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  1. A customer collecting a caravan from a dealership to take it home is not too bad.... But using the van to go on holiday is antisocial and a danger to communities. IMHO camping sites should remain firmly CLOSED until the pandemic is finally over.
  2. On wee Krankie's "daily waffle" today there was absolutely no leadership ideas. She gave a lame unbelievable excuse as to why, when the COV-19 virus was discovered as far back as February among delegates at a NIKE conference in an Edinburgh Hotel, it was duly "covered up" as far as the people of Scotland was concerned.. Poor leadership !!.
  3. Until there is the all clear and the country is completely out of lock-down, I will continue to enjoy working and lounging in my garden and walks in the lovely countryside within a few minutes walk from my house. I have absolutely no intention of booking any holidays this year, as out of respect for those who live and work in other rural areas, I would hate to be one of the descending hordes who could be carrying who knows what infections. So its stay at home for me. Not a hardship, just common sense.
  4. Camping sites should not rush to re-open this year.. They should put the health of people before profit.. Next spring will be the ideal time to re-open.
  5. I won't be going to France for a few years nor Spain . When it is safe to do so I will holiday in the UK, but that will most likely commence next spring.. I will support our own economy first and foremost..
  6. British built vans would be good value IF !!! They would spend more time and effort in the design and manufacture of vans which do not "Leak"....................... Bling and bells and whistles are good for sales but do not make up for poor basic design and build quality.
  7. There's no confusion!!! It's perfectly clear to any intelligent person. It's just common sense............. Its sad to see that for some people, common sense is not very common.
  8. Wee Krankie has just changed the lock-down rules in Scotland We will now be allowed to go out of the house many times in the day.. But she forgot to use Fandabidozy" to describe the change of rules .....
  9. We have "cycle tracks" here but they are in-complete. You enter the cycle track then it stops and the cyclist has to rejoin the road then it starts again for a few miles if you're lucky. The most used around here is from Bathgate to Deans road end and on to the roundabout at Dobbies on the outskirts of Livingston. It continues intermittantly in the direction of Edinburgh. There is a cycle track which runs from Bathgate to Airdrie on the track-bed of the old railway line but because of vandalism ( broken bottles and glass) and off- road motorbikes/quadbikes, it is not used as much as when it first opened. What is needed is some joined up thinking by WL Council to make cycle tracks a safe method of cycling and walking to work, school and to shops.. Their current disjointed approach is just them paying lip-service to the idea of safe routes for cyclists.
  10. Not necessary the correct description. Sturgeon is not a leader, she is an agitator, been described locally as "Corbyn in a skirt" . I don't know anybody up here in Scotland who trusts Sturgeon to actually get anything done. -----------Like Corbyn, she is extremely good at self -promotion !! I believe that the UK government is doing their very best under harrowing circumstances and it would help greatly if the other political parties would stop scoring cheap political points and support the government in it's endeavours to keep us safe during this difficult time.
  11. We have a Hymer caravan dealer about 15 minutes away from home. The build quality of Hymer is excellent and the internal layout is well thought out.. Not so many bells and whistles or bling, which is the selling point of British built vans, so may not be to everyone's taste.
  12. Great to see the CL network being highlighted. For many of us the wonderful CL network was the only reason to pay the annual subs to the CMC. It's a pity that the CL's and CS's cannot form their own association and work independently from the CMC and C&CC. It would suit those who prefer laid back caravan in stunning rural scenery....
  13. "Over 70s' rebelling against lockdown!" ...................................... Where ??? I know many over 70's and not one is "Rebelling" IMHO this is a fake news story being circulated by the very lowest levels of the media.. The Guardian springs immediately to mind.
  14. Sites Re opening :- This is an opportunity for the caravanning fraternity to show restraint and social respect. To be an example to others by NOT charging all around the country to camping sites, possibly infecting rural communities. Caravan journeys are Non-essential journeys and are already being seen by many non-caravanners as a menace on the roads.. This is our opportunity to prove to the people of the UK that we are responsible people, by leaving the caravan at home or storage until next spring..
  15. I seems that the race-card is being played more and more. As far as I'm concerned we are all equal UK citizens no matter the colour of our skin. There are many reasons why some people are becoming infected by the virus but the colour of their skin is NOT one of them.
  16. Ah , Back to Normal..!!! ............... But what will be considered "Normal" after this lock-down has ended. There will still be the threat of the virus being reintroduced in the UK when foreign travel is resumed.. Mass gatherings of any type may be frowned upon by the authorities and not supported by the general public. Selfishness will still be a common trait and crime will increase, as will unemployment... People will move house to nicer and less crime areas leaving ghetto areas to grow and fester. That will be the new "Normal" for this country of ours.
  17. The CMC voucher scheme is beginning to sound extremely Questionable !! .
  18. China is claiming that their infection rate has decreased. They have also re-opened their "Wet markets" so obviously, they don't suspect that the corona virus originated there. They probably have traced the source, but are not telling the world. --------- Fortunately western caravanners don't tour China with their vans so it won't be of much interest if they reopen their campsites or not.
  19. First question, is it in a stunning rural area with breathtaking views ?. Can you walk or cycle to places of interest or do you have to drive ?. -OR - is it surrounded by boring houses and industrial buildings ?.. A look on Google Earth should go a long way to answering those questions.
  20. When it is deemed safe to come out of lockdown , it will have to be a controlled and measured return to the "new normal". Certain activities which are not considered essential should be left until last. Spectating at sporting events. Holidays (both domestic and foreign). Etc Mass gatherings of any type Etc Etc. The last thing this country needs is a recurrence of this dreadful pandemic.
  21. Here in central Scotland, we've found that both Tesco and Sainsbury's are ultra reliable for on-line shopping and delivery slots.. Others are not so reliable.
  22. If you read the BBC news you will see that it's being seriously considered. See :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-52431863
  23. Why is that Sturgeon woman lifting the Lock-down at a different time from the rest of the UK??? .. Strange Times -Strange Woman.
  24. Are the media out to "get him"?-------Of course they are !!! They are part of the Great American L/W chattering classes who have never forgiven the Republicans for beating that useless, bitter woman Clinton to the position of President. Revenge is relentless and the American media go out of their way to distort and miss- represent Republican policies and politicians. That said, I don't think "The Donald" would be acceptable to the British electorate, but the ordinary American public seem to like him, despite his many mistakes.
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