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  1. The Kampa has the pads so I might try the the suckers which are cheaper and if that doesn’t work I’ll get some poles. BTW the limpets are used on the flat surface of my van only as they won’t stick at all against the decal...
  2. I have now bought two sets of “limpets” that I use to hold my Kampa awning to the van, not because I am flush, as they are £20 a pop but because they keep breaking. The most recent set were brand new and on first use three have broken, the screw thread part has broken away from the sucker. Has anyone else suffered this problem and what alternatives are there as I resent paying twenty quid for something that lasts five minutes...
  3. Ledzep

    Van levelling

    ...and what is everyone's preferred way of levelling side to side, straight forward ramps with chocks or something like the milenco triple that has the predetermined levels...?
  4. Ledzep

    Van levelling

    Probably sounds a daft question but when levelling your van, where do you tend to put your spirit level etc, on the floor, on a work surface?
  5. As an ex Traffic Cop, if a collision occurred as a result of someone speeding, using a mobile phone or through not complying with the law in some other way, obviously that would be taken in to consideration regarding any prosecution. I should imagine that when you inform your insurance company of the incident and/or at renewal time and you explain that you have been prosecuted for careless/dangerous driving they would wish to know the circumstances, and although it may not preclude you from being insured I am sure the premiums would reflect the stance of the insurance company...
  6. Ledzep

    Pay up front

    I bought my first (and only at the moment) used van from Wandahome at South Cave a couple of years ago and was aware of the reputation. I had absolutely no problems. Picked the van, paid a deposit on CMC, came back about a week later after it was inspected and cleaned, got about an hour of familiarisation, once satisfied paid the balance on debit card...
  7. My latest car is the first one bought new, previous have been at least three years old. I have always run them in to the ground basically, and will probably do the same with this one, but having bought new I'm spoiled and will buy new again when the time comes, yeah and I've heard all the arguments about losing thousands as soon as its driven off the forecourt, doesn't matter...
  8. Same happened to me with my new car. Got a price on carwow which was £2,500 cheaper than my local dealer but was at the other end of the country. Told the local dealer I was willing to travel, suddenly they price matched...
  9. I was once driving down the M1 in rain when a HGV came past blasting its horn and the passenger pointing at the roof of my van, pulled on to the hard shoulder and found the roof light was up. Couldn't understand this as I always check the van while its on the storage pitch. Then it occurred to me, Id had it serviced a couple of days prior and remember it was a hot day and the engineer had asked if he could open the roof light to let some air in. Lesson learned. ..
  10. The concertina style blind on the small kitchen window behind the cooker in my 2007 Swift Challenger 480 is discoloured through age/grease? I went on line to see if I could get a replacement blind and via a swift forum I was contacted by a company in Grantham. I gave them all the details and specified it was the blind I required, they got back to me with a quote of £199. 99 plus £15 postage, but that was for a full replacement window fitting. Is there anyway I can replace the blind cheaper or in fact remove it and clean it?
  11. That happened to me, couldn't understand why the water wouldn't heat up, had left the vent cover on and had triggered the cut off. ..
  12. Done that a couple of times! Also, first outing after winter layup, on site filling the toilet and suddenly shouted to our lass, ***** we've got a leak, yeah when the water running along the bottom of the van suddenly took on a pink colour realised I hadn,t put the toilet drain plug in. And don't get me going about leaving the lid up top unfastened and having a HGV driver blasting his horn and waving at me like a mad man on the M1, oh and last week not checking the microwave door was fastend and got on site with a nice pile of glass to clean up off the floor as the dish had decided to liberate itself. ..
  13. Policy small print usually states that it’s your responsibility to tell your insurer about any accident, however minor and regardless of whether a claim is likely to be made. “The reason being that some drivers may say at the roadside they don’t want to make a claim, but later change their mind," says Emma Banks from insurer Esure. “People may initially think the damage is minor, but later find out repairs are more than they expected or that there’s unseen damage and then decide to make a claim.” So as well as swapping details or telling the police, even if both parties agree there’s no harm done, you should still let your insurer know. Doing this won’t necessarily affect your premium, especially if no claim is made, according to Selwyn Fernandes from insurer LV=. “Some insurers, including LV=, won’t let this information affect the premium, provided that neither party claimed for the accident.” And if you’re in any doubt about whether you need to report any collision, however minor, it’s always better to report it to the police along with your insurer than do nothing.
  14. . ..its not a criminal offence unless the damage was done deliberately with guilty knowledge, how ever it is a Road Traffic Offence. It goes something like this. .. If owing to the presence of a motor vehicle on a road an accident/collision occurs that results in damage to a vehicle other than that vehicle, roadside furniture etc. etc. , then the driver of that vehicle MUST stop, give their name and address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle if different, and the vehicle registration mark, to any person so requiring those details. If the driver is unable to do this then they MUST report it as soon as practicable to a police officer in uniform or a police station at least within 24 hours. If injury occurs to any person other than the driver of that vehicle then an insurance certificate must be produced etc. etc. This applies in essence to ALL parties involved, not just the person causing or being the victim of the damage. It is also a good idea to inform your insurance company of any collision whether damage is caused or not as they do not look kindly at being informed by the the third party insurers! So basically we have possibly careless driving, fail to stop, fail to provide details, fail to report, this depends on whether the rib puller has reported it himself or not. Generally speaking the old bill do not get involved if there is no injury, its just an insurance job. Its been a while since I practised Traffic Law so apologies in advance. ..
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