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  1. On page 5 of the Handbook below it says ''This applies to water ingress through any permanently sealed joints'' and doesn't seem to mention cracked panels - so does it only cover the actual joints between panels ? https://www.coachman.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Coachman-2021-Owners-Handbook-WEB.pdf My 2020 Service Warranty and Technical Data Manual has exactly the same wording and no further details about the warranty and so the actual panels may only be covered by the 3 year manufacturer's warranty ?? The latest Warranty booklet I could find was for 2019 below - t
  2. I'm sure that if you look at enough Forums and Facebook Groups, you will find that similar comments are being made about every manufacturer. There is no such thing as a perfect caravan - and you need to remember that the few comments you have seen are from a very small number of owners in comparison with the number of vans sold. How many owners actually take the trouble to go onto Forums and Facebook and say that the van is great with no problem - have a look around Caravan Talk - more problems than praise - and that's the same for any subject you care to choose as you tend to only
  3. When we have had to change arrangements, we have found them very helpful in moving the deposit (more than once) to an alternative date or site - although I must admit we weren't trying to get a refund. .
  4. We went away over the BH weekend but it was 'touch and go' if we would be allowed to leave home. Tuesday afternoon, my wife went to visit her father in a care home. As usual she had a 'Lateral Flow Test' but when she went back after the half hour waiting time, the result was 'Inconclusive' and so she wasn't allowed in. Wednesday morning we both went for full PCR tests and results (both negative) came back about 11.30pm Thursday night. We were due our second jab at 8.00am Saturday morning and so arrived at the vaccination centre (Derby Arena) with caravan in tow which attracted a lo
  5. A bit surprised to see that the NCC advice hasn't changed since 2003 . . . . . Click Here for NCC Advice on the AL-KO website This seems to be the same as the advice from the Caravan Club Click Here for advice from Caravan Club .
  6. Agreed - last weekend we had a lot of condensation inside our Rally Pro 200 which then dripped onto the roof lining, collected in a pool and then ran down to the lowest point which just happened to be where we had set up the chairs!! Something to remember next time . . . . . .
  7. They must have told a good story to get Barclays to back them - I wonder how much value they place on the current 'Goodwill' of the new company !! .
  8. I have just followed the link again and it's working OK for me. How odd that you haven't been able to access the site - it's a public document for all to see on the Companies House website - perhaps find it yourself by searching. Can you open the main page here ? if so then click on 'Filing History' which gives copies of all of the documents. Companies House page for Lunar Caravans .
  9. Not just dealers - what about the suppliers of all the fixtures and fittings such as AL-KO, Alde, Thetford, Dometic etc etc - there's a long list of manufacturers of all the other bits and pieces needed to make a caravan. I see that the Administrators have given a report to Companies House dated Feb 2021 - does anyone fancy reading the 35 pages and trying to explain it all . . . . . . . ! Click Here for Feb 2021 Administrator's Report
  10. With our new Coachman we had a wait of six months - ordered at NEC February last year to be built in March but because of lockdown, we didn't take delivery until mid August . . . . . . . . I hope you don't have to wait quite so long !
  11. Do you have a set of drawers at the front in between the two bench seats - if they are removable, this cushion might fill the gap ?
  12. When we changed cars about 10 years ago, we had a similar problem. Lights worked ok when leaving home but on arrival at site the guy following us said that the lights weren't working. Called out local mobile engineer who checked the van and all ok and said it was a problem with the car. Checked fuses and found one blown - in the very small print in the owners handbook it said that if towing that particular fuse needed to be replaced - I think from 15 to 30 (?). This should have been done when the towbar was fitted . . . . . . . . . . . .
  13. Going back to this statement in the original posting (copied from the actual petition), nobody has come up with any evidence that insurance claims are not being met. How many on here have had a van stolen with valid insurance who did not receive any settlement of their claim - regardless of registration with CRiS. .
  14. Where is the evidence for that statement?? If that were true the Clubs would have been involved and forums such as this would have daily postings about insurance claims being refused . . . . . . . . .
  15. Agreed - we never have. After 20 years with 3 different trailer tents we always had a 5L container of fresh water for drinking etc and when we got our first caravan 15 years ago it just didn't seem right to change to using the tap water and so we have continued with a separate container of fresh water - simple ! .
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