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  1. Do you believe everything that is printed in the Mirror Fortyfoot ??. It ranks, along with the Guardian as the epitome of gutter press..........IMHO of course.
  2. The reason Football clubs are financially in the mire is that they have spent money like it was going out of fashion on prima-donna players both on obscene transfer fees and equally obscene wages. People wanting to see those games are being charged ridiculous amounts of money for attendance and for season tickets. It's time that football fans teach those clubs a lesson and avoid attending for a season. That would certainly focus the minds of those pampered millionaires.
  3. That's shocking !!! She deserves to lose her job.. No-body will ever have confidence in her "advice" again. Replace her !!!!
  4. Once again we are seeing reports of people ignoring the emergency rules designed to keep people from dying. Are they completely selfish. ????? Or just intellectual failures.?????
  5. No no no. The CMC should never open their sites until this virus emergency is officially over. People's lives come before corporate profit making.
  6. Would "Stirring Up" include questions as to why China waited so long to admit that they had a serious virus in their midst and did not promptly shut down air travel to international destinations, allowing the virus to be spread world wide.
  7. I never found the CMC magazine to be of any use. ......Pages and pages of adverts and very little of interest in between. ... Not worth receiving IMHO. Like Lady Bird says -- Bring back "En Route",----- It was a proper magazine for caravanners.
  8. It will take a very long time for many people to pay off their debts. It's been too easy over the last decade to go into debt and rely on just paying the minimum repayments. This, plus the downturn in income due to the pandemic, will mean that many people will never be able to become free of debt and live the rest of their lives burdened with financial worries.
  9. Kindness and compassion goes a long way to help those who are finding themselves not coping very well. A smile and a kind word ( from at least 2 mtrs.) can lift a person's heart, and that good feeling can last for hours.
  10. You have to remember that politicians base their decisions on advice from the best in their particular field of expertise. This advice will change as the pandemic increases, so therefore actions by government will be updated according to the latest advice. Continual whining about political action serves no useful purpose apart from causing divisions within society. The media are the worst offenders.
  11. Just a thought, People exhibiting coughs and sneezes are to be avoided at all costs. But as this situation will continue for some time, it could extend into the high pollen period. There are many thousands of people who suffer from pollen allergies, how will they manage.?
  12. Take into account that working on a farm is very hard work and long hours. Yes the farms need workers, but they would have to be fit and healthy. I agree that younger unemployed people would benefit themselves and the country by assisting on farms. Farming is a hard environment, snow, rain storms, gales, freezing working conditions. It would not suit many people who live a sedentary life..
  13. I'm afraid, for me, there is no joy in living in a caravan on my or anybody else's drive. I'm happy living in the comfort of my home and spending time in the garden and the workshop/garage. I like your set up in Santa Pola FG . Now that's self isolation abroad in the grand style..
  14. It would be sensible for people to search through Caravan forums before deciding which make of caravan to buy. There are many many unhappy customers who own vans with build quality issues including the dreaded Dampness issue. Take heed of the makes which are regularly complained about and think twice before parting with your money. Take into account that some makes sell more than others so the number of complaints will be proportionally higher. Bailey and to a lesser extent Swift feature very highly in the poor build quality and dampness stakes, but other British makes come proportionally close. Some Foreign vans have an excellent build quality rating but are not so popular in the UK because of layout, lack of fancy accessories and lack of bling. Take advice from owners of different makes before you part with your money.
  15. Sorry to hear that the PM has the virus. I hope it stays mild and he is able to work from no 10. Get well soon Boris !!
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