV's capable of towing.
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