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  1. Redneck nowadays is a term used mostly to describe an American citizen who is patriotic, upholds the moral standards of a religious upbringing and is a decent law-abiding American.
  2. I'm seeing loads of Motor Caravans but not many towed Caravans on the main roads up here..
  3. The biggest threat we face today is from those driving having taken illegal drugs. While drink driving is on the decrease, drug taking is increasing with unpredictable behaviour by those "Druggies" driving a motor vehicle.
  4. Of course I will Andy, I am currently looking at smaller PVC's. They will be converted from a foreign commercial van -- VW, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes etc. No problems with rot, dampness, soggy floor or any of the other problems which blight British coach- builds.
  5. It's about time that people showed British Caravan Manufacturers that they will no longer put up with shoddy products of poor design and build quality. A couple of years of no-body buying their products will soon concentrate their minds. The buying public are being short changed and inconvenienced by having to return caravans to the dealers for necessary warranty work which, if the vans had been designed and built properly, would not be necessary.
  6. I agree that there should be an additional fee per dog. The CMC will probably be the last to implement that though. They are still living in the 1970's. As far as charges are concerned, any single caravanners I've met, say they don't like the CMC pricing as it's biased against singles. Example (rough) A couple pay Pitch fee £10.00 per person fee £ 10.00 each = total £30.00 Singles pay Pitch Fee £10.00 and one Person fee £10.00 so singles pay a total of £20.00 . Whereas on Proper Sites which charge per person, if a couple are paying £15.00 each, total being £30.00 then a single would only pay £15.00 which is only fair and equitable. The CMC have a big problem with their pricing.
  7. First thing I would do, is to give the van a good wash outside, preferably with a jet wash to see what's underneath all that grime. Then I would go inside, examine the flooring particularly at the four corners..Then the walls under the windows and in the corners, also the roof around the rooflights. If the van is sound with no damp areas, every thing inside can be refurbished at your leisure. Best of luck H
  8. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all on this forum.
  9. On Gravel pitches it doesn't really matter what groundsheet/ carpet you use But on grass pitches ..........Nature's carpet is best. .. Even the best breathable carpets damage the grass after a few days of use. It would be not so bad if people would lift the carpet daily for a few hours, but most people are either too lazy or selfish to think of those who will be using the pitch when they leave or the site wardens who have to try and repair damaged grass.
  10. What is making the whole Diesel question foremost in people's mind, is the underhand disgusting addition of emission test cheat software to beat the true emission reading. No wonder the country concerned is having huge problems with their economy. Nobody trusts that country or it's products any more. Thee is a simple solution to UK's perceived pollution problem and that is to ban all fossil fueled vehicles from large cities and large towns where the pollution is above a certain level.. Do we need to ban Fossil fueled vehicles from rural areas ... Definitely Not. It just needs a bit of joined up thinking and the application of some intellectual decisions.
  11. I've never met a Grumpy warden on any campsite. I'm sure much of the reported confrontations come from campers who think that the site rules apply only to other people and not to themselves. I always have respect for Wardens who apply the rules firmly and fairly,,,, that way the site is a pleasant place for all.
  12. bessacarr425


    I couldn't care less. ....If the car needs fuel I top up...... The on-board computer gives me a rough indication of MPG . That's good enough for me.
  13. Such good advice.. That's why I havn't given the CMC any money for the last 3 years. IMO It was not good enough to warrant the annual fees and their sites were mediocre for the prices they were charging. The CL's were the only reason that we had stayed so long. The C&CC organisation offers better value for money, a less regimented campsite environment, CS's and relaxed holiday rallies. Commercial sites have improved tremendously over the last few years and now offer a high standard of campsite.
  14. But anybody using the CMC sites network is paying Rolls Royce prices for downmarket sites.. Commercial sites have made remarkable progress in providing top a top quality environment offering added value services and well run administration. The CMC is still stuck in the 1950's. It's only the fact that people have reluctantly paid the exorbitant CMC annual membership fee, that makes members use CMC sites and not try out the better quality commercial sites.
  15. The petition will never be acted upon. I won't be signing it as it's a complete waste of time.
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