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  1. Did anyone say 'Thank You' for all you did to allow them a cheap holiday (compared to full site fees)
  2. DerbyClubman

    The M6!

    Isn't it an offence to walk onto a motorway . . . . . . . . ? ?
  3. . . . . . . and at one time they would often answer queries here on CT - like when I had no heat from my bathroom radiator, but the Alde representative hasn't been on the forum since December 2020. An update on my own problem is that the dealer followed all of the advice given by Alde with the result that there appears to be a fault in the radiator rather than the connecting pipes and so a new one is now on order. Click Here for 'Problem with Alde Radiator' .
  4. Many make use of the Caravan Club Mayday service provided by Green Flag or the Camping Club Arrival service provided by the RAC. However even if you called out one of those organisations to assist with a faulty component, they would still have to get a new control board and as far as I know, they would not come back days later to fit it for you - they just provide an emergency 'get you home ' service. In your case the van wasn't actually out of use - you could of still made use of the caravan - the problem was getting it on the drive and so it would not delay your holiday but it did create a major inconvenience.
  5. I have had an issue with sudden and unexpected braking when using cruise control in my Kuga. Driving along dual carriageway in outside lane starting to pass HGV within speed limits, the road went to the right and so the sensors thought that the HGV in the left hand lane was actually in front of me yet we were in separate lanes. I use that bit of road regularly and am now aware of what might happen as I turn into the bend and the sensor can 'see' what's on my left.
  6. Most reputable dealers will offer a warranty on their used sales and if there's a problem, it could prove to be expensive to fix and so may be factored into the profit margin.
  7. We have already drifted off the original topic which was about a suitable service area for a stop-off but I'm confused by the above route. If following the A46 - A45 - A46 then you don't go onto the M42 - or have I missed something. I assume the route quoted is Warwick then Coventry to M69 before joining the M1 at Leicester. If I had travelled that far north on the M40, personally I would then continue to the M42 and stay on that road, which then becomes the A42 and joins the M1 by East Midlands Airport . However the M42 around Birmingham is often congested and so Andrew's original route using the A43 to Northampton would have been my first choice.
  8. We ordered a new van at the NEC show February last year - that is a good place to go to see all the vans from all the manufacturers. They usually showcase their new models at the October show but that has been cancelled and so you will have to browse the internet and visit local dealers to see what might be coming out in 2022. If you haven't been to the NEC show, before, you will find that there will be dealers there from all over the country on each of the manufacturers stands all wanting to do business with you. We got two different dealers to quote us a trade in price against the cost of a new van and they were within about £20 of each other so we went with the nearest. I was told that they use Glass's Guide which lists a second hand and trade in value for every caravan and this is revised every 3 months based on market trends. our new van was delayed by lockdown and so we expected the trade in to be reduced as it was 6 months later but the honoured the price, added £4000 to that value and sold the old van in a week because there was so much demand (August last year). Also look out for special show offers - cashback, free motor mover, interest free deals etc in case these are a deciding factor in your choice. As for brand and reliability - that question will really open a 'can of worms' as everyone has their own favourite, most caravanners are delighted with their choice but we have to be honest and admit that there are some terrible experiences out there. Of course those who have something to complain about are those that are most vocal on here and other similar forums and I will admit I did the same when I had a problem with my Alde heating. If everything is perfect there doesn't seem much point in going onto a forum to say so - look around the internet by all means but don't be put off a particular brand / model based only on one or two comments as they are a small (but still relevant) percentage of the total vans sold. Sorry I can't comment on 8ft wide vans as I have no expereince - but as I said in another topic about narrow lanes in Cornwall, 'if your mirrors fit then so will the van'!! I wish you well in your search for a new van - if possible order soon as there could be a shortage next year.
  9. Ten months later and it's time for an update ! The van was booked in for this on three separate occasions that were cancelled due to lockdowns etc and so we agreed with the dealer to wait until the first service which was yesterday, They followed all the helpful advice give by @Alde UK above but still couldn't get any heat into the radiator. End result after consultation with Coachman was to arrange for the radiator itself to be replaced ! I'll report again when we finally get heat into the bathroom . . . . . . . . . .
  10. Apologies if you felt that my posting was 'having a go at you' and I thank you for your explanation - I wasn't being serious and it was perhaps a poor attempt at humour - as indicated by my use of 'smiley faces' I am pleased that you have now received a lot of helpful advice but as I originally said - it's over my head and rather complicated. Good luck with getting it sorted and I hope you have a great holiday. Mike .
  11. Most of that discussion went over my head - sounds far too complicated. If you are that desperate for internet access instead of enjoying the weather, sightseeing, peace and quiet, stunning scenery and all those other reasons why we go on holiday to get away from everything, then my only suggestion is to give up and go home .
  12. Our 2020Coachman went to the dealer today for first year service and I asked them to look at a self-inflicted injury to the awning rail. When we first got the van, I was using the mover to get it onto the drive and had left the tailgate open on the car. Of course the inevitable happened and as I was unfamiliar with the mover controls, I didn't quite stop in time, leaving a scratch about a couple of inches long at the top of the rail. Hardly noticeable but I contacted 'Chips Away' for a quote of a couple of hundred pounds which was given based on a photo. Spoke to the dealer today and they said they might charge about the same as they get a local guy in who touches up any damaged vans but would get him to contact me direct to arrange it without the dealer's mark-up. Unfortunately for you he's in the Nottingham area but perhaps a local dealer could put you in touch with whoever does their repairs for them.
  13. I know just what you mean as it takes ages for them to get past. However Google tells me that the National Speed Limit for Heavy Goods Vehicles was altered to 60mph in 2015 and I have followed many HGVs travelling at that speed. However it seems that some may still have speed limiters set to the old EU regulation of 90 km/h (56mph). I also hadn't realised that until then, the limit for lorries on single carriageway A roads was 40mph (now 50mph). I didn't know that Scotland still has lower limits. Link to National Speed Limits Coaches have the same speed limit but I'm sure I have been passed by some going faster than that and so I wonder if they did not need to have limiters fitted. I agree with Mr Plodd about CLODS and met a prime example when towing the van on the 4 lane part of the M1 through Nottinghamshire. I was travelling as usual in lane 1 when I approached a car going much slower so I eased off and moved into lane 2 but he carried on at about 45mph. When clear, I pulled into lane 3, passed him with ease and pulled back into lane 1. He still carried on in lane 2 as if nothing had happened. In my mirrors I saw that others were doing the same including flashing their lights but the car just carried on as before. What a CLOD............ .
  14. My course about 15 years ago was with the Camping and Caravanning Club at their Coventry HQ using the large office car park that was almost deserted at the weekend. All the instructors were local Club volunteers. After a while of slow reversing with the instructor walking alongside me watching the steering wheel position, I was able to reverse into a confined space between cones on both nearside and offside. The problem was actually doing it for myself on a site being aware that others (experts?) were watching and I lost confidence in my own ability. We had a small van at that time and on occasions we man (and woman) handled it onto a pitch. When we got a bigger van we had a mover fitted !!
  15. We have this problem and it has been reported to our dealer as the van goes for its first service in a couple of weeks so it's a warranty job.
  16. If your mirrors fit through the gap then your caravan will . . . . . . . . . .
  17. Agreed - why go that far north to turn back south again. Google maps estimates that would add about 25 miles to your journey. Agreed that the A64 is the way to go. York and Malton both have a dual carriageway bypass and the roads in between are good for towing with no 'hills' that I can recall - it's a very easy route. I just noticed that B1257 even goes further north to Stokesley near Middlesbrough !! .
  18. When I ordered my new caravan, I was surprised that the dealer didn't offer to supply a number plate for me and it was only after asking that I got a hitch cover - I would have thought that both of these would be 'free' advertising for them promoting the dealership. As it turned out, the car dealer had swapped the plates for ones with their name on and had saved the old ones as he remembered that I wanted the bigger car for towing. Took it to the dealer on collection day and one of the staff stuck it on the new van but it wasn't central to the space or level either. Got home, removed it and refitted - but it should have been done properly in the first place. The car was my first with Bluetooth and the salesman paired it with my phone as part of the handover. .
  19. We have a large mirror on the bathroom wall at home and when condensation forms, there is a perfect circle about 6ins across showing near to one corner but it's impossible to see when the mirror is dry. No amount of cleaning / polishing with a variety of products will make it disappear. As above, I am sure that it was a suction device used to lift the glass as part of the manufacturing process.
  20. Another possible 'solution' has been suggested many times by Denby Transport of Lincoln who some years ago designed and built a bigger truck and trailer. In 2009 after giving notice that they were going to do 'on the road' tests, they got 100 meters from the depot before being stopped by the Police as the vehicle exceed normal UK size limits. It got them good publicity but the rules didn't change - they have now tried again and I saw this demonstration on TV recently. Details on their website Click Here for Link to Denby Transport .
  21. If you look again at my original posting, that was describing a problem with adaptive cruise control and the fact that at the moment it cannot be used safely under current road conditions. I fully appreciate that road transport will be required at some point but why not make better use of the railway for bulk transportation particularly for containers from ports to inland distribution hubs.
  22. I doubt that very much - and if so, then there has to be a great improvement to the way in which the vehicle can 'sense' what is in front. I drive a one year old Ford Kuga with top of the range electronics etc yet when I am using cruise control the sensors on the car cause it to brake suddenly or accelerate at times when I would not do so and on occasions I feel it has put me in danger. This is because they seem to have a limited field of view - for example when I am in the outside lane of a dual carriageway passing a lorry as we approach a right hand bend, the car will brake suddenly as the sensor thinks the lorry is coming in front of me, yet it is to my left and I have a clear road ahead. This has now happened on several occasions in the same place on a route that I use regularly. To add in another idea - why not get a hundred lorries in a line, link them all together, have one driver at the front and call it a train . . . . . . . . . .
  23. Copied below from the website of the Approved Workshop Scheme
  24. Do you mean a brand new van ? I was never aware that this was a legal requirement - can you provide a suitable link ? I assume that if this also applies to second-hand caravans, then it should also apply to cars - and I have bought many with the original manufacturer supplied jack, wheel brace and other accessories missing.
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