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  1. Hi All, Anyone come across a paint colour to match the ceiling panels on the above...? Its a very light beige/magnolia...? Cheers Tim
  2. Ok, didn’t try the aqua roll set up, just plugged in the aquasource, as that doesn’t use the pump on the van,. it just filled the water heater and stopped, taps working etc, so all good.....👍👍
  3. I’m sure it still fills the tank when it’s in the middle, but I’ll try it in a bit and see .... I’ll post back 👍👍
  4. Yep....on ext it fills the onboard tank first, on int, it uses water in the onboard tank, and in the middle it supplies from either. it’s the filling of the onboard tank I don’t want... thanks
  5. Hi All, I think I’ve asked this before but didn’t get a answer really..... onboard tank, I want to test the system after be stood for so long, but don’t want to fill the onboard tank. now.....the switch has 3 positions internal both external im sure that relates to supply, so ...internal supplies water to the taps from the onboard tank, both ....., will deliver water to the taps from what ever is available, internal or ext....and external will supply the taps from external. so I want to use external water to test the system,so switch goes to ext.....BUT....it starts filling the onboard tank straight away... which I don’t want...???? is there a shut of valve anywhere to stop the onboard tank filling up...??? it’s a 2016 storm..... thanks Tim
  6. To keep the dogs from roaming onto other peoples pitches.....simples
  7. Did I read somewhere “whale” did an alternative to this one....that was supposed to be a lot better... maybe wrong
  8. We bought the Kampa air break 5 panel..... BRILLIANT..... no putting poles together and sliding the in the material, no massive mallet to drive the poles in. was brill in the gales last year in Cornwall, practically the only thing that stayed up. so easy to use, and when put against the van or awning, is fab to keep the dogs in..... you can even lean on it whilst having a beer like a bar.....🍺🍺
  9. Yeh, did think of doing that, but thought i might damage the actuator in the process....
  10. Mmmmm....... what i cant understand is that throughout this pandemic, supermarkets have been open and toilets there to be used, as of tomorrow, outdoor sports are open golf, tennis etc, i assume their toilet facilities will be open.... also, on the 12th April pubs and restraunts will be open ( Hooray) outside, again i assume the toilets will be open. zoos and theme parks will alo be open..and their toilets...??? so why are campsite facilities staying closed...??? just saying....
  11. Hi all, Just seeing if anyone has any ideas.... So my auto engage powrtouch Evo mover has had engagement issues for ages, and I’ve always got round it by using the T-bar tool to just move the motor a bit so it resets it and all is good.... however... I know have the issue where the nut/bolt that the T-bar fits onto has rounded ( with so much use) and it won’t turn the motor anymore..which leaves me stuck if the motor decides not to engage automatically. I think the socket on the end of the T-bar is 7mm... any ideas how I can get round this as powrtouch want £125.00 for a new spindell unit....? you maybe aware the nut/bolt is recessed inside the housing so difficult to get at...? Thanks Tim
  12. Well at least the reply from Elddis sounds promising..... they said to get it inspected as soon as they open, so at least it’s not a no....!!!
  13. Yeh, I’m going to bring it hone next week and have a proper look, do you know if it’s the sort of thing you can sort yourself with a tube of sealant..? ive been to have a better look, the issue IS the frame cracked, I just hope I can get Elddis to cover it, someone said that Elddis refused on the grounds that the sunroof makers (Heki) only cover there products for 2 years.....😩😩😩 heres the fault......
  14. Yep..lthough thatwhen i saw it in the light properly...... well here goes............... thanks for the replies and info..👍
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