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  1. I've fitted semi-flexible panels to the roofs of our last 3 caravans and used Sicoflex EBT+ from Screwfix each time. It's strong, weatherproof and flexible and has worked very well. https://www. screwfix. com/p/sika-sikaflex-ebt-all-weather-sealant-white-300ml/87344 I also used these weatherproof boxes to connect the cables and to pass them through the roof: https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/MULTIPLE-ENTRY-ROOF-GLAND-BOX-3-GLANDS-CABLE-SOLAR-SATELLITE-MOTORHOME-CARAVAN/121955066068?hash=item1c6516a0d4:g:NKcAAOxysstSUnCi:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true I put a generous amount of Sicoflex underneath the box and when you tighten up the nut it spreads and squeezes out making a very good seal. Just smooth the excess around the join. The box will take a number of compression glands which can be used for solar cable and any other cables you want to bring through the roof. I have a camera mounted on the back of the roof and bring the cables for that through the box as well. I've never had any problems with the Sicoflex EBT+ or the boxes.
  2. I wish it were easy as I'd really like to convert my Toshiba 22" to 12v, but unfortunately it appears to be much more involved than you might think. I've trawled around the internet looking for information about it and articles by people who have done it and there really isn't anything. The only things I found are forums and threads like this one with people speculating about it. So the conclusion I've come to is that unless you really know what you're doing then forget it.
  3. You might want to contact them just to make sure that they do actually allow Safefill filling. Before I bought mine I phoned around and all but one of the places listed on Safefill's site had not heard of them or didn't have a refill service. The one place that did allow Safefill is fortunately the closest and is only 45p per litre. I think that the people on this site are doing a better job than they are at promoting their product! Jules
  4. It's a portable heater at home not in the caravan. There's a built in heater in the caravan.
  5. When I had the idea of converting our portable calor heater from butane to propane I called the local calor dealer to check if there was any reason why I shouldn't do it. They told me that there wasn't any reason why not.
  6. We like going to the temporary sites so are often off hookup and have to rely on our solar panel and gas. I've just taken the plunge and bought a Safefill cylinder. The cheap cost of refilling means it will pay for itself in a relatively short time but the ability to make sure it's full before we go off is the best thing about it. We also have a portable calor gas heater at home and I am going to change the regulator from butane to propane. During the winter we can use the safefill cylinder and cheap propane to heat our home or part of it anyway. This will recoup the cost of the cylinder even faster. Jules
  7. Just back from our trip and very pleased with the tyre. Would definately recommend it.
  8. There's another thread running at the moment discussing the problems of disconnecting a battery while there are solar panels on the roof. Suggestions include covering the panels, taking great care to not let the battery cables to touch and removing fuses. It seems your idea about putting an isolating switch between the panels and the regulater isn't OTT after all.
  9. The size of the new solid jockey wheel and tyre is exactly the same as the inflateable one so no need to worry about size differences and speed bumps
  10. If this works well for me I'll probably get the larger size for the wheelbarrow.
  11. It doesn't feel 'springy' but then a fully inflated tyre doesn't either. It has a solid feel but is apparently filled with foam.
  12. After getting fed up with constantly having to pump up the inflateable jockey wheel, now on a daily basis, I bought one of these: http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/121896366961 It fits ok and also has metal roller bearings which make it spin more freely. We're off on our first trip of the year next week so I'll see how it performs and report back. Jules
  13. The fact that many garages are refusing to allow filling is putting me off a bit. I had a look on the Safefill site and contacted a few of the places that are supposed to be ok for refilling in our area. Three of them said that they either didn't sell LPG or that they wouldn't allow it and were all surprised to hear that they were on the Safefill list. Only one place (luckily the nearest) said that they were very happy and were charging 45p per litre. It is rather disappointing that Safefill aren't keeping their site up to date.
  14. Did you have to buy the cylinder from Safefill or can you buy them from someone else?
  15. I'm looking at changing to Safefill and have a couple of questions. Is the 10Kg Safefill cylinder roughly equivalent to the 13KG Calor cylinder in it's dimensions and capacity? How do you ensure that the cylinder is only filled up to 80%? Is there a gauge at the pump or do you just guess by looking at the amount in the cylinder? Or is there a gauge that you can fit to the cylinder? Thanks
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