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  1. As someone who uses french campsites when in that country I have noticed a gradual change in the numbers of caravanners and motorhomers on sites. France is going through a period of great change where the traditional ambience is being replaced by the so-called modern lifestyle. This, plus the massive increase in different types of holidaying experiences, is making using caravans, both towed and the motor version, a dying hobby. Motorhome owners fortunately have the option of using "Aires de Camping cars", which is an economical touring method.
  2. Just go to the Site staff and ask if the site's health and safety rules permits such a small separation between units. If not, let the Site staff deal with the infringement. If they don't, avoid this site in the future and tell all your caravanning friends why.
  3. Just phone the site and ask the site staff. They are very helpful.
  4. Love the outer Hebrides. We started our caravan tour at Oban to Castlebay in Barra. then went north through South Uist, Benbecula North Uist where we crossed to Uig in Skye as we were running out of holiday time. Next trip we went to Harris and Lewis from Uig. Weather was good on both trips, but remember there is generally high winds even when the sun is beating down so make sure you wear sun protection. It is a slower pace of life up there and people are very helpful and courteous. We certainly enjoyed our time in that most Beautiful area of the UK
  5. The price difference between all the different British caravans is nothing to do with Build quality or lack of it. It merely reflects the amount of bling and bells and whistles that any particular caravan contains.
  6. Just one afterthought Alshamal.. Whichever Dashcam you use, turn the microphone off. It can be quite embarrasing looking back on the footage and then listening to your words of frustration when stuck in slow moving traffic.
  7. I bought a Nextbase 512GW from Halfords in January. (Just fit and forget). Image quality is excellent both on the device and on my tablet. It is front view only, but it's fully compatible with the Nextbase rearview camera, if at any time I felt it necessary to have one.
  8. Sad experience for those with caravans stored there. I wonder if the devastation would have been so great if the Storage Owner had insisted that any gas cylinders in caravans be removed prior to storage.
  9. Stayed there a couple of years ago. Nice site, within easy driving distance of Charmouth. Bridport, Axminster and Lyme Regis.
  10. I do believe that within the next 10 years, log burning fires in certain highly polluted cities will be a thing of the past. Sad but necessary.
  11. The ball is in the buyer's court. I you're not happy with the price --- Walk away. The salesman will soon bring the price down.
  12. We spent a few nights midweek at the Pembry CMC site in excellent weather. It is so handy for the park it'self where there is great opportunities for Walking and Cycling. There also is a good traffic free coastal trail into the neighbouring town where there is a supermarket and a few shops and a nice harbour. We enjoyed our stay there. ,
  13. Whichever style of Electric bike you decide to buy, pay attention to where the motor is located. If it is on the rear wheel or front wheel, removing that wheel to repair or replace the inner tube in the event of a puncture when out on the road is fraught with frustration due to the cabling to the motor. My advice is to choose a bike where the motor is situated on the bottom bracket assembly, allowing wheel removal when necessary, just as you would on a non-electric bike
  14. Better to go to Devon and Cornwall. Why ? Scotland is famous for midges,ticks,rain,high winds and being cold. But most important, I like to tour in Scotland and it's getting much too popular of late.
  15. The offer on Esso fuel is obviously a marketing ploy designed to increase the sale of expensive Esso fuel. Supermarkets are offering petrol and diesel at a lower rate per Litre than Esso, even with that discount.
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