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  1. Have pm'd with my email. Thanks for this
  2. Thanks but that link only gives size and weight I am looking for a full handbook
  3. Hi I have just bought a 1998 hurricane gt. Can anyone help with a handbook. I have tried elddis but they havent bothered to reply. Thanks
  4. Just finished refurbishing an old caravan based on a 1963 eccles chassis. I had thought to fit an alko stabiliser hitch. The existing hitch appears to be welded to the end of the drawbar. There is no way to fit the alko, even no way to remove the old hitch. Any ideas ?. Only thing i can think of is to have the old hitch cut off and an extention welded to the end of the drawbar. All suggestions welcome.
  5. I have just about finished refurbishing an old caravan and now want to replace the ol;d worn door lock. The trouble is I can't find a direct replacement for it. I don't even know the original make as the caravan was rebuilt in 1973 on an old chassis so there is no manufacturers identification. I have attached pictures of the lock, inside and out, not very good quality as they were cropped form other photos. Can anyone identify this type and maybe suggest where I can find a replacement Thanks Keith
  6. After a lot of research I have given up hope of identifying the origin but, after a winters work it is looking rather different now. Ready to go as soon as the weather improves.
  7. My main concern is what wattage to chose to give a suitable light level for general lighting, reading and over the work surface. Also an imortant point is the spread of light, no good having a bright light that only lights up a small area except for reading. Conversely only a narrow area needed for reading.
  8. I am looking to replace the complete fittings
  9. Does anyone have experience of led lighting for a caravan ? I want to replace all the lights with leds for obvious reasons but not sure what to fit. I need 2 general purpose wall lights (not too bright), 1 brighter wall light for the worktop area and 2 spotlight types for use as reading lights. Any ideas Keith
  10. Thanks for the advise guys. I am going with the option to weld new nuts on the end, much easier than replacing the screws !!
  11. I am in the process of restoring an old caravan that was built on a 1963 eccles chassis. The hex heads on the corner steadies are badly worn (almost round). I believe that the screws are replaceable. The thread is 20mm diameter and the whole screw is 530 mm long. Has anyone any idea where might find the screws and how easy it is to replaace them ? As this is a very old chassis the screws are probably not metric I suppose. so maybe 3/4 " by 21" Any ideas ? Keith
  12. I've decided that the "body number" is just that. Built on 26/8/1973. Whoever built it did a good solid job. Just started stripping out some of the loose interior ready to refurbish. Had planned to do a total strip and rebuild but it is too good for that. Now going to try to return it to original condition. On removing the carpet have discovered that the floor is heavy wooden boards set in the angle iron of the chassis. Shame to cover them. Probably sand down and oil.
  13. I've come to the same conclusion. A bit of a give away is the lettering on the plate. The letters are not quite level looking like it was made with set of stamps, each letter being done individually. So I seem to have a one off custom job. At least whoever made it did a good job, still going strong 40 years later.
  14. I have found a plate on the A frame with the the nama A. E GARDNER. It also indicates that it is built on an Eccles chassis. Pictures attached. Any information would be of help.
  15. Hi everyone. We have just bought a 1973 caravan as a restoration project but can't find out anything about it. The only name on it is "TONELLA" on the fron of the van. I have spent a lot of time searching the internet and can't find any reference to a caravan of this name. It is a 12ft 4 berth tourer, a heavy steel chassis with heavy wooden floor boards set into the chassis angle iron. Does anyone recognise this name ? If so where can I find some information ? Keith
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