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  1. The petition will never be acted upon. I won't be signing it as it's a complete waste of time.
  2. It's sheer greed by the CMC, I stopped using them.. I much prefer the C&CC and private sites --- and from this thread I notice I am not alone.
  3. All the OP needs is for a caravanning friend or neighbour to spend a bit of time going over all the do's and dont's of using a caravan, including reversing and manoevering the outfit into tight spaces. . This will build confidence and ensure that future holidays will be free of worries and stress.
  4. Aye, typical examples of the build quality of British built caravans. Nothing will change until the buying public give those dealerships a wide body-swerve.
  5. Have I missed it or is the OP reluctant to name the site. It would be useful for the rest of us to know which site to avoid.
  6. I agree with Mr Plod. France is excellent. But if you decide to holiday in the UK, my recommended choice would be to decide where you want to go then look for a good commercial site as a first choice, then a Camping and Caravan club site second, and then a CMC site third. There are always good CS's and CL's depending on which club you join. We were members of both big clubs for many years but found that we seldom used cmc sites, preferring the informality of the other options.
  7. I agree.. Being able to drive properly whatever vehicle you are using is common sense. Unfortunately common sense is not very common nowadays. A few hours with the outfit on a quiet industrial estate on Sundays spent practicing reversing will soon improve poor driving skills and make the driver competent to take their outfit on any road, ferry or any campsite.
  8. If drivers can't reverse their outfits properly they should not be on the road with an outfit. They are a menace for many reasons.
  9. Never needed to disconnect the pump on any of my caravans or motor-home during winter. Important to remember to fully drain the system then lag the pump area to protect against frost. Best not to disturb the push-fit connectors as it might lead to leaks in the future.
  10. Was the cc rebranding worth it?.... Definitely NOT. Waste of money and antagonised many members. They are now paying the price for their stupidity IMO.
  11. "The campers with the whooosh bang sliding doors should be put in a separate field from the rest the site" They should be accompanied by those caravans with awnings.. The sound of awning zips being opened and closed then opened and closed again as each of the occupants trail over to the public conveniences is worse than sliding doors. There's a lot to be said for using the facilities in the van..
  12. A boom box in a caravan ??? How ridiculous.. Using the van as a sound box is guaranteed to annoy those who are pitched nearby. If the sound from the TV is not loud enough, invest in a pair of headphones or turn up your hearing aid.
  13. I'm a great believer in "striking a deal" when buying goods and services. You would be surprised at how often I get a discount. The secret is, if the other party won't do a deal .... Walk away.
  14. The Alko spare wheel carrier is possibly the worst engineering solution known to man. .. Avondale Caravans had the best solution. My advice is to remove the spare wheel and Alko carrier, chuck the carrier away and store the spare wheel either in the van or in the car boot when travelling.
  15. I don't mind if the motorway maximum speed is raised to 80 mph I don't see that as increased danger.. What make the motorway extremely dangerous is the stupid idea of making the emergency hard shoulder into a running lane.
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