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  1. Hi Dave Stockport fella . Plassey is a lovely site but can't go to Wales and feel comfortable about it .. we all have to abide by the guidance or ae arebeing hypocritical I suppose . Was thinking of Morcambe maybe for a few nights at half term but pools closed .. hate these fecking masks .. maybe leave it till next year and just sleep in the van for a few nights in the garden and imagine I've travelled to France if I dont look out of the window 😉😂😂. Will carry on with my investigation into full covers in the meantime 👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Hi all . Thanks for all the good advice . Pegs live in a box normally but hurriedly collected washing this morning as it started raining whilst bringing van into garden . Hoop was living on hardstanding whilst caravan was at dealer .. normally at other end of garden to facilitate long (3pt)shot practice by my youngest .. his speciality for his team 🏀🏀😉 . Advice on a winter cover would be welcome .. should I be concerned about humidity and does it need to be bone dry when initially covered ? if it does .. that ship has sailed I suppose 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Well after a phone call yesterday completely out of the blue .. all the repairs have been completed .. collected this morning .. just need to ensure the fridge is working by testing over the next few days .. Hopefully all will be good and some happy times can be had when this awful Covid19 stuff is finally under control . Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy . Who has plans not to go to Wales now the Welsh people have finally been able to say "Cadwch draw" to the English and mean it 😉. I love Wales btw and have family ties as my Grandma was Welsh so not being prejudicial in any way . Than
  4. Hi all . Just a quick update to this thread . 1st thanks to all those that have commented/messaged/replied... all was greatly appreciated. The van is still with the dealers and has not yet had all the repairs done .. apparently all that is outstanding is the fridge .. the most important/most ridiculous fault of all .. " waiting for parts" " no idea when it will be sorted" . We have now paid 2 payments of the small finance amount and have had the van in our actual possession for about 18 days since August 11th . It has been in the dealers workshop since 28th/29th August. It has become t
  5. If I ever get my van back from the dealer I plan to tow it occasionally with a 20 reg transit van .. will this be an issue ?? It's just a custom model swb my work van that I transport my tools in but it will be great to put the bikes in and fishing gear .
  6. Junglejim.. I collected the van on the 11th August so well within the 6mths you mention. I really don't want to go down the rejection route with all the ensuing stress that this will cause so hope the dealer can rectify the faults to my satisfaction ,my wife would probably not want to continue with the Caravan scenario if this happened so for me the better outcome would be fix and be happy but I suppose oit of my hands atm and up fo the dealers after sales skills to sort this. General thoughts on after sales service if the dealer is the same as you would be good as forewarned is forarmed in
  7. The fridge was powered up and on collection but obviously it takes a good while to cool consequently 1st test was on shakedown .. fella in the neighbouring van had same Dometic model in his Lunar and reckoned cooling system probably failed due to being shutdown for so long whilst in dealership care ... is this a common issue ?? .. on my radar if it is as we are lucky enough to be able to store in our rear garden so it can be powered up regularly over the winter (spare beer fridge maybe 😉🤔)
  8. I really like the van .. wouldn't have bought it if that wasn't the case 👍🏻. But I have concerns obviously about the service records so will pursue this moving forward .. thanks Paul1957 for that little nugget of info .. hope that is the case 🤞
  9. Always appreciate advice and I'm good with the tools so if I can help I am happy to try .

  10. Sorry in advance for the lengthy 1st post Hi All . I'm a newbie to the forums and site in general but an oldie to caravanning (grew up spending most of my holidays in either static or touring vans till I was 13/14yrs old) . We have recently taken the plunge and bought a 2018my Elddis Chatsworth 550 from a well known dealership ( the Chatsworth is their own special) collecting it on the 11th August after about a 6 week wait for them to prepare it for us (committed to sale on the 28th June after many visits and weeks of deliberation on layout, berth, make, budget etc) . Our first trip away
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