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  1. Have you turned it all off and rebooted this sometimes works
  2. no you was not to rude to him you only asked him a question about the van if he has got nothing to hide then whats the problem i to would ask the question about damp and check it when i saw it to make sure after all its your money regards paul
  3. On the main control panel there should be a master switch you need to put on it's above the pump switch and on the pdu there should be a fuse that says van and batt 15 amp check that as well hope this helps your pdu is automatic so it all changes itself Regards Paul
  4. Yes all the sites are using this system for safety Regards paul
  5. All depends on what your insurance says some say you must have both on and some say one is ok as long as you put a wheel clamp on the other side it's your choice just remember they don't need an excuse not to pay out if your van is stolen
  6. Hi all just had a email off them to say as from Monday the 15 you can visit your van you need to phone up and make an appointment when you would like to go they will give you a time slot of 1 hour to check your van you need to bring your own tools with you if need to do anything they will let 2 people per car in but one must stop in car by van the rest of the site will be closed until they are told they can open this is for England only just info for you Regards paul
  7. Hi there I have been with the CCC arrival for many year never had problem with them give them a ring and ask for there best price you will get it cheaper than that you got most to lose only a phone call Regards the snowman
  8. can these be used if you have a mover fitted regards paul
  9. Have you touch the display as ours goes to sleep and when you touch it /comes back into life just an idea for you Regards paul
  10. Very good idea would be great to see pics of what you done and how to do it Regards Paul
  11. Hi we are at present with the caravan club and have to fit the two wheel locks but they have said we can put one on the other side instead as long as we have got 2on they are ok with this and yes if we fit both on one side we use a trolley jack Regards paul
  12. Hi there make sure your out let valve is pushed right down as sometimes if not it can drip and empty out you might have to pull it up and push down hard just an idea as we have had this happen to us Regards paul
  13. Thank you for the info Regards paul
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