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  1. Hello all, Going away on our hols to France soon and we'll be on a 6amp hookup. I have one of those Comag 12v satellite receivers but we've recently signed up for sky again and I'm wondering about taking a sky box with me instead. I see the 12v pace javelin boxes on ebay for upwards of £70 and that seems a little steep for me. But I also notice the newer, multiroom HD boxes (Amstrad DRX-595's?) for upwards of a tenner which is much more up my street. Question is, how much power will these things draw and will my 6amp hookup be able to cope (with the fridge and water heater set to low). Any advice apprecited Cheers
  2. Thats great! Thank you very much!
  3. Ooh, I'm also headed to France for the first time next month - could I also get a copy of the check list? Many thanks!
  4. Hello all, We changed our towcar a few months back and are about to go on our first adventure into France. I usually use the Waze app on an iPhone in my daily runabout - which I've found to be very good on the whole. However, recently on a towing trip, I was in auto pilot mode and I managed to blindly follow waze down a narrow lane through some villages. It gave us all a bit of a fright. My fault I know but it seems that the damn thing is always trying to save a few seconds on any given route and there doesn't appear to be any way to turn that off (which is fine in a car - just not when towing). Anyway, I'm in the market for a standalone model. I did think about one of those cheap eBay jobs but I've been burnt by that kind of thing before and so I want something that is easy to use and shouldn't require much time configuring. I was in a tesco store at the weekend and found myself playing with one of the modern tom tom models - and it seemed great - however, I think the camper model is now discontinued. Never had a Garmin - but I note that they seem to polarise opinion. Mate has a snooper which I've never looked at in detail but it didn't impress me from a distance. Has anyone got any recommendations? Cheers!
  5. Panic over. I switched it off, re-seated the fuse, left it for 10 mins and now it seems to be working again. Thanks for the advice all. Cheers
  6. Hello all, Away for Easter in th van and for some reason I cannot fathom, I've not got any hot water. Van is a 2013 Elddis Avante with the Whale system. Water pump seems ok, I have cold running water out of both positions on the taps. Water heater is switched on and is on the higher setting. I've just checked he fuses and they appear to be good (was surprised to see it has a 5amp fuses though - could they be labelled wrong?) Any ideas on what I should try next? Cheers Robin.
  7. Old thread I know but I wanted to circle back on this in case it proves useful to anyone. Powrtouch sent an engineer out to look at my mover. He was very thorough but initially didn't think there was anything wrong with it. However, just before he was about to give up and go home, he did another test and discovered that the mover was moving the front (or might have been back) wheels in the wrong direction on a turn. This meant that the wheels were fighting against each other and putting extra load on the rollers. Turns out that the wrong control unit had been fitted to my van - it was for an articulated trailer rather than for a twin axle caravan. He swapped out the control unit and since then I've not had any problems with it - though to be fair, I've not used it much since then but I am very confident that this was the root cause of all my issues. While I am very pleased that Powrtouch were about to resolve this for me, I am still very angry about the service I got from the dealer and particularly about that last response from their management. I'm pretty certain that I will never darken their door again. Many thanks to everyone for your help and support
  8. . ..and I wondered why the fridge didnt work when hitched to our current towcar Thanks all for your advice - much appreciated. I guess it just comes down now to the look and the money. .. Cheers!
  9. no, this is an independant chap - not a merc dealer. I was quoted £300 fitted for the fixed and £480 for the detachable which would be a westfalia. Do those prices sound about right?
  10. Hello all After much deliberation, we finally bought a 4x4 (Merc ML W164) for towing duties but the next step is to get a towbar for it. My van is a 2013 Elddis with the BPW hitch. I called the local guy and he said that I'd need an Alko ball for any towbar - not sure if that's right or not and I was hoping somebody might be able to put me right on it. Also, fixed or detachable? detachable is coming in at £180 more than the fixed option. Do you think it's worth it? Cheers!
  11. Hello all, Following on from my last post, I've decided I need a to keep a spare battery just in case. Question is, I know there are different kinds of battery - leisure, car and something in-between. Which would be best for my needs which are: 1. to power a 4 wheel motor mover on a big van. 2. to power 12v devices (led lighting, telly, radio, pumps? etc ) while hooked up on a site. and also, are there any particular brands to watch out for. .. many thanks!
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone! To clarify, my van is kept in a storage yard where it has no hookup so no power. The battery has recently been left in the van while in storage though in the past I have removed it and put it on charge at home (using a cheap trickle charger). As an aside, when I took delivery of the van, the dealer advised me to remove the battery over the winter months but said that other than that that, it could stay in there. As mentioned earlier, I thought that being on a hookup during all my trips away would be enough to keep it charged. I've been in touch with PowrWheel who have turned out to be very helpful. Also turns out that the dealer never registered my mover as they should have done. I'm not convinced the battery is fully at fault here as the mover is supposed to flash some lights to warn of that and it doesn't seem to do that. Also, I visited my van in storage last night and the battery meter was reading 13v (its a digital meter - not sure how accurate it is if at all!) Hopefully, Powrwheel will be able to send somebody out to take a look at it for me and confirm one way or the other. Overall, I'm very disappointed with the dealership. Call me naive but I expected more in terms of customer care from them after spending so much money. I'm pretty sure I'll not be going back there and even now I'm looking for somebody else to give the van its first service ( can anyone recommend B L Caravans near Corby? ) I'm also going to look at carrying a second battery - though I'm not sure which type is best for my purpose - and even considering getting a solar installation though that raises even more questions! Can a solar solution keep a 110amp battery topped up enough! thanks again everyone!
  13. Hello all, We're relatively new the caravanning and bought our first van, a 2013 Elddis Avante 636, roughly a year ago. The mover has always been a source of concern and has never really worked for us - usually dying after a few minutes of use. It's been back to the dealers for this and a whole raft of unrelated warrantee work over this past year. I did post an earlier thread about it here: http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/87494-new-powrtouch-model-6-awd/ Anyway, this last weekend away and yet again the mover died after less than a minute of moving. Had it not been for the help of others on the site, we would have been absolutely stuffed. I cant reverse it for toffee and the wife now wants to quit caravanning as its too stressful. I called the dealer again, this time demanded to speak with a manager off the bat. Finally got somebody on the phone and was told the following: 1. The charger built into the caravan would never charge the 110amp battery. 2. The battery will need to be removed regularly or after every trip that involved mover usage and be charged with a suitable 8-10 (or 12) amp charger. 3. This is common knowledge among caravanners and its my fault for not knowing about or understanding this before now. I'm absolutely flabbergasted and am hoping for some help to verify this from the good folk here. Is it indeed common knowledge that a charger built into a caravan will not be able to fully charge a 110amp battery? I've racked my brain and I cant recall even once being told by any of the sales or service team that the battery could never be charged independently by the caravan and would need to be removed and charged regularly. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello all, After a long time trying to ignore the fact that my current tug is t really up to the job, I'm finally settling on the idea of either the Santa Fe or the Sorento as my next tug, looking at the 2010 models. My question is, does anyone have experience of how these cope with higher mileages? I've seen a couple of nice ones with mileages touching 100k. Mileages like this don't usually worry me - in fact sometimes I think it can be a bonus if a car has been through a recent major service like a cambelt - but I've no experience of Korean motors. Do these things hold up well over high mileages? I know both of these are chain driven but does anyone know if there is a major service in the schedule? Lastly, manual or auto. I've driven manual all my life but think I'd like to try an auto. Aside from the mpg, are there any downsides? Cheers!
  15. Hello all. It's only my 4th trip away in our first van - a 2013 elddis avante - and the flush button on the toilet seems to be blowing the pump fuse (5amp) and knocking out the water pump. Any one know why the toilet flush might so this. Nothing of any use in the manual. Cheers
  16. I'm looking more closely at the big saloons, particularly the a8 as I do like the idea of 4 wheel drive and almost 40 mpg solo on the motorways. I like the S class too. Not so much the Beamer 7 or the phaeton.
  17. I've no idea what it weighs. All I know is that elddis say it weighs 1450kg and the maximum was 1650kg. I had a awd mover fitted and was worried about it using up all of my allowance and so I had them 'upgrade' the plate to 1800kg. It was a no-cost option. I think all they actually did was put a new 1800kg sticker on it. I should probably get it over to a weigh bridge and find out for sure.
  18. Thanks for all the advice. I like the idea of of mondeo, s-max or galaxy (love fords!) but sadly, I don't think these are quite heavy enough. Our van has the plate upgraded to 1800kg - principally because I got worried that adding a heavy 4wd mover would eat up most of my weight allowance. a6, 5 series and e class all appear to be borderline with the heaviest being around a 90% match. (At what point should I begin to be concerned? 92%?) Allroad is heavier but seems to command quite a premium over regular a6 avant - too much for me! That leaves the big saloons like the a8, 7 & s class which I suppose would be great for motorway cruising just as long as you don't need to park them anywhere. VW Phaeton appears to be the heaviest and cheapest of the bunch. Thinking now that maybe I should be looking for the most economical 4x4. If I could get 40mpg on a run that might do the trick.
  19. thanks Tourershine - E61's are nice. Does the rear wheel drive present any issues while towing (apologies if this a daft question - i'm new to towing).
  20. Hello all, My plans changed recently when my wife got a new, small car unable to pull our van. I do quite a lot of motorway miles (20k/yr) and I'm looking for something cheap, 5-6k, maybe up to 6/8 years old to return reasonable mileage as a motorway cruiser (40+ mpg) but also serve as a part time tug for our avante 636 (1650kg?) I've looked at the usual 4x4's and they all seem to return lousy mileage, so no good. Running costs are probably the major factor here. So then I got thinking about big saloons or estates but there don't seem to be many heavy enough to pull our van. A6 all road maybe? A8/s-class/7 series? Would appreciate any/all suggestions or experience. Cheers
  21. I too wondered about the power option on the tv itself but I spoke to a very helpful chap today at avtex and he tells me that the aerial has its own power feed independent of the coax. He thinks it's likely the problem is somewhere in the componentry between the tv and the aerial (so not avtex) and he talked me through how to test it (basically to run a test lead directly from the aerial to the telly and work back from there). I'll be away in the van next week and so I'll have a proper go at trying to isolate the problem. Cheers
  22. Ooh. They didn't tell me that! Also, I think it's security screws that fix the supplied tv to the brackets. That would be an awful faf if it had to be removed for every journey!
  23. Interesting. Thanks for the update Scoobz. is the splitter something like this? http://www. screwfix. com/p/labgear-2-way-splitter-with-power-pass-all-ports/99105#product_additional_details_container
  24. Hello all, I thinking about switching to satellite due to the awful avtex aerial elddis fitted to my avante 636. My question is this. The van has a tv socket behind the telly and I've found the other end of the cable underneath the front bench, behind the battery box. This has just the normal tv rf socket. My thinking is that I could bring the sat connection in through the battery box and reuse the existing cable to take the signal through to the tv. What I'm not sure about is this. Can I use these cables & connectors to carry dvb-s signals? Or is there a reason why this won't work? Cheers
  25. Hello all Thinking of going satellite due to the ***** avtex aerial. Want to avoid a separate tuner box if possible so I wondered, for those that have replaced the standard issue 16" avtex telly, how big can you go and still be able to use the bracket and stow the telly when travelling? Cheers!
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