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  1. Yes. 18th Edition published in 2018 and in force from Jan 2019. https://electrical.theiet.org/bs-7671/about-bs-7671/ Mike
  2. It seems I am being criticised for quoting from the CCC and CMC websites without context - I responded to the comment from Mal that all certificates had been suspended by the two clubs - if that is the case then I cannot see what was wrong with my posting above. .
  3. Didn't they agree to honour warranty claims for more recent models even though they had no legal obligation to do so, although I appreciate that all claims should be made to the supplying dealer. In my case my dealer (Derby Caravans) closed down a couple of years ago and although damp was discovered at the last service, the original Lunar had closed by then so my workshop had to make use of Bailey roof straps to reseal the joins at a cost to me of almost £1000. Soon after this the new Lunar agreed they would still cover vans (I think) up to 3 years old - by then mine was 6 years and so not covered. .
  4. They may be in breach of Planning Permission Regulations if their Certificate has been withdrawn. They will also be in breach of the Caravan Sites and Control Development Act as explained in the links below. Copied below from the Camping Club https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/UKCS/smallsites/setting-up-a-certificated-site/ Copied below from the Caravan Club https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/setting-up-a-certificated-location/
  5. Latest announcement is that 'non-essential' retail can reopen from 15th June but car showrooms from 1st June - so which category covers a caravan showroom ? .
  6. There are six in Derby and Lidl isn't far behind . . . . .
  7. Bernard According to Google Maps, the other branch of Broad Lane at Kenilworth is about 5 miles closer to Tring . . . . . . !! We have also been contacted by our local dealer (Kimberley) to advise that our VIP 565 is due to be built by the end of July (was to be end of May). I was also offered an existing van from stock at Darlington (built in February) but decided to wait for the new one. I hope all goes well for you (and me !!) Mike .
  8. . . . . . .and anything more than 2.3m wide which will rule out my Coachman VIP as that is said to be 2310mm wide !! I know they won't bother measuring such a small difference - but what about the trend for wider vans now with many manufacturers producing vans 8ft wide (2.44m)
  9. Before the lockdown - a pair of Milenco Grand Aero Mirrors as my old offside mirror of unknown manufacture was hit by an HGV on an A road when travelling back from Yorkshire last Autumn. He was over the white line on a bend and it's a wonder he didn't get the van as well !! Mike
  10. Does Britannia give all the Mayday benefits for the caravan or is it just for car breakdowns ? Asking because I recently opened a NWide A/c just before they reduced the interest rates . . . . . . . . .
  11. Kimberley (Nottingham but I assume also applies to Darlington) are also planning for Stage 2 of the release from Lockdown as the 50 page Govt document issued after Boris 'spoke to the Nation' does allow for the reopening of 'Non-Essential Retail' provided suitable safeguards are in place. Copied from 'Our Plan to Rebuild - the Government's Recovery Strategy https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/884760/Our_plan_to_rebuild_The_UK_Government_s_COVID-19_recovery_strategy.pdf Our new Coachman VIP 565 was due to be built two weeks ago but we have now been given a revised delivery date of the end of July - we had expected it to be later and so I wonder if they have had cancellations which have allowed us to jump the queue. Our dealer had offered us a van from stock for the 1st June but as it's most of my pension lump sum we wanted to wait for a genuine new one !! Mike EDIT. Oh that was a surprise. I replied to two separate postings and the system automatically merged then together. Must remember that for the future . . . . . .and I'll need to change my 'user name' as I won't be a 'Clubman' . . . . . . . .
  12. It must be at least 25 years ago that we were there with our Conway Trailer Tent and 3 young children. I never did find out what happened, but a peg came out, or a pole bent in gale force winds at about 4.00am. End result was a rip in the canvas below the front window and me trying to withhold the force of the wind as a substitute pole in one corner to stop the whole thing collapsing. Eventually managed to get most of the stuff repacked into the trailer part and the people in the next tent came to help by looking after the children - youngest stayed fast asleep! Drove back to Derby and next day loaded up again, went to Grantham to pick up parents frame tent and finished the holiday at Mablethorpe !! .
  13. Paul PM sent for quote in Derby area. Mike
  14. I know of a dealer who has been delivering a few vans to customers - nothing wrong with that as the sale of caravans is their business and at no time have people been told to stop work. The same applies to Amazon, Hermes etc - delivery is part of their normal business. The initial guidance was to work at home if possible or to work normally provided suitable safeguards were in place. One person in a vehicle towing a van only has to 'socially distance' on arrival at the purchasers home and so the risk is limited. I understand that the PDI is filmed for the customer and so they can be assured that everything in the van works. The latest guidance is that 'non essential' retail will be allowed to open from 1st June and 'leisure facilities' from 4th July - again providing that suitable measures are taken to reduce the risk as indicated by the quote below from the Caravan Club website . . . . . At this time we are planning on the assumption that we will be able to introduce a phased reopening of our sites network during July.
  15. Of course it all depends on the surface you are using being level and built square to the rest of the van. Our van is not exactly level when at rest on its wheels, measured by the distance of the bodywork to the ground on each side both when empty and loaded. When on site, the kitchen worktop isn't the same level as the smaller worktop by the door and so judging if the van is level all depends on where you place the level .
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