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  1. As has been said earlier in the thread. Your contract was with the dealer, the dealer is the person responsible for rectifying your problem. It is up to them to either fix it themselves or find someone who can. Don't let them opt out of their responsibilities.
  2. If anybody is thinking of going to the cc site at Clumber Park. There have been numerous reports of thefts, particularly of bikes.
  3. I've successfully used Jiff in the past, both on caravans and boats, but you don't seem to see it in the shops now. Nearest product is something called Cif. When clean, polish the area with Mer.
  4. Convoying is not illegal but can be damned annoying when the convoy is travelling slower than the rest of the traffic. The non-dualled parts of the A9 from Dunkeld to Inverness suffers from this, with convoys of caravans heading north. All that's required is for the outfits to leave a decent gap between so that drivers can overtake safely. It's called consideration for other road users.
  5. No matter how much Bailey self congratulate themselves on their build quality and design, they seem to come under much criticism from some of their customers, over dampness and leaks.
  6. Possibly the reason that new and nearly new caravan sales have decreased is the revelation that the questionable build quality of many British vans are causing leaks and premature rot.
  7. Not wishing to get involved in any arguments, I will leave this thread by saying :- Any attempt to ban mobility scooters from public areas will be resisted by those of us who value a disabled person's right to independent mobility. End of !!
  8. How rude !! Why didn't you make it clear in your original post Your post,,,, Quote :- "Getting to the point, the number of electrical scooters (not the Vespa type), that were being ridden around Nene park, was something else! I know Nene Park is private land, but the cycle ways/footpaths, leading to the park are not". IMO Mobility Scooters are most definitely Electrical Scooters, Hence my reply. . B.T.W. Links are generally a waste of time.
  9. Any attempt to ban mobility scooters from public areas will be resisted by those of us who value a disabled person's right to independent mobility.
  10. Cynicism and Negativity abounds. Oh ye of little faith.
  11. Except that the pneumatic tyre is much better on gravel surfaces.
  12. There has always been weather and climate changes, even before humans existed. Something the "Global Warming" activists seem to like to ignore.
  13. Changing a jockey wheel inner tube is no more difficult than changing a wheel barrow inner tube. Just needs a motorcycle tyre lever to get you started.
  14. Those of us who use a bicycle are strongly advised to take out insurance. It appears that if any person, while staring at their phone, steps off the kerb into the path of someone on a bike and causes an accident, is entitled to sue the cyclist for damages. One cyclist is reported to be £100,000 worse off because of this accident.
  15. Two things that might put you off buying the Bailey. 1 - Its a Bailey and 2 - if the shower tray is cracked, the wood and floor underneath could be rotten and a coating of paint seal wont solve that. Could possibly need a new shower tray and the floor underneath repaired -- And - an eye watering bill for time and materials.
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