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  1. "The campers with the whooosh bang sliding doors should be put in a separate field from the rest the site" They should be accompanied by those caravans with awnings.. The sound of awning zips being opened and closed then opened and closed again as each of the occupants trail over to the public conveniences is worse than sliding doors. There's a lot to be said for using the facilities in the van..
  2. A boom box in a caravan ??? How ridiculous.. Using the van as a sound box is guaranteed to annoy those who are pitched nearby. If the sound from the TV is not loud enough, invest in a pair of headphones or turn up your hearing aid.
  3. I'm a great believer in "striking a deal" when buying goods and services. You would be surprised at how often I get a discount. The secret is, if the other party won't do a deal .... Walk away.
  4. The Alko spare wheel carrier is possibly the worst engineering solution known to man. .. Avondale Caravans had the best solution. My advice is to remove the spare wheel and Alko carrier, chuck the carrier away and store the spare wheel either in the van or in the car boot when travelling.
  5. I don't mind if the motorway maximum speed is raised to 80 mph I don't see that as increased danger.. What make the motorway extremely dangerous is the stupid idea of making the emergency hard shoulder into a running lane.
  6. People, especially the aged amongst us should be rightly concerned that towed caravans will soon be a thing of the past. The trend will be for very small caravans. Or the alternative, campervans. Huge tag axle motorhomes will also disappear but will take a bit longer. So make the most of your caravan while they are still acceptable. Young people in general have no enthusiasm for traditional caravans. They are a new generation with modern ideas.
  7. Everybody has different experience and capabilities, the rule of thumb is :- If you are uncertain or apprehensive, don't tow. As Wispman says :- "You are responsible for your own safety".
  8. Too much information chaps !
  9. Not just claustrophobic, those hedges are a serious fire hazard.
  10. The reference to the integrity of information from scientists is misleading. It depends who is paying the scientist, which organisation the scientist is representing and which of his/her pet guesses is current. There is a great financial profit to be made from promoting , manufacturing and installing so called " Green Energy" products. Of that there is absolutely no doubt ........... What you never hear from those people is that the earth's temperature has been fluctuating naturally for millions of years. At the moment it is slightly increasing so we are hearing the "Global Warming brigade" bleating and whining. When the Earth starts its downward temperature cycle no doubt there will be claims of armageddon and worse by the "Global Cooling Brigade" all supported by scientists representing expensive Heating product manufacturers.
  11. Another fan of "chocking the wheels, steadies down and handbrake off", It's a bad idea to leave the handbrake applied for extended periods.
  12. Swapping to a motorhome from a caravan brings it's own delights. Notably the sounds from the kitchen area when travelling. There are two easily managed solutions though. 1- Carefully wrap everything in towels etc. OR 2 - buy a couple of sets of ear plugs.
  13. For goodness sake. Doors being opened and closed has been happening since the advent of caravans. There is an even worse noise and that's the sound of awning zips being opened/closed while the occupant trails over to the toilet block then return again. What is needed is for people to understand that we all use different accommodation and to be tolerant of any small noise that our neighbours make.. Except of course the sound of barking and howling dogs.
  14. Until users give British Caravan Manufacturers a wide body swerve and buy better vans from abroad, the situation with poor build quality and poor customer support from UK manufacturers will never improve. Hit them where it hurts.
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