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  1. I’ve not been back here for a little while and wow, lots of great stuff since I was last here - thanks everyone. We’re actually staying overnight at Black Horse(?) CC near Dover the night before the ferry so that technically makes it three nights, though I’ve not counted it since we’ll still be on UK soil. Hi Snooks - I have already been reading through your site! We did try a booking at Prumtal but they appear to be fully booked up. Since it is our first trip beyond France we’re happy to stay within the safety of the CC’s booking service and accept that we may not always be at the best sites as a result. Regardless, we will be taking the A8 though down through Germany and around Munich into Austria for Grubhof. Got lots of stuff to organise for the van and now its June already, the clock has really begun ticking…
  2. Thanks everyone for helping me see sense! I've rebooked the trip and now have 2 stopovers each way. Luxembourg (Gritt) and Germany (Lech) on the way down, Germany (Rudesheim am Rhien) and Belgium (Klein Strand) on the way back. No more than 350 miles on the middle day and far less on the last leg of each trip. Having only been to France before, we find ourselves actually looking forward to sampling sites through different countries - can't wait! Thanks Again!
  3. Hello all I’ve been putting this off for a while now but the time has come to plan a route down to Austria in August (a couple of weeks at Grubhof, Lofer - can’t wait!). I had originally planned to make it a 2 day trip with an overnight stop somewhere, preferably 2/3rds of the way, along the route. But, I’m finding it hard to find sites in roughly the right places. On the way down, i’m looking at Camping Belchenblick in Münstertäl - approx 450 miles from Calais and then from there to Lofer which is another 300 and something miles the following day. On the way back up, I’m looking to leave Lofer for Camping Gritt, Ingeldorf - approx 450 miles and then on to Calais the next day, another 250 miles. My worry is that 450 miles will be too much to cover in a day. Last year, our first year abroad in the van, we played it safe by going to Normandy (Le Cormoran, great!) and despite being just under 300 miles, it was a killer with all the stop-starts, particularly over that large bridge (the name escapes me). Anyway, being a novice, I wondered what you experienced folk might think? Are the 2 450 mile days I have planned do-able, or should I chop a couple of those days at Grubhof in for a 3 day, more leisurely trip on each end of the holiday? Any / all advice appreciated! Cheers Forgot to mention that it will be a full car with 5 of us with 3 kids under 13…
  4. Hello all, We've recently had some good fortune and been given our first ever proper full size awning. Its a 2005(?) Bradcot Sport in the red colour. It says BB0504W105 on the label and is the 1050 size. As it was a freeby, we don't have any instructions for it and there some bits missing, maybe a bent pole or two. .. I'd had it all out and it does all need a bit of a clean but I was hoping for some help on identifying the various bits I'll need to source. .. First up the curtains were rotten and went in the bin. Is it possible to buy replacements? Do they need to be awning model/brand specific or will any do? Next up, brackets for attaching it to the van. I have some bits but it looks like theyre broken or have parts missing. I assuming I need 3 of them but I know there are different kinds but I'm not clear on how they differ. Can anyone suggest what I ought to be looking for? For the bent poles, is it possible to source individual replacements? Lastly, I've no idea what to do for a groundsheet. In our porch awning we use those spongey tiles with the holes in them. I figure thats the reason we gets lots of condensation overnight. The primary use for this full size awning is our summer hols on the continent where it will be up for at least a couple of weeks. Can anyone suggest what kind of ground covering I should be looking at and what the options are? Many thanks all!!
  5. Plot thickens. The shower hose does reach the basin so I tried it out and guess what? Lots of flowing hot and cold water. Then I tried the taps in both the basin and the kitchen sink, a dribble. I recalibrated using the shower and it hasn't really had any effect at all. So now we are filling the kitchen sink via the shower and a jug. I can't figure out how this can happen as surely it's all the same supply. Any ideas out there appreciated! Cheers
  6. It's the story of our lives in this van!! I'll see if I can reach the basin with the hose. Thanks again to everyone worth your helpful suggestions. Cheers!
  7. Thanks Timanita! I tried just that and it seems to have cleared the flashing light. I do seem to have another problem now though. The water is only coming through at the rate of a dribble. I tried recalibrating the pump and it didn't really make any difference. We don't use the shower - it's become a storage cupboard for various bits of kit - because of this I don't ever use that tap at all. The recalibration instructions say to start with the shower. Im wondering if I need to empty it out and try that now. ...
  8. Good idea Milliedog, I'll try calling them at 9. The battery test function on the main panel says 13. 7v so assume that's about what it should be. I haven't tried the gas lockout thing as I've not got the gas heater turned on and I think it has a separate light (green one).
  9. Thanks matelodave I don't have a multimeter with me in afraid. Does the battery voltage matter even though I'm on a hook up? I've just had the battery on a smart charger for a week after running flat after being left in the van over winter (the van lives in a storage park). If it is the battery, could be that it is knackered and needing replacement?
  10. Hello all, We've just pitched up for the weekend at a lovely little site near Alton towers. For reasons I've yet to fathom, the red light on the Whale water heater panel in our 2013 Elddis Avante 636 is flashing three times. The manual says this is a problem with voltage but I've had all my European testers out and everything seems fine. Everything else in the van seems to be working - or at least as far as I can tell. Oddly, the light keeps on flashing 3 times regardless if the water heater is actually turned on or not. Even with the fuse board trip switch isolated which makes me wonder if it really is a water heater problem. Then only way I can get it to stop is by turning off everythjng at the master switch. Does anyone out there have any experience of this problem that can help us? ( I thought we finally had this van all sorted after last years run of warranty repairs! Arrghhhh!)
  11. 12 days in Austria plus 4 days for the journey, 2 days each way
  12. Hello All, After last years success in Normandy, we've decided to venture a bit further next year down to the Austrian Lakes. I'm still at the planning stage and the bits I'm struggling with are around the route and overnight stops along the way. The one thing that I wasn't quite ready for in France was the cost of the tolls. I understand that I can get down to Austria through Belgium and Germany and that this may be cheaper than through France on the tolls? Is that right? Also, as its a quite a way - I'd like to find somewhere to stop overnight maybe 2/3rds of the distance each way. Options on the CC site are limited in Germany & Belgium - can anyone recommend any sites to stop at? Many thanks!
  13. Hello all, Just wanted some advice as I'm still new to caravanning - how large would a dink or scrape need to be before it would be worth claiming on the insurance? Cheers Robin.
  14. Mine was replaced last year. Just been out and checked and it has an inch long crack in the lower offside corner. Getting fed up with this now.
  15. Elddis warranty? I'm guessing at almost 2 years old, mine will be out of warranty now :-(
  16. Ooh. Still under warranty from elddis or from thetford themselves?
  17. Thanks pabst. I managed to get it going again. One of the power pins connecting though the IC to the pump had melted its plastic casing onto itself and prevented power getting through. I've cleaned it all up and put it back together now and it's working though I'm more than a little alarmed that it melted itself. Feeling lucky that it didn't get any worse than that. I've reported this smack to whale and await their response.
  18. Thanks Paul, does that affect the oven at all? We've had no problems at all with the oven itself, only the grill.
  19. First holiday away where it's been hot enough for flies and so we started using the fly screen on the door. It was good for the first few days. Then I noticed the top most horizontal cord frayed and broke. I've no idea how this happened, as far as we know, nothing happened to it other than it was being used. Anyway, over the next few days, more of the cords broke or lost tension and then finally, the plastic slide handle on the end broke away from its fixing in the frame. Now the screen is just hanging there in the way. As I've been looking at it, it appears as though the whole frame has been fitted to the van after a few Friday lunchtime shandys. I also notice that it's of very cheap plastic construction all round. My sisters Swift van of the same vintage has a much more solid feeling metal frame. Hers is still going strong after lots of use. When I get home I'm going to rip out the fly screen, leave the frame in-place ( though maybe level it up a little) and fit one of those chenille curtains to it. I notice all the Europeans tend to have those curtains so they can't be all bad. Anyway, I guess I'm just a little annoyed (again) at how ***** these things are put together considering how much they cost new. Next time around, I'll be looking much more closely at the Adria's which though a little sparse inside, seem to be very well screwed together and not British!
  20. Hello all, I've only just used the grill on our 2013 avante this week and something odd is happening. The grill will light up and stay lit for around 10 mins before it loses the flame. Once this happens, all I can do to keep it lit is hold the knob in as you would when you first light it. Only it gets very hot so isn't a great solution. Any ideas why the grill suddenly loses its flame? TIA Robin.
  21. It started getting a bit stop and start after the wife used the shower (we hardly ever use it) and so I calibrated it this morning and afterwards, it seemed to be fine. Came back later today and now have nothing at any of the taps. I've tried to calibrate it again but still nothing at the taps. Checked there is water. Checked fuse. Now it's flashing to say 'uncalibrated' Any ideas what the problem could be and what I can do t fix it? Cheers
  22. Thanks David, I wasn't aware of the issue with the bulkhead regulator.
  23. I just posted over in the "Gas" section http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/108113-13kg-patio-gas-am-i-ok-to-use-it-and-is-this-the-right-angle-adaptor/ I wondered whats the largest bottle other Elddis owners have managed to fit in the gas locker of the 2013 onwards vans. .. Cheers
  24. Hello all, I cleared out my gas locker last weekend ahead of our first trip to France coming up soon. When we bought the van in 2013, I picked up a 5kg bp gaslight bottle for it and had an almost full 7kg calor butane left over from previous camping trips expeditions, so I threw that one in the locker too. Since then, I've only used the butane and I'm surprised its still going, maybe 2/3rd's used. Anyway, while clearing out the locker, I removed the gaslight bottle and was surprised to notice how light it felt - and then horrified to discover that it was completely empty! As we're going to France and will be on a 6amp hookup, I figure we'll be using more gas than usual so I planned on taking at least 1 full bottle and maybe leaving the other behind. As I'm sure you'll be aware, turns out that BP no longer stock gaslight (which was one of the main factors I went with it in the first place) and I'm a little reluctant to spend £28 at the local garden centre for a 5kg refill(!!). Then I remembered the gas bbq that we never use in the garden, and the almost full bottle gas thats been sitting out there for years. Its a calor patio gas 13kg. Looks much larger than the both the 7kg and the bp 5kg but I managed to squeeze it into the gas locker with a little room to spare - just not enough for the 27mm adapter I have that exits to the hose at the top. I've seen similar adapter to the one I've already got but with a right angle hose connector on the top like this one but I'm not sure I'd have enough room for that one either - its quite a tight fit. Then I stumbled across this one: http://www. the-motorhome-and-caravan-shop. com/90_Degree_27mm_Clip_on_propane_Gas_Pigtail_Adaptor/p1334751_7120596. aspx I've noticed that some online shops don't show the correct image for some of the items and so I wanted to check with somebody who knows that: 1. This is indeed a 27mm clip on adapter that can be used on a patio gas bottle. 2. I'm not doing the wrong thing by using the 13kg bottle - Its a *lot* heavier than the bottles I removed (empty and 2/3rd empty) and I'm a little worried about the weight and the fact that it has to go on the left or right hand side of the locker and not in the middle - not sure if that will affect towing at all. ... Any help / advice appreciated!
  25. Thanks both. I went ahead and picked up a used drx595 from eBay, so far, so good! Cheers
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