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  1. At CMC Littlehampton - for the last few days there have been 6 hooks for wristbands although a regular visitor told me that when the site opened in July there were only 4. Went for a shower this morning to find that one hook has been removed, with new signs to say maximum 5 as well as a new sign about an additional closure time late afternoon for extra cleaning. There is a clearly marked one way system but one 'gentleman' came out and pushed past the small queue saying 'Come on out of the way' - I was so shocked that by the time I could say that the exit was the other s
  2. Care to explain please - just wondered if it's an experience I have missed out on. I assume travelling with too much in the top tank means that it leaks out somewhere . . . . .?
  3. Yes - just two weeks ago on a brand new Coachman. Not sure of cause but we assumed that it hadn't been tightened enough when it left the factory. I was washing the van as we came through some filthy weather over the BH weekend so my wife was in the van tidying up and fixed it herself by replacing the lid and retightening the screws. Like you I wondered how it was supposed to stay in place - we are away again this weekend and so hope that it will be OK - otherwise it will be a complaint to the dealer and a warranty claim. Mike
  4. Correct - although our dealer looked it all up online. He said that the prices are updated every 3 months. We thought we might have a Part-Ex problem as we ordered a new van at the February show but it wasn't built due to lockdown and eventually the exchange was a only couple of weeks ago. However the original price from 6 months ago was honoured, even though we thought it might have been reduced, then they added about £4000 to the Part-Ex price and sold it in less than a week !
  5. Following up on Griff's idea of a small amount on HP, how about doing that for the minimum amount for the maximum period to give your the reassurance you need and then taking the rest on a personal loan with your bank at a much reduced interest rate. Unless things have changed since I left the banking side of Black Horse (Lloyds) 20 years ago, the loan is personal and we trusted the customer to spend it on what they said and so they won't be interested in the fact that you have part financed it through HP - although it will show up on a credit search and may affect future borrowing if you have
  6. Are they thinking of Lunar and the unavailability of parts ? .
  7. Bernard - we have the same van, picked up a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't noticed the pipe you mentioned and so will look out for that when we get the van out of storage in a couple of weeks time. We had our first trip over the BH weekend - very wet and very windy at Sutton-on-Sea. When we arrived home again, I was surprised to find the glass lid from the hob had become detached and was on the floor. We (actually the wife) refitted it so hopefully we won't get a repeat otherwise it will have to be a warranty claim if it's faulty. Going through the various manuals supplied, it seems
  8. Already being discussed in the Coachman section of the forum here . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. Google still doesn't show any further info anywhere that I can find - just two online references to Robinsons and Campbells - where have you seen this 'stunning' new van ?
  10. Robinsons of Chesterfield and Worksop have added details of new vans due from Coachman in 2021. See below Acadia 830 XCEL Acadia 875 XCEL VIP 575 XCEL Laser XCEL 845 Lusso New Range Also note that previously Coachman were at Chesterfield but will now be at the Worksop site (and they are moving Bailey from Worksop to Chesterfield). Web page here https://www.robinsonscaravans.co.uk/news-&-events/new-2021-caravans-order-yours-now! The only other web reference for the new Lusso that Google could find was at Campbells of Presto
  11. On two separate occasions we have had to cancel visits to Camping Club sites and in both cases our deposits were held by the Club until we were able to make a new booking and so we didn't suffer any financial loss. This page https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/aboutus/policies/general-terms/ includes the following If we amend or cancel your Booking, we will transfer your Deposit to another booking or refund it to you however, compensation payments will not be payable to you in any circumstances. .
  12. Plastic bag and elastic band ??
  13. I first heard about this on a model railway forum of all places - it turns out that the author of the posting is a BBC Business News reporter who has lived there for (I think) about 20 years. I know there are those who don't believe anything from the BBC but I had no reason to doubt his statement in the context of the benefit of everyone wearing a mask all of the time which they have done for many years in Hong Kong.
  14. There may well be a lot of contradictions and anomalies but even they can't explain the incredible difference between London (no masks) and Hong Kong (with masks) as I posted earlier London. Population 9 million. Deaths 6,106 Hong Kong. Population 7.5 million. Deaths 8
  15. Some simple statistics found within a few seconds on Google that prove the points made by MalH and Kelper . . . . London. Population 9million. Deaths 6,106 Hong Kong. Population 7.5 million. Deaths 8 (yes that is the correct figure from link below)) You don't need to be a genius to see that the figures shown above prove that wearing a mask does make a difference ! Unfortunately for many, the compulsory wearing of masks (or even any sort of face covering) on public transport and in shops has come far too late to mak
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