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  1. Hi guys. thanks for the replies. i actually have a small leisure battery in the caravan which i recharge through the mains when i get a chance. i actually only use the lights inside maybe for an hour a day max. I've only been using the caravan to sleep in. i have had it parked outside a friends house for the past two days but will be moving it from here today. Ive taken out a membership with a gym which allows me to go to most gyms/saunas/swimming pools in and around London so thats my showers sorted. .. i haven't been able to find a free or cheap campsite in London where i can stay. the whole point of moving in to the caravan is to save money so am looking for the free or very cheap option. ..so if anybody knows of a place then please let m e know. .
  2. Hi All, A small intro to myself, name is Haych. Due to my personal circumstances changing, I have bought a caravan and have decided to live in it for a few months atleast. I have no experience in caravanning (if that is even a term) so require assistance and help from other experienced members. I have bought a Mardon Dalesman 5 Berth 1991 caravan, everything worked and it was for a good price but no preference otherwise. I have a Land Rover which is sufficent to tow but am getting used to reversing the caravan with it as it seems to go where ever it wants but I'm getting there. I am currently staying around the North East London area so if there is anybody else living permanently in this area, I would love to get in touch. I am not too aware of how the law works with just parking anywhere for the night, so far I have found some decent spots and have just stayed there without any problems. I might even be in the wrong forum alltogether so any direction to the right place will be much appreciated too. Cheers Guys. .
  3. Hello everybody, I am completely new to caravanning so have came here for some experienced advice by others. I have decided to live in a caravan permanently due to some personal reasons but I have never stepped foot in one. ..! I am an Electrician (and builder) so am very hands on with pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I was bought up in a farm and had a country life upbringing until secondary school so am very conditioned in that sense. I have a budget to work on so am here to ask what sort of caravan I should be looking for. With the limited knowledge that I have in this matter, I prefer a min 4 berth caravan as I think anything smaller will be too cramped for me. I do not intend on using the onboard loo and shower but will need decent cooking facilities. From what I understand, damp is a huge problem with older caravans and with my minimum budget I can only afford an older one so any ideas on what makes are better? I will also be moving around a lot too so I need one that will keep up with my Defender. I live in Reading so anybody who knows of one on sale is more than welcome to inform me. I do apologise if I have come on full throttle with my first post but I am hoping to make some new friends here. Hope to hear from you all. Kind Regards.
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