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  1. Yeah the wood is rotten. Just got a heater on it now trying to dry it out and to be honest it's drying after a few minutes it seems to be dry. So maybe not a soaked as first thought but still confused how its not damp from top down or bottom up just in this certain area in middle? Ok I will stop heating it only saw your mesg after writing mine.
  2. Every time I do something I get a nasty shock. Just started sorting out near the bunk beds and the previous owner had wallpaper which was horrible so just went to remove the border and all wall paper came with it and to my horror went back to a soaked wooden wall, and I mean soaked I have just sealed the caravan so and a bit horrified. I sealed the van 3 weeks ago would this damp have dryed up by then if there was a leak before? How do I now sort this out. I not confused to how the damp got to where it is as its a damp spot near the seat around the window is dry and above too???
  3. Been looking at caravans and have been looking at single axles due to just thinking they are lighter due to having a single axle on stumbling on a add off a twin axle I noticed it had put the max weight as only 1200, so now u am wondering why do some vans have single axles and some have twin. What's the difference. Could anyone shed some light?
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    Well just got in from sealing every place possible on the exterior off caravan where water could get in. I've used sikaflex caravan sealent must say quite good stuff, I removed all the old sealent and replaced with this new stuff. Did take me a few hours but hopefully does the trick. I thank you for your replies and will take on board on about al tape. I will keep at it and keep going forward. Gonna spend all day tomorrow trying to get done off the inside sorted.
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    Help!!!! Quick intro to people that haven't seen previous. Brought our first caravan a month ago and my fault in not doing research, tryed to find a bargain, and did indeed find a bargain but since spent around £500 so far and still a few things that I KNOW need fixing but have now just went out to caravan to give a paint job and found above the front window and down side a lot off what seems was damp but been fixed but the wood is all soft and rotting. I haven't hot skills to replace whole front panel what shall I do? Getting to the point off stopping spending money on her and enjoy her for next year and then re-sell. But then I know the money we have spent so far we won't get back in the re-sale. Feel bit deflated and lost!!! Ment to say have not got skills. lol
  6. Hi Trevorrey The wall doesn't seem spongy I know when we had the service done on her the engineer went round with damp meter and there was a few place with damp but I will be honest it's not damp you can see and I wouldn't expect a 23 year old caravan to not have damp somewhere. In the places he found damp I'm quite reluctant to try and sort it out as it around windows and in on cupboard. I will give boarder adhesive a try. Hi Gavsspectrum I have sent a friend request and mesg containing my email. Thanks guys
  7. Afternoon Has any one re-decorated an caravan interior, I do apologise if people have answered this question before. As some people may be aware I brought a Sprite Caravan which needs a bit off work. Being new to this I took a week off work to get the jobs done. When we first got the caravan there was already wall paper up which the wife did not like so we thought we would take it down and paint ( been advised bathroom and kitchen paint) which went on wood perfect. On taking wallpaper off wall we found out why they had wallpaper, under the paper were as only be explained and tiny raised bumps on the wall ( could some one advise what that is would be helpful). So decided we had to put lining paper up before we paint. This is where the second problem came while putting wallpaper up with normal wallpaper paste didn't work ( which I thought would happen) so used can glue adisive which work brilliant until entering the caravan today after a few cold ish nights the paper has come away from wall. What's the best way to sort out the wall please help.
  8. Thank you Czech connection your a genius that shows exact awning size. Many thank dude.
  9. Yep haha that sounds like my wife the first time we were driving 'what's that noise' ' should it sound like that'. I DUNNO but it's still behind us so seems ok haha. But
  10. Just brought our first caravan and trying to find out size of a full awning that fits a musketeer pre 1992? Any able to advise! I have tryed to measure myself and got about 900cm from floor around awning rail back to floor?
  11. Thanks for the friendly welcome guys, although it is taking a bit to sort has it has been checked over by a pro ( ie saftey checks and its all food on that side) and we have did take it out for her first drive and she is lovely to pull and loved the time away in her. I have to say though even though I've been a HGV driver for past 8 years pulling 40 footers around the country, I have to say the nerves did set in and thinking if I've not hooked up properly and this thing comes off what will I do, I'm sure the feeling will subside after a get more trips.
  12. Well lets say a set off tyres set us back just under £200, Im not novice at DIY but on caravans it's very different. I will leave all the technical things to the experts. Oh and needed a new leisure battery due to previous owners had a car battery hooked up. I would say we have spent so far £500 extra than what we want and still finding little issues. I'm tempted to re-sell and do home work but wife says no let's do the work. Just don't want price to spiral to oblivion. Only time will tell.
  13. It was one off them spure off the moment impulse buying where put a bid in then thought damn hope I don't win and below and hold 'YOUR THE WINNING BIDDER' lol
  14. Hello my name is Tony, I have a wife called Sacha and two lil ones ( and one on the way) got a 8 year old boy called Dylan and Lexi 2 year old girl. Me and wife were talking about a caravan for a few years and finally went for it last week and brought our first caravan from eBay. At first we thought we had a bargain until getting half way down motor way to find one tyre wall cracking pulled over to swap with spare only to find out it didn't fit! So travelled from Shropshire to Norfolk with a defunked tyre. Then got back to find other things wrong so spent a week off work sorting it out. So never again from the bay. No such things as bargains.
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