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  1. We had a weekend booked in July and they've sent me a confirmation email...
  2. Just been on the website of a site we had several weekends booked at and it states they're reopening 5 July....
  3. We had a week booked at a site next to windermere in August. The site cancelled and refunded last month. Thought it was a bit premature but what can you do...🙄
  4. Wether the Coronavirus is like flu or not, flu is a lethal, contagious virus that kills literally thousands each year in uk compared to the, regrettably, but small number in over two months from corona virus. North of the border over 20000 died 2017-2018, it’s as predictable as Christmas falling on 25th December. My simple question is, apart from offering flu jabs, why do we not have these restrictions imposed every year around winter to prevent the spread of a virus that is just as deadly (the figures speak for themselves) and kills thousands, and please don’t give me the ‘youre comparing apples with oranges’ response. We’re talking about two deadly contagious virus, one that kills thousands and is expected every year and the Coronavirus....
  5. The point I’m making is that flu is lethal and extremely contagious killing thousands each year in the uk, over 20000 in Scotland in 2017 - 2018, probably worse than Coronavirus but the country didn’t go into meltdown closing gyms, pubs, restaurants etc. etc. So why now?
  6. From the BBC news website in 2018 Winter deaths in Scotland at highest level in 18 years 16 October 2018 The number of people who died in Scotland last winter hit an 18-year high, new statistics have revealed. There were 23,137 deaths between December 2017 and March 2018, according to the National Records of Scotland - the highest figure since 1999/2000. It also revealed that the seasonal increase in mortality - the number of "additional" deaths in winter - was 75% greater than in 2016/17. The main underlying causes of the deaths were influenza and pneumonia. Why did more people die last winter? Last winter saw the highest rate of flu-like illness is Scotland for seven years, leaving the NHS facing "exceptional pressures". Age Scotland said the National Records of Scotland (NRS) figures were "staggering". Don't recall the country going into panic mode....just saying...
  7. Coronavirus hit our shores end of January and we’ve had 144 deaths compared to Italy that’s had 29 at the end of February and it’s hit 3405 so what’s your point...
  8. ...250000 are going to die according to the other poster and I was just wandering, bearing in mind that 17000 die in the uk every year from flu, at what point will we reach the 250000 deaths, seeing as over two months we’ve only just got into double figures? This is the third pandemic in 63 years, 1957 Asian flu killed thousands in the UK, millions worldwide. 1969 Hong Kong flu killed 30000 in uk, 2 to 4 million worldwide. Spanish flu killed millions, swine flu, Noravirus. No one panicked or panic bought then, people just got on with it. No one mentions these as if Coronavirus had never happened before and the world is about to end...
  9. ...250000 are going to die according to the other poster and I was just wandering, bearing in mind that 17000 die in the uk every year from flu, at what point will we reach the 250000 deaths, seeing as over two months we’ve only just got into double figures?
  10. How many deaths so far after two months? Anywhere near the 17000 that die each year from the flue?
  11. That’s what the man said, live on the tv, in front of an audience of millions, I took notice because I’m a rugby league supporter and that has been stopped because of crowds...
  12. It beggars belief that anyone would use their infrequent journeys as an excuse for not knowing the rules of the road. As a retired cop with 6 years as a traffic cop it never ceased to amaze me that there were not more accidents on the roads. Truly there are people driving now who should not be allowed anywhere near a vehicle, how they passed a test in the first place is beyond me. The old excuse of ‘I learned to drive in the army and things have changed since then’ that I heard many times in my career also doesn’t hold water. Don’t get me started on safe braking distances, not knowing what a national speed limit sign infers...🙄
  13. 17,000 is researchable fact, who speculated...sorry forecast 250,000. This is the reason why people are panicking, the speculators are coming up with figures that are not verifiable, all to sell newspapers, we’ve had 50 deaths in 7 weeks, exponentially to achieve 250,000 deaths the virus would need to hang around for 673 years...
  14. I will probably get accused of being a ‘Coronavirus denier’ but here goes: Each and every year some 17,000 die in the uk alone from flu, 200,000 in the USA. Some 600,000 thousand each and EVERY year worldwide, this is not fantasy this is statistics from official sources. The Spanish flu claimed 50,000,000 lives. The virus has been on our shores since the end of January, some seven weeks or so, and I believe that we have had around 50 unfortunate fatalities, all, bar none have been elderly with ‘underlining medical issues’ the same demographic of most if not all flu deaths. This works out at roughly 1 in 400,000. Recently the press reported on a mother and new born baby being infected which the press made great play over. The mother and the child which was days old have made full recoveries without medication. The Chinese now state that the number of new cases has diminished considerably in China. The Russians and Malaysia who locked down their borders have had very few incidents, Rwanda has had none. Experts state that 150,000,000 Chinese would have to be infected to achieve the same percentage of deaths as the Americans have had so far. I recently did a straw poll of family and friends, some who work for the NHS, one is a maintenance contractor for a private landlord servicing hundreds of properties and one is a property/land developer who travels extensively and not one of them have knowledge of any family, friends, colleagues, neighbours etc who have contracted the disease. Obviously people have, I’m just trying to give a different angle on the situation. I am not being flippant or heartless, I have a 85 year old father who I care for dearly. I think people should do a bit of digging and see exactly what is going on. All kinds of theories are doing the rounds, the Chinese trying to ‘cull’ the elderly, using it as a reason for the global economic downturn, I don’t know but it does seem draconian and out of all proportion the measures that are being proposed. Telling people over 70 to self isolate for twelve weeks, keep away from pubs, clubs and the like. I enter road running events and have just received a email from English Athletics stating that all events have been cancelled until further notice and it will be 18 months before a vaccine is available, my local running club has cancelled all club meets until further notice. The London Marathon has been cancelled. I understand we have to follow the guidance of the chief medical officer who has stated that the chances of contracting the virus is ‘extremely low’ and that the chances of spreading the virus in a crowd is also extremely low but the chances of passing it to the person next to you is extremely high??? I suppose I may be verging on the ‘conspiracy theorist’ but personally I honestly and truly believe that there is something far more sinister going on and this is a smokescreen to cover it. Brexit, global economic downturn, who knows, it has even been suggested (and one of the democrats has been on tv stating this) that it has deliberately been done to scupper the upturn in the American economy to bring down trump who is not very well liked... I am not one to bury my head in the sand but as from this morning I am avoiding the news as best I can and until such time as somebody taps me on the shoulder and tells me otherwise I will carry on as normal....
  15. The Kampa has the pads so I might try the the suckers which are cheaper and if that doesn’t work I’ll get some poles. BTW the limpets are used on the flat surface of my van only as they won’t stick at all against the decal...
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