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  1. hi, welcome I hope you find what your looking for, just take your time and look at everything, don't just jump at the first one, theres loads of great second hand( pre-loved) caravans, try pulling out the beds, look in all the cornersopen, lockers,use your nose,smell everywhere, they wont mind,and its worth taking a second look if your not sure, best of luck x eve
  2. im with you gas(and its not cos im a tight scot) im not against making profit, of course they have to put a little extra on top, but some site shops are just plain greedy, eve gawn yersel gas no heard "swedger" for years lol
  3. your right mechs, i was at one site that wanted £2 for an item that had the original 80p price printed on it, needless to say I did without, but I feel bad for the "older" caravan community who maybe don't want to take a trip to the nearest store and use the site shop as its more convenient .
  4. food at reasonable prices, im fed up with some(usually the more remote) sites hiking up their prices,
  5. ouch !!! hope you get it sorted without much hassle best of luck eve
  6. gosh your a grumpy wee thing aren't you angus . .......
  7. did somebody pinch your sweeties angry. ...oops I mean angus,,,,a bit on the harsh side methinks
  8. i totally blame you for all this angst chrisy lol
  9. just been looking at this thread and having just come home today after towing my van home from a weekend away WITH my mirrors fitted . .... I passed around 7 or 8 vans on the way and only 2 were sporting them, im not sure but is it possible some people don't know that it is law? . ive just always felt safer with them fitted, having used them now for around 15 years its sort of part of the normal safety checks. ..tyres. mirrors,lights. etc. i spoke to some people on site the other night as they asked me why I used them, I said it was the law . ..they were quite taken aback, they said they did
  10. at kings green holiday park mopping as we speak. ...hungover. ..not good. ..
  11. and still available at mine too (kings green port William)
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