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  1. Hello everyone, After a lot of family debate, we've decided its time to sell our van. As we won't be buying another one, trading it in to a dealer isn't really an option. We'd like to get as fair an amount back out of it as is reasonably possible rather than take a big hit as I suspect you would at a dealer (unless you're buying something new!) Trouble is, I've no idea where to begin. Does anyone have any experience of valuing and selling a van privately that they'd be happy to share? I've tried looking for the same year / model of van on ebay etc but have
  2. I hadn't considered any pickups but I will look into them thanks... Budget? I'm guessing decent examples of all bar the Landcruiser Amazons ought to be available for around 5-6k... I suspose at the moment I'm leaning towards an early LC3/4 landcruiser but there dont seem to be that many around and the prices are towards the top end of the budget. I'm guessing that most of them ought to have had the injector issues sorted out by now...
  3. @CommanderDave I have weighed up the possibility of keeping the ML after all the money I've sunk in it but the reality is that it needs money spending on it just to get it towing again (the electrics melted). Combine that with another host of issues I'm aware of that are just bubbling under the surface and I feel its time to stop throwing good money after bad. @Fireman Iain @FrankBullet I've not considered the Touareg or the XC90. Something is ringing alarm bells about towing with the XC90 - can't remember what it is, I'll need to google it. I think I've not considered th
  4. Greetings all! We've been towing our large twin axle van (1800kgs, 100kg noseweight) for close to 5 years now with my wife's 2006 Mercedes ML 320CDI but changes in our daily commutes and the ever increasing maintenance bills the old girl has been generating, combined with pretty high regular running costs necessitate a rethink... The plan is to put my wife into something smaller and probably new(ish) that'll be more suited to her commute and to the family for all the general running about that we all do... That leaves us needing something to get me to work a
  5. I did try that but fear we might have missed the boat this year. I can't get a round trip booked in at all, only 1 way (forget which). Also, we're a family of 5 and the cabins are all 2 or 4 birth so that jacks up the cost quite a bit!
  6. Thanks Mick! I know its been a while since I posted this but just wanted to circle back and tie it up. We went for the Europa 380 in the end and its been great! Had it up for 2 weeks in the summer and didn't have to pump it up again once it was pitched. Also, love the porch bit at the front which became our little seating area in the evenings. All in all, would heartily recommend!
  7. Hello everyone! For our summer trip into Europe this year, we'd quite like to head down to sunny Spain (there's a site near Pals that we particularly like the look of ) but its a long way and I'm looking for some guidance to help with planning our route. .. Our usual plan goes something like this: 1. Travel down to Kent the evening before, staying overnight at the Black Horse. 2. Up at the crack of dawn and onto the first ferry / train possible. .. 3. Drive for 5 or 6 hours and then stop overnight at somewhere we prebooked with the CC. 4. Repeat step 3 until w
  8. Hi All, Its fair to say I have a lukewarm relationship with awnings. I've frequently stopped bothering with our rally 260 because it just feels like too much faf for a short stay. But so often with the weather in the uk, its difficult to do without one. Last summer on our hols in Austria, I put up a full size traditional awning which really was a job to do on my own. It has the old fashioned, really heavy poles and I lost a couple of finger nails in the process but anyway, by the end of the holiday we realised that we'd hardly used much more of the space than is afforded to us b
  9. Hello all eBay has nothing similar for auction right now so it's difficult what price I ought to put on this awning - in good but used condition. Any ideas roughly what it might be worth? Cheers!
  10. I don't have it in front of me but I think it's around £340. Not too dissimilar to last year from what I remember. The van is insured for the new cost plus the cost of the mover - which was expensive as it's a 4 wheel one. I think it's 22k all in.
  11. Hello all, Our van will shortly be 3 years old. The renewal just came through from the CC and I notice that the policy quotes at the same value that was originally stated when we bought it new. I understand we have the 'new for old' level of cover. My question is, will they really cover new for old? i. e. Actually buy us a brand new van at the same size and spec in the event of a total loss? I'm pretty sure that with car & home cover, insurers will go to any length to reduce their exposure to big payouts and I'm wondering if it's simply naive to assume that 'new for old' is what it
  12. I had to go out hunting for some free wifi to post this topic earlier but upon returning to the van (and finding free wifi in the site bar) it no longer looks that bad to my eye. Like a silver of donner meat at the local kebab shop! Here is a piccy: Ooh, need to figure out how to post a pic first it seems!
  13. Looks like a kerb has taken a strip of rubber off the side wall of our near side rear tyre (it's a twin). It hasn't gone deep enough to expose the cord or anything and there is still a flap of rubber hanging on. Question is, do I need to change the wheel over to the spare or will it get me there and back - maybe another 3 days of driving. If I need to change it, can I jack up the van with a car jack? (Why I didn't think about getting a proper jack before I don't know!) Cheers!
  14. Nice and easy then - thanks for confirming for me!
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