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  1. Hi were do you get the dongle from?
  2. And Kia Sportage 1.6 and 2.0 Diesel Hybrid
  3. I have been following the Outlander PHEV on the Outlander Forum for the past 18 months, apparently the Outlander batteries do not like the fast charger?
  4. I having been reading the reviews on the US Ford Escape PHEV it did not fair very well due to all the additional weight of the hybrid system against the 1.5 litre 3 cylinder engine, so I am not surprised it has a 1200 kg limit. On the CMC site strangely it can tow 1500kg ?
  5. I have found this link, the Toyota Estima Hybrid was underpower so I am not surprised? https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-reviews/15576/toyota-estima-hybrid
  6. I am going to change my diesel Ford Kuga 150bhp powershift to the new 2.4 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV later this year, I am under no illusion, at present the Kuga 2 litre diesel engine is far superior at towing than the Outlander PHEV, l however only tow a couple of times a year to the New Forest which is 180 miles each way and not too hilly and to several local CL or CMC sites, about 85/90% of my mileage is less than 25 miles. So for me it is a no brainer
  7. In 2013 we purchased a 2012 Bailey Unicorn Madrid caravan is was virtually like new and an excellent price, it was as described and fully serviced we found them excellent and trustworthy. We sold the caravan privately in early 2016 it was still like new plus we only lost £2,000.
  8. Our 2016 Swift Conqueror 480 was stock model we had to pay for the payload upgrade to 1554kg, however, we are changing our towcar this year, the manufacture has put a 1500kg maximum towing limit, I have contacted Swift they have informed I need to contact my supplying dealer to downgrade the payload to 1500kg.
  9. here is the link, look under FAQ for the jockey wheel shaft diameters, the premium jockey wheel is 48mm, you will probably find your existing jockey wheel is 48mm. I have a AL-KO premium jockey wheel for the past 3 years excellent piece of kit, I have tried all the different system including the Reich digital noseweight guage, the AL-KO is quick and simple to use on every journey. https://www.alko-tech.com/uk/premium-jockey-wheel
  10. Oscarmax


    Many years ago we towed our 2001 Swift Challenger 480SE with our 2005 Suzuki Vitara 1.6 petrol manual from the Midland to Longleat, travelling along the A road ok, however towing alone the M4 motorway it really struggled, when I say struggled we are talking 3rd gear due to a slight incline and gradient, plus the fuel consumption abysmal, never again.
  11. A few years ago they removed the main wardens partway through the year at Black Knowl CMC site in Brockenhurst and sent them to Cheddar were they did not last long before being removed.
  12. I phoned Sargent they have given me the same advise as you 120 watt 6 amps ok, later EC600 are fitted with a 10 amp polyfused so can take more
  13. My present solar set up on my 2016 Swift Conqueror 480 uses a Sargent electric system, using a Sargent 80 watt mono panel, Sargent PWM solar controller to the Sargent EC600 power system. The solar system feeds into the EC600 system using a JST 2 pin connector, my current EC600 is fitted with a 6 amp polyfused, later systems are fitted with a 10 amp polyfused. The Sargent solar PWM controller uses 2 pin Tyco Mate n lock connectors. Original we stored the caravan on a gold storage site, but now we have decide to store the caravan on our drive next to our bungalow. We now are finding our present solar setup is not efficient as before, this is due to masking of the bungalows gable end wall. At this moment in time we are registering 0.3 amps it is clear winter day and sunny using the Sargent PWM controller. I have already purchase a Victron MPPT 75/10 Smart controller, I have also made up a loom to connect up the Swift Tyco Mate n Lock connector to the new MPPT controller, I don't which to cut into the Swift wiring loom. Here my question, replace the original Sargent 80 watt Mono panel with a Victron 120 watt Mono solar panel feeding through Victron solar MPPT controller then to the Sargent EC600 which will give around 6 amps or Add an addition Victron 80 watt Mono solar panel wired up to the Sargent 80 watt panel in series, the original system is using 2.5mm solar cable, I will need to extend the solar cables less than 2 metres giving approximately 10 amp, however, the MPPT will have a 40v working range rather than the standard 20v. The only disadvantage is I will have to use a fused connect to the habitation battery rather than the Sargent EC600 unit and therefore not be able to register my solar amp reading on the Sargent display panel, this no hardship as the Victron MPPT smart controller Bluetooth to my iPhone.
  14. On the property, but I suppose you could be right it probably would include the caravan.
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