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  1. Hello all, I'm soon to go away for a week on our first van, a 2013 636. I've been reading all of the posts here about the whale heaters not being up to the job. This will be our first real trip away in the van and so I've not yet had a chance to really test out the heating or complain about it if it's not. I understand that the twin axle versions of the heater allow you to use both gas and electric to power the unit. I'm not sure if this makes much difference to the output. If not, would a 2kw fan heater be enough to keep us warm as a temporary measure? Cheers
  2. I'm hopping mad about this aerial business. Best part of 20k on a caravan and the TV has been rendered useless for the sake of a couple of quid saved on cheap aerial. Has anyone looked at getting a proper aerial retro fitted?
  3. The manual says it can do exactly that! Quote from powrtouch manual: "The Electronics Control System also has a continuous movement capability in that if button B is being pressed then buttons A or C can be used, alternatively if button H is pressed then buttons G or I can be used. Using this sequence of button pressing will allow the Powrtouch to redirect the caravan without stopping the forward or backward motion." Despite this, it doesn't work like that at all. Also, it a brand new battery. Fully charged. I paid 1600 for it I think. Not at all happy
  4. Hello all, I had my new van fitted with a powrtouch model 6 awd mover - dealership offered it to me for a good discount over the newer evo model. Anyway, I've only used it a couple if times but my first impressions of it are that it's very poor. The manual says it can go in two directions at the same time - ie. forward and left or right. Reality is that if it's going forward or backward and I touch any of the other buttons then it stops and starts going that way instead. Seems to take it forever to go through any manouver. Secondly, the bloody thing thing only seems to work for about 5 mins before it stops altogether - I assume it's drained the battery at this point. In the couple of times I've tried it, it's stopped before I got the van in the spot I wanted. Ended up giving it the final shove myself. For the best part of 2k, surely they can't be this useless! This is my first van and mover. Can anyone offer any advice? Cheers
  5. Hi all I've another newbie question for you. First night away in our first van and I flipped the cushions over when making the bed so that it was flat and not contoured. Actually, it turned out to be very flat an hard and not very comfy at all. Am I doing it wrong or will I need to buy a topper? Cheers
  6. Thanks all. I'll take a closer look at the various suggestions. My wife however is still pretty keen on the XC90 so if there are any good reasons why thats not a good idea then please shout! As for the van, I had the weight plate uprated to 1800kgs due to the shocking lack of allowance over the shipping weight which the mover ate most of. I was expecting the plate to change to 1900kgs as per the brochure but its 1800, no idea why.
  7. Hello all, First trip away in our new van last weekend and it seems that my trusty old VW isnt quite man enough to pull it along (or at least to take off from standing on inclines) Need recommendations for a new (to me) tow car. Here are the rough criteria: Preferably no more than £280 road tax (12 months) Room for 3 kids in the back. A decent sized boot. Don't want to spend more than 10k Needs to be reliable Wife likes the idea of a 4x4 type (she likes the XC90 - but those seem to have reliability problems) Any/all help appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hello all, Picked up our new van last weekend and it has a regulator fitted and that's all. So if I understand it right, I need a pigtail and an 27mm clip on adaptor for my bp gaslight bottles. Trouble is, it seems that pigtails come in different sizes and the van is now at its new home in storage so I can't measure it. Does anyone know what size thread pigtail I need? Cheers
  9. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone else fit theirs in? Cheers
  10. maybe, but it will be stored at a CASSOA gold site anyway. .. Caravan Guard wont insure me without a tracker which I'm reluctant to shell out for. If somebody does take it then who knows what they'll do to it - I dont think i'd want it back! I do have a sold secure gold hitch lock and also a sold secure gold wheel lock.
  11. £22k of cover, new for old. No tracker fitted (££££). No bpw diamond wheel locks (£££££). C&CC are coming up cheapest so far. £260 plus £41 membership. £300 without. Was going to go with the CC as they were offering me 4 years no claims bonus for free. £360. What do you think?
  12. Hello everybody. We'll be collecting our new pride and joy next Saturday and are hoping to get away the same night! I'm in the market for a quick porch awning that will be enough to take shoes off, dry off the dog etc. I'm looking the kampa rally range and would appreciate any opinion on the 200 vs the 260. I like the flip up front panel on the 200. Howver, As I don't have the van yet I can't measure it for fitment and I'm worried that buying the wrong one will mean it sits over one of the windows. Another complication is the regular vs club vs pro versions of the rally 260. I like the idea of thicker fabric but it bumps the price up quite a bit and isn't the whole point that its lightweight. Again, any and all advice appreciated. Cheers
  13. Hello all We're new to caravanning (camper vans and a trailer tent before now) and have just bought our first van - an Elddis Avante 636, 2013 model. Picking it up next week so we're desperately trying to get all our bits and bobs sorted out in time. I'd like to apologise in advance for any daft questions posted :-) Cheers
  14. Wow, lots of helpful advice here. Thank you all. I didn't expect to get much of a response being new and all, I'll be back here more often for sure. Cheers!
  15. Hello, We've just bought our first caravan, moving up from a trailer tent, and my tow car has only the single 7 pin electrics. A local fitter has quoted around £100 to upgrade this to the full, 13 pin I need for our (brand) new van. Question is, how difficult a job is this? I'm reasonably handy with DIY - do you think it's a job I could handle myself? (With proper instructions - out there on the web somewhere?) Opinions please. Cheers
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