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  1. Looking at lots of other forums loads of people swear by them, give off loads of heat, the enclosed space does cone up but is usually answerd with " people have them in rooms in the house"....? Which i suppose is true, good idea with the bricks, id just find rocks local to the pitch and put tyem back afterwards. the main reason for thepost was to see if i can run it off the Bbq point of the van.... cheers tim Just the thing John....👍👍
  2. Hi All, i think ive decided to go for a calor gas heater for the awning, as we have 2 big dogs and in the winter need to keep them warm while they dry off and are allowed back in the van. my question is....do any of you run the gas heater off the external BBQ point....? would be so much easier than having another weighty bottle to bring with us.... thanks Tim
  3. That’s really great news, love this site, and the wardens who were there last were really nice and helpful.... let’s hope it, along with the rest open before too long....
  4. Hi Griff To be honest most use would be on a site pitch, using either side as required, Except when in storage as I will use it to put both alko locks on ( don’t use them onsite) and then to level when at home on the drive. so could be inflated for weeks at a time, but if you think I would just need to top up now and then that’s sounds great. thanks for the input...👍👍 cheers tim
  5. Hi Griff, hope your keeping well... think I’m going for a LNL, but are they ok for extended use..,? We often have the van on the drive for up to a month or so, and it has quite a dip on the near side, so would use the LNL to keep it level, would you foresee an issue with that...? cheers tim
  6. Hi all, Im looking at these And wondered if anyone has used them on a TA Elddis. i have found a company in the uk who do something very similar at half the price called Seaflo, so will probably buy from them, again has anyone any experience of them.....?
  7. Hi all, Must have done this one a thousand times ??? But time moves on as do ideas....... what do people carry in their TA so that if the worst happens (puncture) you can quickly jack up and replace with spare. Im toying with the idea of an Aluminium trolly Jack, as it’s a bit lighter than a normal one, you can pick them up for at bout £75 these days (they where very expensive a few years ago) thoughts cheers
  8. Hi, I’ve used the HG mould remover, works well, I transfers it from the normal spray bottle to a mr muscle bottle, it has 2 settings, 1 normal spray, and the other foams the product when sprayed, I find the foam gathers and sticks better in a uniform matter. leave it for a couple of hours and just wash it off with shampoo. worked for me.
  9. Hi all, we have a 2016 Crusader Storm, love the van, it’s just completed its third service. first year, water/damp ingress around both wheel arches........repairs completed under warranty without any problems. second year, water/damp ingress around the near side front window......repairs completed under warranty without any problems This year.......ALL CLEAR....no damp no other problems with the van (other than tyres starting to crack on the side walls) maybe just maybe the damp won’t return...fingers crossed...
  10. Brilliant service from Whale again.....can’t fault them....👍👍👍
  11. Hi all, we probably touch on this before, but I need a touch up paint for the Storm, our glorious manufacturer don’t hold paint codes...????? and I can’t take a sample to maybe have it matched somewhere as it’s a chip on the main body of the van..... they tell me the colour is Rembrant Silver, but that’s all they can tell me.....bad language removed really. anyone any ideas about who could supply paint for it.... cheers Tim
  12. Mmmmm...... I find it strange that people have mentioned they have levellers for BOTH side (2 sets) I’ve never needed to level both sides,(although always use hard pitches) but surely only one side or the other needs to be raised not both, unless of course the van needs to be higher to account for waste drainage, into a grey waste grid.....as some of these sites build a small wall around the drain... pain in the backside because you have to try and build in a fall in the pipe to get over it, especially with TAs as they are quite low slung.
  13. We have a Crusader storm 2016 which I believe has the same side panels, we also have a full Bradcot awning, which I also believe fits similar to an Isabella, I actually stand on a platform and use quite a lot of my own strength to REALLY tighten the tension on the poles, had no issue at all, I’m assuming the power from the tensioner is quite excessive and needs to be used carefully, I was thinking of getting one, but not so sure after reading your post..... hope the dealer can sort something for you, the technology around removing dents has really come on over the last year or 2 so
  14. Hi all, I’m looking for a new fitted sheet for the bed....it’s the transfers island one that slides back in the day, so it’s got the hinged bolster at the top. we bought a Jonic set a couple of years ago, and to be honest it’s bad language removed, is very thin and keeps riding off during the night...? We ordered the Elddis bed set with the van, it doesn’t come with a sheet, but the quality of the cover and pillow cases is brilliant. any idea who makes them for Elddis....? There’s no labels on any of the pieces.. or or can anyone recommend a decent mak
  15. Defo worth asking the manufacturer......... it it says here there an optional extra bike rack......wether it’s on the back or not doesn’t say......
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