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  1. A friend in Devon has just told me she is seeing a number of caravans on the A30 - really??
  2. What about "unnecessary journeys". If you broke down, you would then have to come into contact with a breakdown driver - putting him/her at risk. How selfish can you get?
  3. Cadac have replied - not available for this model
  4. Thanks Ian - thats what we want but it appears to be discontinued!!
  5. We would like to do roast chicken on the Safari chef 2 Is roasting pan available or only for the larger models? If so, where can I buy one? Has anyone made use of an alternative pan - ie not Cadac? Please don't reply saying we should have bought different BBQ - not helpful. Thanks
  6. Thanks but our departure is 10 pm
  7. We are travelling to St Malo, leaving Portsmouth at 10pm. What do other overnight travellers do about food? We don’t want to eat on the ferry as a) it will be rammed and b) too late for us to eat. What is the terminal cafe menu like?
  8. Hi everyone. Couple of active OAP's going to France in June for the first time. Would like a site within a couple of hours of St. Malo. Good facilities in terms of loos and showers and, if possible, a pool but not essential. Prefer a quiet location but within driving distance of the coast and interesting local sights. Not bothered about shops or restaurants on site but would like a nice village or town nearby. Suggestions please. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks but buying new. Cheers
  10. That would be very useful. Have found the leak - one of the grey tubes had a hole in it - have no idea how it happened. Repaired it with a bicycle patch. Saving up for an Isabella - never going to have an air awning again!!
  11. Oh yes - many times. The first problem I had was the same as everyone else - the outer poles bending. They are not interested at all
  12. Does anyone have details of a company that does a mail order repair service for Kampa air awnings? I have an air leak that is proving too difficult to find. Please don't reply telling me they are rubbish - I am well aware of that - just need help finding a repairer and I dont want to do it myself so don't need instructions on how to repair the ???? thing.
  13. Hi again! We have booked our trip but are finding it hard to arrange decent travel insurance. Anyone else over 65 who have found insurance for such a trip - no health problems to declare. The main problem is that the cancellation cover is only £10000.
  14. Can anyone recommend a supplier at sensible prices for a wheel spat please?
  15. Have many of you upgraded to Premium Economy on the flights?
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