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  1. The prices are only shown as 'From' and so you have no idea what the maximum price is for high season without looking at the website. See page 29 where it says you can download a full price guide or contact for a printed version although joanie above says they don't have a printed version available. Checking the website, I cannot find a full price guide and so it seems to have to go to the individual site page to find out the cost. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/uk-holidays/useful-information/price-guide/
  2. On a hobby related forum that I use, there was a long standing member who hadn't posted much who started joining in a number of arguments despite being told by admin to calm down. Then admin announced that he was also the same person as another well known member who had been a prolific poster with no arguments. So the same guy was both - a great help to a number of people, but then he logged out of that user name and logged back in using the other name and started an argument with himself - and of course many others then joined in. Result = Banned !
  3. We were discussing these vans back in October so they still haven't sold them - see part way down page 2 of this topic. EDIT At that time Kepler advised us
  4. Caravan Finder lists 187 Lunars for sale with 166 of these with dealers. There are still some new 2019 vans at Glossop and Brayford for example.
  5. To add another manufacturer to the growing list - new Coachman on our first time out in August . . . . . . . .
  6. Agreed. We arranged part ex for our 2013 Clubman at the NEC in February but the new Coachman was delayed by lockdown until August. We thought the dealer would knock us down on the trade in value as it was 6 months later, but they honoured the price, said it was the cleanest van he had seen all year, put it up for sale the next day for £4000 more and it sold in a week ! ! .
  7. Sorry to hear of your loss - with that much security there wasn't anything more you could have done. I was just wondering what might have made the thieves go for your particular van - were their other vans there that might have had less security and what sort of site was it ?
  8. We had similar in our previous van (Lunar Clubman). The fluid had been replaced at the last service and we wonder if the engineer had over tightened the fittings so that the pump was just a fraction lower than it should have been as we discovered by removing the pump that it appeared that the impellor was catching on the bottom of the tank. Trip to B&Q for a very large rubber washer - part of a WC repair kit - and this raised the pump sufficiently so that it wasn't touching the bottom of the tank anymore. Ran silently after that. .
  9. Could there be a crack in the plastic of the Aquaroll that allows the water to seep out over time - so the contents are lost before even reaching the van ? .
  10. Not always true - in my case the dealer didn't know the factory fitted electronic retractable tow-bar was there. 6 month old Kuga bought from Ford main dealer, previously registered to Ford so either a demonstrator or manager's car. Tow-bar not mentioned in their advert or on Auto-Trader and it was only when the salesman opened the boot he saw the button to press to release it. Said it would have cost almost £1000 extra when new. Of course it could all have been just Talk to persuade me to buy it - if so it worked. We were happy with the car we bought and the price paid - this was
  11. If you are still determined to go ahead, despite the warnings above, you can have a 'Pre-Owned Pre-Purchase Inspection' by an Approved Workshop as detailed below which would give you an independent view and give you the chance to walk away from the deal if there are any problems. https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/preownedprepurchase .
  12. I'm not qualified to answer that - however although Coachman say 'Centre' the NCC website I linked to calls them 'Workshops' and also describes them as fixed or mobile workshops to give the impression that they have equal status. I suggest you pursue your enquires direct with Coachman or the National Caravan Council as the NCC do not use the term 'Service Centre'. Of course if you discover that NCC Approved Workshops can't do the work, there will be over 500 businesses closing down and thousands of caravan owners without a warranty Before anyone gets concerned, this
  13. The Coachman website has some of the information you need - copied below So in common with other manufacturers, you can use an engineer approved by the NCC scheme This is a link to their search page . . . . https://www.approvedworkshops.co.uk/find-approved-workshop .
  14. This link is to the Alde in line pump I have with the speed altered by the small dial on the front https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1040669?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5qzepJ3Q7AIVSYBQBh1WiQWiEAQYASABEgJaFfD_BwE This is a different one without a speed control https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1040298?utm_source=google&utm_medium=surfaces&utm_campaign=shopping feed&utm_content=free google shopping clicks&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5qzep
  15. 2016 Venus 580 just been sold on Caravan Finder. Advertised price £13,500 https://www.caravanfinder.co.uk/touring-caravans-for-sale/search-caravans/venus-580-used-caravan-2016-staffordshire-tk32143de .
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