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  1. Try making sure the glass cover is open and pushed fully back. We had an Abbey, the cooker would not work if the cover was not pushed firmly back
  2. Hi. I don't know, I thought all leds were the same, all I know is they all work ok it's just the car thinks otherwise and throws up these annoying bulb failure warnings. Interesting to note: the dealer informed me that Bailey have gone back to normal bulbs!
  3. Hi I am seeking some info on this problem. Recently changed Amara for new Bessacar which has LED lighting. Our BMW 530D towcar constantly throws up warnings of an indicator bulb failure. The dealer subsequently fitted the recommended resister board which reduced the fault to intermittent. Much head scratching going on and more bits have been sent for. Has anyone out there had a similar problem and if so how was it sorted Thanks
  4. Thanks Dave. In fact I have just found some info in the caravan handbook which bears out what you say, in fact Swift sell a card to connect to the caravan fuse box to provide the required resistance. Thanks for your help. David
  5. Hi, got a little problem with new Bessacar with led lighting. When connected to the car the indicators flash really quickly and a failure caption illuminates in car. This persists for about 5 mins into the journey then the indicators work normally and the failure caption goes out. For the rest of the journey everything works ok unless the engine is stopped, in which case on start up the same thing happens again. I am taking the van back to the dealer tomorrow but if anyone has any ideas it would enable me to go forearmed. Thanks.
  6. I tow with a 530D touring auto. Simply brilliant,so stable and the auto box is almost perfect. Touring is a good choice because self levelling suspension is standard. Obviously the 3 series is going to be lighter but properly matched it should make a good towcar.
  7. Tag arrived today, less than a week ! There is a page in the contract entitled "Mandat de prelevement SEPA " As I have already given my credit card details am I right in thinking that I have no need to fill this in ?
  8. As an aside to my previous post. Can those who have changed from run flats to standard tyres tell me what provision they have made to cope with punctures should they occur ?
  9. I tow a Coachman Amara 520/4 with my 530D touring,best towcar I have owned. had a 525 before which was good but the 530 with the 8 speed auto box is little short of brilliant, very stable, loads of power and always in the right gear. Have just ordered a Bessacar 525 which means I shall be towing 91% kerbweight so I am hoping this will be ok but I feel pretty confident about it. My run flat tyres are nearly worn out so I have to decide whether to fit ordinary tyres or carry on with run flats which do give a harsher ride but do allow you to continue if you have a puncture for 50 miles or so.
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